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The Knights Templar: Freemasonry—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; the Modern Problem

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The True Meaning of the 33rd Degree

By Fahim A. Knight-EL

Who are the rightful owners and landlords of the Holy City of Jerusalem in which centuries of blood shed has been spilled? Does this land belong to the Jews, Christians, Muslims, and/or the Freemasons? These are the most essential questions to be solved—the rightful owners and their heir apparent is at the root of the so-called Jew and Muslim (Arab) conflict in the Middle East today in 2008. Both of these ethnic groups are imposters (Khazars/Ashkenazi and Semites) and are fighting over land and territory that belongs to neither.

This article in part came about due to many conversations this writer had with a gentleman named Nick Galanti who is a historian and curator out of South Carolina and the owner of the website in which most Freemasons and non-Masons may find intriguing. This writer was hired by Galanti (a feisty Italian), to do some research but found his knowledge base to be extensive in an area he passionately calls the “ORDER”. I will not reveal the extent and depth of our intellectual interactions, but I will say Galanti was on to something with far reaching philosophical implications. This writer invites those who are in search of knowledge and alternative philosophical viewpoints to visit

The original man was robbed of his land and the knowledge of self and even he does not know what his rightful place is in scheme of human history. There is really no such place called the Middle East—the so-called nation of Palestine/Israel was originally part of North East Africa. Ben Ammi of the Original Hebrew Israelite nation stated, "Prior to the excavation of the Suez Canal (1859-69) the entire Arabian Peninsula and what has become known today as the 'Middle East' were connected with the African continent. African people lived and moved freely throughout this region of the world. After the invasions of the Romans in 70 C.E. remnants of the Hebrew Israelites were driven from Jerusalem. For more than 1,000 years many of them migrated across the continent eventually reaching West Africa."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, one of my teachers, was a master teacher he taught serious lessons on the origin of Freemasonry and gave clear evidence of the reality God and the Devil. This writer wrote an over 11,000 word research treatise titled, "Freemasonry (Moslem Sons) and Islam: What do They Share?" And he used the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to shed light along with other authorities on this little known connection of high degree Masonry (Shrine Masonry) and its so-called relationship to the religion of Islam. This research by far still remains as one of the most popular pieces that this writer has ever written.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the ‘Supreme Wisdom’ lessons asked the Question: "Why did we take Jerusalem from the devil? How long ago? Answer: Because one of our righteous brothers who were a prophet by the name of Jesus was buried there. He uses his name to shield his dirty religion which is called Christianity, also to deceive the people so they will believe in him. Jesus teachings was not Christianity, it was Freedom, Justice and Equality. Jerusalem is a name given by the Jews, which means founded in peace and it was called Jebus, also Salem and Ariel. We took the city from the devils about seven hundred fifty years ago."

Muhammad was given 104 books to read by his teacher Master Fard Muhammad and one of the books was titled, "The Story of Mankind" by Hendrik Willem van Loon who gives a controversial account of the history of the the Knights Templar. Can we logically and historically make the definitive announcement that the present day Middle East conflict (the so-called West versus East) is a continuation of the Crusades—Islam and Christianity is at war but the real war is between Illuminati Jew (he hides behind the ignorant Christian) and Islam, which these bloody wars never ended? Do the Palestinians (Arab Muslim) and the so-called Israeli (Jew) are somehow representative of the warrior class known as the Knights Templar.

Why under the York Rite Degrees—Royal Arch Masonic degrees is so coveted and the "real word" of Freemasonry is shrouded and disguised until a Master Mason is elevated in the "red house" properly defined as the Royal Arch degrees of Mark Master, Past Master Most Excellent Master, and eventually elevated to the degree of Knight's Templar Commandery on the York Rite side? Then only is he given the so-called "real word" which to temporary replaces the substitute word he received during his Master Mason raising.

In the 33rd degree ritual there is a set of questions and answers given in the Sovereign Grand Inspector General ritual work. Question: Are you a Sovereign Grand Inspector General? Answer: Very Prussiant Sovereign, my virtue, courage and zeal have procured this distinguish rank. Question: How can I know you to be a Sovereign Grand Inspector General? Answer: By my giving you the pass Word. Question: Begin. Answer: Jacques de Molay. Question: Hiram Abiff. Answer: of Prussia. Question: What are the meanings of the skeletons skulls, bones and torches in our Council? Answer: They serve to remind of the Massacre of our ancestors by Philippe the Fair who delivered them to the most cruel tortures. Question: Why do you appear in mourning armed with a sword? Answer: To mourn their loss and be ready to avenge them. Question: Who established this degree? Answer: Our Illustrious Brother of Brunswick, Frederick, King of Prussia. Question: For what purpose? Answer: To regulate our hatred and our campaigns against the knights of Malta, to guide our zeal and our efforts in proper channels and direct our undertakings.

