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Israel ready to annihilate 70 million Iranians


Roland Michel Tremblay

Could what the Jewish historian Professor Benny Morris says in the New York Times be true? That if Israel fails in the next four to seven months to destroy anything that remotely smells like radiation in Iran, Israel will simply annihilate all 70 million Iranians through a full blown nuclear war, all within the next seven months?

You have to read this article, it is illuminating and hallucinogenic all at the same time, it confirms that Iran will definitely be attacked, and a Nuclear Third World War declared. I cannot see how it could be avoided, considering how fearful and desperate Israel leaders seem to have become, just like our leaders apparently:

Historian Professor Benny Morris must know what he is talking about, he is working closely with Israel leaders. He has been criticized for this article, people said it sounded like a threat. Nonetheless, if you pay attention to what he says, you will notice that it is not “he” who speaks, nor does it seem like an opinion or a threat.

He is telling us exactly how Israel leaders think and what they are actually about to do in order to save their country and prevent at any cost Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb, from fears that they might themselves be obliterated in return.

I believe Benny Morris is simply stating a fact about what must happen if Iran does not stop its nuclear program and fail somehow to convince us of it. Let’s face it, Iran could never possibly convince Israel that they have stopped their nuclear research.

Moreover, since Iran will not stop its nuclear program - why should they stop, whilst facing such a threat as Israel and America - then a Nuclear Third World War is inevitable.

It will most likely eventually get China and Russia involved, against us, our real targets perhaps. We will certainly deserve it, because we did everything we could indirectly to provoke them. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe you can enlighten me. I’m just like everyone else, totally ignorant of why we do the things we do, though I know that it does not seem to make any sense, since nothing good can come out of it.

I thought Israel did not have nuclear weapons? I better correct my history books. Let’s see, how should I put it? America dumped a bunch of nuclear weapons ready to go in Israel, because… well because… well I’m not sure why we did such a thing. Seems now like it might prove to be the greatest mistake ever made.

I would much prefer to teach future generations that Israel was completely inhuman, and did something totally insane, than telling them that we did it and we were completely out of our minds. Still, I would need to admit that those nuclear weapons, we gave them to Israel. At any rate, we will be accomplice in the greatest genocide ever achieved. How could I hide that fact?

I was not yet born when six million Jews and one million gays were eradicated during the Second World War in Germany, and yet I feel responsible. I feel I have done it myself, as I feel that somehow I am part of this humanity, I am part of its history, no matter how much I would love to say that I am not.

I can already tell you now, that I will not have on my conscience 70 million deaths through a nuclear war which will just be the beginning of it all. I am here now, I am able to say no, this cannot happen, I do not want it.

This time I will dissociate myself from your history, and go back to live in my own little bubble universe where I always lived, from where I claim I am just an observer of what goes on in the world.

After all, I have nothing to do with what you do, I am but one human being in this world, what difference could I possibly make? None of this has anything to do with me, or has anything to do with any of us. Or does it? Who is responsible then for our collective destiny?

I don’t even vote, I never did, thank God, as I can never forgive myself for anything I do, or that I don’t do whilst I know I should. So many obligations, am I alone responsible for the fate of humanity? Sometimes this is just how I feel. And that whatever I could do, the result would be just the same. I don’t count, none of us do.

Besides, I would never be able to explain or justify such insanity, even if done in my name, without my consent. And then, well, I would have to acknowledge that none of us truly deserves to exist. I would have to recognize: why not blow ourselves up?

If global warming does not achieve that very result within years, we might as well make doubly sure we will all disappear for good as soon as possible, before we start to threaten not only our small planet, but the whole universe with it. Who knows, perhaps there is life elsewhere. If we do not feel we deserve a chance, and decide to be so destructive instead, we might wish to give them that chance.

There is no doubt in my mind that if we ever develop a technology that could destroy the entire universe, we would certainly use it at the first opportunity. I’m sure the American President would be eager the press the button, just to find out what happens, in case somehow it brings him more wealth. Maybe the President will think that it could get his God to finally reappear? I wonder.

How will we write that down for history, how will we explain such a lack of common sense? Is there truly something that important going on behind the scene, of which we are totally unaware, which warrants this crisis? And why is it that it is thought that we would not accept the real version of event, the motivation behind what we do? Because it could not possibly be justified?

How could we ever make this look good and acceptable to future generations? I don’t know. We will have to be highly creative indeed, and perhaps invent some more lies to cover it all up.

What else can we do? Just admit we’re monsters and do not care at all for human life? That history is just a long series of genocides, and that the worst ones all happened in the very last chapter of our history, not forgetting of course all the ones happening in Africa at this very moment? That none of us tried to prevent humanity’s ultimate destruction, because none of us truly cared?

