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August 12th, 2008

The Greanville Journal


Map showing the strategic [read: oil] importance of Georgia in Washington’s calculations. The US currently only controls the oleoducts that run across Georgia, since the others in the Caspian region are deep in Russian territory. Note also how close this area is to the Middle East’s hotspots, including Iraq and Iran. Georgian real estate might figure big in any Pentagon-Israeli plans to launch strikes against Iran.

THE NEW CONFLICT ALONG THE RUSSIAN BORDER suggests direct US support and perhaps even planning. But who knows to what extent. What is significant is the narrative being imposed on this event by western corporate media.

Starting with the always loathsome Dick Cheney “Russian aggression must stop…”No mention is made of the actual facts, and certainly no mention is made anywhere that I can find of the Georgian war crimes that inititated this confrontation. Georgia blew apart a small city and murdered civilians and destroyed, wantonly, property and shelters. Find me a mention of this in any Murdoch paper, or Time Warner outlet. If one only read the NY TImes and Washington Post, one would think Russia just invaded a peaceful democratic outpost run by a “pro-Western” president, who just happened to be a Harvard Business school grad.

Georgian warplanes and armor caused large scale destruction in Southern Ossetia’s major cities, leveling much of its capital and not sparing its university grounds.

Here is the best coverage Ive found so far:

But this is good, too, http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20489.htm

and this:


What is so telling, in an era of The Dark Knight and *24* and *The Kingdom* and *Iron Man* is the comic book and jingoistic level of the media created narrative. The eastward sweep of NATO has been a prolonged provocation for Putin, and as Kosovo was granted, ah, em, *independence*, one could see the pattern emerging in bold relief. The Israeli connection warrants more analysis as well, but again, you will find not a single mention in the corporate western press.

The coverage of Haiti, of the FRY [FED. REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA], of Rwanda, have all set the pattern for this massive propaganda, but perhaps the coverage of Georgia/Russia is the most blatant and jaw-dropping in its disregard for facts.

Whatever his faults, Putin is not a man to be shoved around by the hypocrites who constantly shed crocodile tears for democracy in “the West”.

Predictably McCain has asked for Russia to *stand down*. Now it’s worth noting that a top McCain advisor was a leading lobbyist for Georgia, that McCain’s support of nuclear energy is tied directly to the weaponizing of space and the lucrative contracts attached to that enterprise. Obama is hardly better. The perception being created is pure cold war; it’s as if those dirty commies were still in power, still out to humilate *us* with Sputnik, and to take over the world. I keep hearing of *Russian expansionism* from western commentators. No mention is made of what country in the world now occupies two previously sovereign nations, and who is pushing for military bases in every corner of the world. The NY Times has been an obscenity on this, but almost all major news outlets have dutifully followed the state department scenario. The comic book bogeyman is Putin, and/or the mythic *Russian Bear*, and Georgia is just a plucky innocent and new little democracy being assaulted by this big bad bear.

Pipeline construction in the Caspian [Caucasus] region. No wonder “the West” —as the American press so coyly calls America’s naked projection of power across the globe—is interested in the area.

Saakashvilli is among the more repressive world leaders now in office. But the master narrative we are constantly fed would have us think it’s actually Chavez who has shut down opposition news outlets. Or that it’s Mugabe who is the corrupt tyrant stealing resources from his people. Facts just don’t matter anymore. Not even a little.

Georgia spent 70% of its budget on US weapons and training. No wonder Cheney likes them so much.

Questions of how directly the US instructed Georgian actions remains to be revealed, but clearly enough Saakashvilli didn’t do this without talking to his masters.

The US economy is bankrupt, the populace drugged and confused (although one does see signs of awakening in certain corners) and the war machine is all that keeps things spinning, and if Iraq and Afganistan can’t use up enough munitions, well maybe Georgia can expend a few additional rounds and fuck up a few Humvees.

If ever there was a time to turn off CNN and the BBC and NBC, ABC and FOX, it’s now. The NY Times is a grotesque toady to this US administration, and one should have realized this with the hiring of Bill Kristol, but of course none of the rest of these lapdog Quisling rodents are any better.

CNN: World’s “news leader.” Yeah. Right. Fancy conduit for 24/7 propaganda would be more apt. If the consequences of this type of “journalism” were not so tragic, the claim would be worth a hearty laugh.

A world of unreality, as Edward Said put it before his death. And so it is. But it’s increasingly dangerous to accept even a single word from the mouths of the corporate talking heads as fact. Not a single word.

Senior Editor John Steppling currently teaches film in Lodz, Poland. Before transferring to The Greanville Journal, Steppling and co-editor Guy Zimmerman helmed VOXPOP, our special blog devoted to theater, culture, arts and politics.

Source: http://www.bestcyrano.org/cyrano/?p=849#more-849

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