Friday, August 8, 2008


by Sharon Frigiola

While your new advertising blitz claims you will be Keithier, perhaps one should ask, "when will you be more Edward Murrowier?"- After your exclusive with Ron Suskind on Tuesday, August 5, when will you finally open your New Yorker eyes and connect the dots? Yes, we all know the intelligence was forged, faked, and shoved down our collective American throats to go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq.

How can you sit there and not honestly say what needs to be said by a thinking newsman such as you. As a devotee of John Dean, author of Worse than Watergate and Gerald Posner, author of While America Slept, how are you still not able to see what is right before your eyes? Are you also too corporate controlled to speak the truth about 9/11? You were able to say with a straight face, during your August 4 segment with Gerald Posner, Digging Deeper on the Anthrax story, that the Afghanis weren't sophisticated enough to come up with weapons grade anthrax in caves, then how in the world do you believe these same cave dwellers were able to pull off the most sophisticated attacks on American soil on 9/11? The monster lie that simmers just beneath the surface of all the Bush Administration lies.

How can you ask where President Bush's mind was on August 6, 2001 when he received his Daily Briefing entitled Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US and not reasonably ask was 9/11 the false flag operation along with the anthrax attacks to jump start the neo-con agenda of world domination by implanting fear of terrorism throughout the American public. The Bush Administration weren't negligent in allowing the attacks to happen, they were active enablers of the attacks. It is obvious when merely revisit the events of the day 9/11. Bush sits in an elementary classroom after learning the country was under attack and is not taken away by the Secret Service for his own safety. He then gets on unsecured phone lines at the school making phone calls to his staff, while his presidential limo sits in the parking lot not feet away.

Fighter pilots are suddenly unable to intercept hijacked airliners, but had done so successfully every time they were called upon to do so prior to 9/11 in 2001. Two planes hit two buildings in New York, yet three buildings came down that day at nearly free fall speed. The NIST has yet to officially offer an explanation as to why Building 7 fell that day. Now even Hamilton and Kane refute the findings of the 9/11 Commission and families of the victims are actively seeking for a new independent investigation. Many architects, engineers, pilots, scientists and military personnel question the events of 9/11 as evidenced by their website Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. With just a little thoughtful research, one can find many more questions for the official story than adequate answers. Why can't you please be Keithier as your show suggests and take on the ultimate lie; the lie that will be the last straw to topple the Bush Administration's bogus War on Terror.

The Bush Administration has given the American people the power to spy without warrants and arrest enemy combatants without virtue of habeas corpus. It is time to use those powers to take on this Administration. They are the terrorists, they are the dictators that have killed millions of people, spreading disaster capitalism using war machines and torture all the while profiting wildly from their criminal endeavors. It is time to call them OUT! Are you, Keith Olbermann, Keithy enough to do so?

Mother of a Marine in Iraq, three teenagers and a patriotic American Woman. (Out)Rage on the Page


A comment from the page:

KO is BS

KO has several times referred to 9/11 Truthers as "crazies". He's already committed himself and he won't back-track now.

One has to remember this, there is no way any one gets to be high-up in MSM unless they've signed on to the program of dis-information and propaganda - no way. The world will shrink to the size of a raisin first.

The people that committed 9/11 will never be held accountable, and it's a shame, because if we could fully vet ourselves of these cretins 90% of our problems would disappear over-night. Everything from monopolies of money, media, government, it would all be exposed, shattered and buried. We'd truly ascend to a new age of enlightenment, but before that happens these cretins will see us all dead first.

by Mr M


Olbermann is only allowed to go so far by his handlers. He will not address the fraud and lies of 9/11 until the time comes that some truth cannot be hidden any longer and the perpetrators decide that it's time for a few patsies to take the fall. At that time, just like the anthrax case, authorities will proclaim "case closed" and the real criminals will move on to the next scenario against the American people.

The American people, on the whole, are not that concerned about the lies that led us to war. The wars are "over there", killing arabs does not matter much. I do think that Americans would take it much more seriously if the truth that our government with help from some allies was responsible for the killing of thousands of our own people on 9/11 to move ahead with their power and money schemes.


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