I am sitting here tonight wondering how we could possibly make the last decade look good on paper for history, how we could twist everything so none of this will look so dirty and simply revolting. My God, I don’t think we will be able this time.

We will have to re-adjust our definition of humanity, describing humans as the most savage and destructive animals of the known universe. And that religion certainly did not help in the slightest, that in fact, religion was used a great deal in order to expedite our way out of this world. Worth having Gods, for the good it brought us.

One Vietnam War was enough, it took only 20 years to decipher the truth. Do you know the truth now? This time around we were very much aware of the Second Vietnam War in Afghanistan. Then a third one in Iraq. And as if we were still completely irrational, let’s immediately create a Fourth Vietnam War by attacking Iran, and this time, really start the beginning of the end for us all. There are after all just a limited number of pointless Vietnam Wars this world can take before reacting and deciding to put a stop to it.

What is history? No, really, what is truly the history of humankind? We often hear that history is written by the victors, but I have to add, history is also written by the losers, so it might be more acceptable to students trying to understand whatever it is that might have happened before they were born.

Even though, good luck now, students probably don’t care about any of it. And so it should be, because our vision of history is so twisted, so biased, that in the end, our history is just a bunch of lies and is worth absolutely nothing. Our own version of history could not tell anyone what actually happened here.

Dear me, am I the first person on this planet to realize that and say it out loud? Hopefully not. Come on now, you know better, you know this is true, history is worth nothing. Because we all know or can guess that this is not how it happened, that these were not the true motivations or the real version of events they are trying to teach us.

Was Germany just deadly thirsty for power, to rule the world, or was Germany provoked into declaring the two first world wars? What was the political scene then? What did we do to provoke this? I’m sure, if we dig deep enough, we will realize that we are all responsible for those two first world wars, even, maybe we are to blame. So convenient to be able to blame someone other than us, and that somehow Germany was too shocked and powerless after those wars, to contradict our own version of events. The Third World War though, we will be certain who will have started it: us.

We can read between the lines, we have the Internet now, we can find out what truly happened there and then. We know most sources cannot be trusted, they’re lying for whatever reason. History is simply hypocritical and has always been. I have no doubt Benny Morris, as an historian, does not help the true history of this world or of his own people, as he is now very much provoking it, making history happen, for the worst. Who would have thought that historians could make history happen? They always did, it is the whole point.

You can only but try to hide the truth, in this day and age it is all but useless. The truth is, humanity is so unworthy of existing, that you on top of it all, trying to hide the true facts about it all, is just too much for anyone to take, because we all know it all. No one in their right mind could wish to live in such a world of make belief.

No matter how you could present it, no matter how you could try to justify history, you will never succeed in proving this wrong: humans are all bloody killers, way too ready to take over the land and resources of the next one, and kill whoever might stand in their way.

History is undeniable on this point, humanity is all about wiping itself out of existence, the sooner the better. And one human life counts for nothing, hell, six billion lives count for nothing. If we all die in the end, for whatever explanation, as long as one last tyrant survives all alone, rich as Croesus with all the worldwide wealth, then it would all have been worth it.

This is history in the making, as horrifying as it may seem. Wars to bring richness to a few, whilst eliminating the rest of the world to that expense. There is unfortunately no other way to put it, and it continues to this day.

One human life has always been worth nothing, and will continue to be so for hundreds of years to come, until none of us survive another world war. And then, what would be the point of power and money in such a world? No one can tell, but we will all fight to the death until this reality comes to be.

History might actually be the worst subject ever in school, because first it is just a series of dates between war and peace times, and second, it is just a bunch of misrepresentations about the true motivations for these wars.

I feel that if greed and thirst for power were to be stated as the reasons for wars, and religion and philosophy, then it would expose way too obviously humanity as what it really is. And yet, this is what history is truly all about, to show how human nature is selfish, greedy, an endless desire to kill everyone else on this planet for its own sake. This is history as we really came to know it.

Don’t kid yourself, nothing has changed, we are still as barbaric today as we were hundreds of years ago. Technology is by no mean making us look any better. It makes us look worse, because now, we are capable of annihilating the whole world, and we will eventually do just that.

There is no hope for humanity, this is what history tells us. And as much as you would like to believe that history does not apply to what is happening today, that somehow we have now learned all the lessons of history, that we are so civilized compared with those barbarians of the past, you would never be so wrong.

History will be there to tell it all to future generations, just as it was, as long as then, they will be as good at reading between the lines as you are right now when you read your own history books. This world, all of history, is just a distorted truth, and it is up to you to find the real truth behind it, just like it is your duty today to find out what is the truth behind what will one day be described as our history to future generations.