Question: What is the cause of the hatred and enmity that you have sworn against the Knight of Malta. Answer: After the destruction of the majority of Knights Templar by Philippe the Fair, in cooperation with Pope Clement V, their rich possessions were assigned to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, now Knights of Malta, of Island of Malta, which is one of our possessions, in addition to several other places in the Mediterranean which they have refused to make restitution of that which was wrested from us by injustice and cruelty. In consequence we determine to regain them by force, when our Order has sufficient numerical strength to undertake the enterprise or nobly perish in the attempt. Question: Is this the only reason for which the king of Prussia established this degree?

Answer: There is another. The King foreseeing that his death was not too far distant determined to establish a Supreme Council of Grand Inspectors General to which he could commit the supreme power over the Masonic Order with which it has been reinvested, which after his death might govern the Grand Body, agreeable to certain statues he established for the purpose and to lead it to battle should it become strong enough. Each nation is independent, one over the other, in civil government he believed they should possess a high Masonic Court from which there could be no appeal. This political set being agreeable to each government, no jealously could exist in the Order. This Grand body should increase rapidly and the great aim of the Order accomplished. Question: What else did you see on entering the Council? Answer: I saw in the East a five branched candlestick, in the West one of three branches, in the North one of one branch and in the South one of two branches. Question: What does it mean? Answer: In arranging this number of lights, the make up 5321, the Masonic year in which the order was
destroyed…” (Reference: Kessinger Publishing Company; “Secret Ritual of the Thirty-Third and Last Degree—Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry pgs.17-18).

York Rite Masonry has a Christian warrior theme, as far as its philosophy and ritual. Van Loon describes it this way: "Therefore, at the Council of Clermont in France in the year of 1095 the pope arose, described the horrors which the infidel Muslims had inflicted upon the Holy Land, gave a glowing description of this country which even the days of Moses had been overflowing with milk and honey, and exhorted the Knights of France and people of Europe in general to leave wife and child and deliver Palestine from the Turks (Muslims). A wave of religious hysteria swept across the continent. All reason stopped. Men would drop their hammers and saws and walk out of their shops and take the nearest road to the East to go and kill Turks. Children would leave their homes to go to Palestine and bring the terrible Turks to their knees by mere appeal of their youthful zeal and piety" (Reference: Hendrik van Loon: "The Story of Mankind"; pg 101).

The Royal Arch degrees (York Rite) in Freemasonry borrowed some the history, philosophy, folklore, etc., from the historical Knights Templar which was eventually adopted and formulated in Gnostics and esoterically Masonic rituals; which was design to teach certain moral lessons under the Masonic philosophical school of thought known as Speculative Masonry. Although, Freemasonry is considered a secular organization there is a intertwined of biblical and Christian theology, which under girds the foundation of Royal Arch Masonry. This in one sense poses a contradiction because of the Christian overtone associated with these degrees styled as defenders of the Cross. Many Christian Masons of course do not see or view the Royal Arch degrees as perhaps somewhat infringing upon the non-religious charter that is suppose to be the benchmark of Masonry. One writer stated, "York Rite Masonry is the Christian Route of Masonry following the teaching of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who said,’ Suffer little Children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdon of Heaven" (Reference Rev. G. Oliver; “A Dictionary of Symbolical Masonry, Including the Royal Arch Degrees).

But what is interesting, the Freemasonic Knights Templar degree is equivalent to the Scottish Rite Thirty Second (32nd) degree Mason—styled as Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, which both the Knights Templar (York Rite) and Master of the Royal Secret/Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret (degree names varies from northern and southern Masonic jurisdictions) leads to the Mystic Shrine. This body of Masons are officially named the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (this is the African-American Mystic Shrine founded in 1893; the Caucasian shriners call themselves the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine founded in 1876). But what is interesting about the degree structure is that the Knights Templar more so than not voluntarily petitions the Mystic Shrine (Islamic theoretical Masonry) initiated and introduced into the Mystic Shrine (pseudo Islam), which unequivocally has an Islamic
ritualistic theme. What are the Freemasons telling and revealing in its ritual, as far as perhaps given us a glimpse into the historical pact (crossing of the sword and cross) that took place between the Muslims and the Christian Knights Templar over 1,000 years ago at Jerusalem allowing Muslims and Christians safe passages to the Holy Land? (Reference: John Robinson; “Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry).