I think it is fair to say that we had enough of wars, that humanity at this time agrees that the history of humankind is ugly and shows nothing commendable. It is also fair to say that no one wants another world war justified by half baked arguments, like false flag terrorism, or potentially threatening countries we all know are not threatening. It is simple, if we were to stop acting as if we own the world, if we were to stop threatening everyone around and start working towards a lasting peace in a just and fair world, there would be no threat, there would be no war.

And what if Iran gets a nuclear bomb in the end? Just about everyone else on this planet has one in its own backyard. Hell, I have read enough on the topic that I could possibly build one myself. The recipe is, after all, in many books in just about every single library in the world. Any last year physics student can build one.

How to make a nuclear bomb has never been a secret, it is basic physics, and then only a few tests are required to get the balance right. Oh, and this little problem, easily circumvented, of finding the ingredients. Or what did you think, that they were impossible to find or buy, in a capitalist world?

We all have a nuclear bomb ready to explode in our back pocket, no one can now prevent that. Trying to prevent them from exploding through pre-emptive strikes, will most assuredly insure that they will all explode at once. You can quote me on that.

You could not possibly annihilate every country that will develop a nuclear bomb, since any country could do it now. Perhaps if left unprovoked, Iran will never use it. Right now, I feel we are much more likely going to use it through fear and unnecessary pre-emptive strikes, and obliterate this world before anyone else.

History is not made by the victors or the losers, it is made right now by a few leaders/dictators elected in so-called democracies. The history of humanity will not become what we make it to be, it will become what a few unwise leaders decided it will be, because despite so-called democracies, we are not in control of humanity’s destiny.

There is no reason to believe that even in 1000 years, history will be any different from what we have observed in the last 2000 years. It will just be more destructive, that’s all. At least it won’t be bloody, nuclear just vaporizes people out of existence. It will still be about killing everyone else in order to take advantage of their natural resources, and whatever else, imposing unto others religions and political philosophies like capitalism, communism and socialism. The day we finally succeed, is the day we are all dead.

Humanity’s history cannot change until a few leaders can no longer decide the fate of that humanity. Until a true democracy, involving the decision power of every single individual, is actually put into place.

We can no longer afford a few people deciding the fate of history. Either you have a true democracy or you don’t. We have not witnessed at all, at any time in history, a true democracy. It would require for that every single person on this planet being able, individually, to vote on any decision, on any new law, on any new war to be fought.

Today for the first time we have the technology to make this come true. And at that point, if individually, everyone on this planet were to say that being gay is wrong and that I should be executed for being gay, I will accept it and gladly die.

Since then, it would not be one politician who decided my fate, or one priest or religious leader. It would not be one little group of people, it would be everyone, and then you cannot but accept what everyone decides.

And if everyone decides that it is right to obliterate half the planet to become richer, at least I will know that half the planet is insane, immoral and unethical, instead of just a few leaders who appear to control everyone else, for their own self-interests. And then I would at least be certain that annihilating so many people will at least profit many of us, not just a few of us that you can count on one hand. I can accept democracy as long as it is a real democracy, and every single voice has been heard.

And then, you better not start thinking in terms like: “No problem, we’ll just brainwash everyone and impose our own point of view upon this world through publicity, public relations and propaganda. We’ve done it before with great success. And then we’ll just convince ourselves we have convinced everyone, and go ahead with our delusional plans.”

We will put a stop to this as well, as history has certainly taught us to recognize such manipulations of the masses and where they ultimately led. Eventually we will learn something from history, right?

It is so easy after all to convince anyone of anything these days, no one seems to think for himself or herself anymore, have we ever? One day someone will convince us all that we do not see in color, everything is black and white, or perhaps they will convince us that everything is either black or white. We may have already reached that point.

It seems there is always but one leader deciding for everyone else in this world, and from the point of view of history, this is no longer acceptable. History will always be the same, until we decide collectively to put a stop to it, and make it something no one will ever be ashamed of telling their children what we are all truly about.

We are so eager to go nuclear, as it means ultimate power, as it means ultimate protection. Let’s give a nuclear bomb to everyone, let’s all have one nuclear bomb in our own back pocket. Then we will all be powerful, we will all be safe.

What version of history would you prefer to teach your children and grandchildren? It is about to become highly complicated to tell, if you wish to remain honest to the facts. Don’t worry though, you might never have to make excuses for humanity’s history, as humanity is unlikely to survive for much longer.


August 9, 2008 By Roland Michel Tremblay author of "Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction", available online for free at his website:

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