This writer in his article titled, "King Solomon's Temple: The Basis of Freemasonry" explores that intellectual angle, here is an exert from that research which answers in part the inquisitiveness that the three faith traditions, as well as the Freemasons have relative to the Holy City of Jerusalem: " The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that in the House of Omar is where the true body and tomb of Yeshua Bin Yosef (Jesus—7-127 A.D.) is housed. Muhammad also maintained that the Vatican, the Pope of Roman, and the High Imams in Jerusalem have an agreed pact with Freemasonry (this writer is not referring to your average rank and file Scottish Rite, York Rite members or my brothers of Prince Hall Order of Free and Accepted Masons). But a monetary fee is paid to the Pope and the Pope issues the Masonic Brother a traveling pass that is honored by the Imams of Al-Aqsa Mosque who in turn allow the Freemasons to physically see the well preserved body of Isa bin Yusuf (Jesus, the son of Joseph). (Reference: Nasir Makr Hakim: “The True History of Master Fard Muhammad” pg. 71-93).Elijah Muhammad stated, "His body lies in a tomb in such manner that it reflects in four directions. This was done to keep the enemies from knowing just what direction the real body is laying. No Christian is allowed to see the body, unless they pay a price of $6,000 and must get a certificate from the Pope of Rome. The Tomb is guarded by Muslims. When Christians are allowed to see Jesus' body, they stripped of weapons, handcuffed behind their backs, and well-armed Muslims guards take them into the tomb. But, they leave the House of Omar without a doubt that the images portrayed of Isa Bin Yusuf (Jesus) are false and many learn for the first time that Isa Ben Yusuf (Jesus) was an original man. Muslims, the brothers of Jesus can go to see his body at anytime without charge." (Reference: Malachi Z. York; pg 289)

Muhammad taught and wrote that "When Joseph heard of his son Jesus' death he came and got the body from the authorities. He secured some Egyptian embalmers to embalm the body to last 10,000 years. Joseph wanted the body to last as long as the earth (petrified) but was not able to pay for such embalmment. The Egyptian embalmers put the body into a glass tube filled with a certain chemical (known only to Egyptian embalmers) that will keep one's body looking the same as when it died, that is if they get the body at a certain time, for many thousands of years--as long as no air is allowed to enter the tube that the body is in. They buried the body in the old city, Jerusalem." (Reference: Malachi Z. York; "The Problem Book", which York compiled scattered Nation of Islam lessons given to Elijah Muhammad by W.F. Muhammad. This book contributes to the Original Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earth; pg. 288).

Ironic the Knights Templar had the responsibility of guarding and protecting pilgrims traveling travel routes from the ancient port of Jaffa off the coast of Palestine to Jerusalem. Thus, according to the legend of Hiram Abiff this was also one of the principle escape routes attempted to be used by the would-be three conspirators (Ruffians) who conspired and committed murder of the Grand Master Hiram Abiff. But was denied exit because they lacked the proper passwords, tokens and signs (no different than today trying to enter a sovereign nation, as far as crossing borders without a passport or visa) the necessary traveling documents required by international governments is often prohibited.

The author Malcolm Duncan in his Masonic monitor (this Masonic monitor is used more by clandestine Masons and is not approved by duly chartered Grand Lodges) titled, "Duncan Ritual of Freemasonry" stated, "Most Worshipful King Solomon, I, being one of those who pursued a westerly, coming down near the port of Joppa, met a seafaring man, of whom I inquired if he had seen any strangers pass that way; he informed me that he had--three--who from their appearance were workman from the Temple, seeking passage to Ethiopia, but not having King Solomon's pass, were not able to obtain one, and returned back into the country."

Even during the time of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (570 AD-632 AD) may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him in 622 AD when his own Tribesmen the Qurash and others posed serious opposition to his new teachings of Islam in Saudi Arabia; he sent his followers to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) for safety and away from persecution. Islam perhaps survived as a religion due to the compassion, power and justice being exercised by these black Nubian Coptic Christians toward other oppressed humanity. (Reference: Muhammad Husayn Haykak, “The Life of Muhammad”)

The York Rite (Christian Masonic Rite) styled as the Knight's Templar degree is obligated and mandated upon petition to enter into the Mystic Shrine and is requited to take an Islamic obligation that is based partially on the Muslim Holy Qur'an and poor remnants of Islamic history. The majority of Mystic Shrine Potentates and Royal Arch High Priest do not have the knowledge or the historical understanding of the rituals they practice and teach. Sending them to me, so I can give them the life giving teachings. We have written on various angles as it pertains to this controversial and complex topic and it remains a non-exhaustive topic called Freemasonry. This writer on June 11, 2008 just completed an article titled, "King Solomon's Temple: The Basis of Freemasonry" in which ties into the Knights Templar. Thus, my contention was that without the legend and mythology associated with King Solomon's Temple and Mount Moriah in Jerusalem the philosophical (Speculative) foundation Freemasonry would struggle to exist as a fraternity and Rite. (Reference: Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe; “The Knights Templar Revealed’).

Both sides of Masonry—Scottish Rite and York Rite Masonry are heavily interdependent upon the mysteries, legend and mythology associated with King Solomon's Temple that was built on the Holy Land of Jerusalem at Mount Moriah, which is where Christians and some Jews believe, is the site were God's Ark of Covenant took place and where Prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments from Yahweh (God). Dr. Yosef Ben A. A. Jochannan who authored the book titled, "Black man of the Nile and his Family," teaches us that these so-called Ten Commandments were taking from a much larger scroll in Kemet (Egypt) called Forty-Two (42) Negative Confessions; Moses borrowed ten of them from the Egyptian Mystery Schools. The Kemites (Egyptians) were practicing the principles of Maat (justice, harmony, balance, equilibrium, etc) long before the biblical prophets; the concept of Monotheism was first developed in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and then given to the world. (Reference: Yosef Ben A. A. Jochannan; "The Black man of the Nile and his Family).

In Islam Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him) ascended to heaven from Mount Moriah in Jerusalem and within the religion of Islam, Jerusalem is considered the third holiest city in Islam. The first question that is posed to an Entered Apprentice (first degree) Mason is; whence came you? answer: From the lodge of the Holy Saints John of Jerusalem. This Celestial and terrestrial lodge is represented by the teachings and historical representation of Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist. All Masons take time out to honor St. Johns Day (the two biblical personalities).

E.R. Johnston on the Mosque or House of Omar ... the Noble Sanctuary. He stated: "This splendid edifice on MountMariah covers a portion of the space once occupied by the more brilliant Temple. It is believed to have commenced by the Caliph Omar the first of that name and father-in-law of Mohammed, between the years 638 and 664, and very much enlarged, beautified and enriched, in fact, quite rebuilt by the Caliph Abd-el Melek, in 686. It was seven years in building: the Muslims believe it to stand over the rock on which Jacob was sleeping when he saw the vision of the heavenly ladder, but it is still more sacred to them (Muslims), as to us (Christian and Jews) from having been the sacred rock beneath the alter of Solomon's Temple, whereon the daily sacrifice was offered." (Reference: E.R. Johnston; "Masonry Defined" pg. 364).

This also is the site where God commanded and instructed Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son, as this writer stated in the article titled, "King Solomon's Temple: The Basis of Freemasonry" the Judeo-Christian theological version tells us that Abraham's son Isaac was chosen by God for sacrifice, but in Islam, the faith of the Muslims, they believe that it was Abraham's son Ishmael that was up for sacrifice (the lineage from the slave woman Hagar—Arabs). Abraham is known as the Father of many nations. This theological difference between Judeo-Christian and Islam leads to the root of all the discrepancies that exist in the Middle East today between the Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli-Jew. (Reference: Jose V. Malcioln; “The African Origins of Modern Judaism: From Hebrews to Jews”).

In the Bible as this writer just previously stated Abraham is called the father of nations. Thus, Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael according to both the Bible (Judeo-Christian) and the Holy Qur’an (Islam/Muslim). What people fail to understand about this present day conflict in Palestine is that it’s a theological conflict shrouded in political terms. Who are the rightful owners of this land deemed sacred by all three faith traditions? Historically the Muslims and Christians have fought at least ten (10) Crusades (eight is a more accepted number by historians) all over the Holy Land.

In the Masonic Bible, which is the standard King James Version, but has been uniquely prepared and heavily referenced with Freemasonic history, philosophy and Masonic theological explanation; the section is titled, "Progressive Steps in Masonry." It appears that a sizable amount of this information was extracted from Albert Pikes monumental work titled,” Morals and Dogma" and the greatest secret in Masonry, is that there is no secret; thus, this information is open to all who desire to pursue this knowledge. Malcolm Duncan quoting a Masonic writer named Stone stated, "The essentials secrets of Masonry consist of nothing more than the signs, grips, pass-words, and tokens, essential to the preservation of the society from the inroads of imposters; together with certain symbolical emblems, the technical terms appertaining to which served as a sort of universal language, by which the members of the fraternity could distinguish each other, in all places and countries where Lodges were instituted.

It further stated, "One reason why you are urged to become affiliated with the York Rite is that the world is today in greater need of the Order of Knights Templar than were the heroic crusades of the twelfth century. There is more at stake, more to save. You will find in the precepts of this institution a renewed conviction that right must prevail, that oppression, by any class whatsoever, is wrong and incompatible with Christian thought. Is still combines a RELIGIOUS and MILITANT SPIRIT, and is pledged to defend those principles and ideals upon which civilization is based."

We know that King Solomon's Temple was destroyed and perhaps rebuilt at least three different times throughout human history. Mount Moriah in Jerusalem today is the site of Al-Asqa Mosque, which was the original site where the once legendary King Solomon's Temple stood. The Knights Templar were a military order and some believed their primary mission was to protect the traveling Jewish and Christian pilgrims who made pilgrimages to the Holy City of Jerusalem, the great religious Temple (Dome of the Rock). Also, the their was a legend that buried beneath the destroyed King Solomon’s Temple was untold treasures that was acquired by King David and passed on to his son King Solomon. Moreover, the Catholic Church and the Christians were quite aware of this allege wealth—this was the fuel that ignited the fire between the Muslims and the Christians.

There is no doubt during Europe's Dark Ages and the Medieval Period rose Islam. In a book authored by Willis Huggins and John G. Jackson titled, "A Guide to Studies in African History" stated, "The first light that burst in upon the long night of Europe's Dark Ages and heralded the dawn of a new day was Moorish Spain and from their Saracen comrades who had settled in Sicily and Italy. In the words of Harold Peake, the English scientific " The Moorish General Tarik Ibn Zaid in 711 AD was responsible for spreading Islam from North Africa to the borders of southern France, as well as advancing culture and civilization. The Moors took high levels of architecture science, cartography, civil engineering, maritime science, medicine, construction trades, etc. to Europe. (Reference: Marilyn Hopkins; The Enigma of the Knights Templar).

Jackson and Huggins further stated, “The Moors built magnificent cities. Cordova in the Tenth Century was much like a modern city. The streets were paved. There were raised sidewalks for pedestrians. At night ‘one could travel for ten miles by the light of lamps along the uninterrupted extent of buildings. This was several hundred years before there was a paved street in Paris or a street-lamp in London. The population of the city was over one-million (1,000, 000). There were 200, 000 homes, 800 public schools, many colleges and universities, 10,000 palaces of the wealthy besides many royal palaces, surrounded by beautiful gardens. The Palace of the Khalifs was surrounded by beautiful gardens, had 15,000 doors, a central hall supported by columns of marble and rock crystal decorated with precious stones and covered with a roof of gold and silver.” (Reference: John G. Jackson and Willis N. Huggins; “A Guide to Studies in African History” pg. 49).

Thus, contrary to belief Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) perhaps never left the Arabian Peninsula, in which western historians maintained that Muhammad conquered mass territories due to the power of the sword. This was mere Eurocentric fabrication aimed at discrediting Islam. It was Muhammad's (PBUH) cousin and son-in-law Ali Ibn Talib's two sons that took the religion of Islam beyond the Arabian peninsula. (Reference: Arkon Daraul; “Secret Societies: A History).

There is Christian minister named Reverend Jeremiah Cummings whom I consider a friend who pastor’s a church in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was a former Minister in the Nation of Islam under Minister Louis Farrakhan in Dallas, Texas. He left Nation of Islam and returned to Christianity, I believe this was a personal and spiritual decision. But Reverend Cummings has done a series of lectures and sermons dealing with the seed of Abraham; in particular explaining the biblical and historical linage of Isaac and Ishmael, the so-called Arab and Jew. This writer viewed a youtube clip of a sit down discussion between Bishop Eddie Long (out of Atlanta, Georgia) and Reverend Cummings (and although Bishop Long is a well respected clergyman in the African American community, he lacks the knowledge of self). However, this writer disagrees with Reverend Cummings final conclusions, which is aimed at translating the Holy Bible into the Arabic language with an objective of converting Muslims to Christianity.

Reverend Cummings prior to his Christian conversion and religious transition had visited Dimona, Israel in 1991 as a guest of Ben Ammi and is his book titled, “From Gold to Glory” stated, “I could not wait to see the city that the Messiah of 2,000 years ago walked through, and the city that the Prophet Muhammad ascended from. I could not wait to see the beautiful Dome on the Rock. I could not wait to remove my slippers and walk barefoot in the Holy City of God. . .Later, I found out from Minister Farrakhan that Jerusalem was the original city of the pilgrimage of the Muslims. Mecca and Jerusalem will again be the original place in our time. Muslims and Hebrews of African descent will return to the Holy City of David and Abraham. Even if you go to Saudi Arabia, you are still home in Africa. All of it is Africa.” (Reference: Jeremiah Cummings; “From Gold to Glory” pg. 71).

The Masonic author E.R. Johnston in his book titled, "Masonry Defined" stated, "The theory that Masonry originated in the Holy Land during the Crusades, and was instituted by the Knights Templar, was first advanced by the Chevalier Ramsay for the purpose, it is supposed of giving an aristocratic character to the association. It was subsequently adopted by the College, and was accepted by the Baron von Hund as the basis upon which he erected his Rite of Strict Observance. The legend of the Clermont is thus detailed by M. Berage in his work entitled, Les Plus Secrets Mysteres des Hauts Grades (iii, 194). The Order of Masonry was instituted by Godfrey de Bouillion, in Palestine in 1330, after the defeat of the Christian armies, and was communicated only to a few of the French Masons, sometime afterwards, as a reward for the services which they had rendered to the English and Scottish Knights. From these latter true Masonry is derived. Their Mother Lodge is situated on the mountain of Heredom, where the first Lodge in Europe was held, which still exists in all its splendor. The Council General is always held there, and it is the seat of the Sovereign Grand Master for the time being. The mountain is situated between the west and north of Scotland, sixty miles from Edinburgh” (Reference: College of Clermont Reference: E.R. Johnston; “Masonry Defined" pgs. 823-824).

Lastly, the history of the Knights Templar and the Crusades is at the root of issues that faces humanity today, in particular in the Middle East—the conflict between the Arab Palestinians and the Israeli Jew both laying claim to the nation of Israel and the holy city of Jerusalem, which was no different than it was 1,000 years ago. The Freemasons in its High Degree rituals are acting out this history in allegorical and symbolical terms because they know and are anticipating that the Sovereign Grand Inspector Generals (The Covert Knights Templar) will be called to once again defend the Cross and honor those historical solemn obligations that their past brothers fought so gallantly to protect in their 200 year war with the Muslims of the East for the rights to occupy Jerusalem. In the 33rd Degree obligation the candidate must state: “I _______, Knight Kadosh, and Prince of the Royal Secret, solemnly pledge my sacred word of honor, swear sincerely and promise on the Holy Word of the eternal, who is very merciful, sovereign, powerful and the Supreme Architect of Heaven and Earth, in the presences of whom, as well as the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree here assembled, that I will never directly or indirectly reveal the secrets and mysteries of the sublime degree which I am about to receive, nor any of those which I have received, except to an equal Sovereign Grand Inspector General who has likewise lawfully received it.”

The United Supreme Council of 33rd Degree Masons perhaps know that the Middle East conflict today is a continuation of the Crusades and understand that they have a divine obligation to avenge the death of Grand Master Hiram Abiff who died a horrid death at the hands of three traitors. Yes, this resentment between Islam and Christianity is a cold war that is the basis of the antagonism that exists between the East and West. The Knights Templar were never disbanded but these religious soldiers took shield behind many Orders—religious, political, civic, fraternal, governmental structures, etc., but are better organized in 2008 than they were 1,000 years ago.

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at


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