Monday, August 18, 2008

Ledeen out

Monday, August 18, 2008


Michael Ledeen appears to have left the American Enterprise Institute, and it doesn't look like a voluntary departure. You might think that this represents an attempt by the AEI to crawl back to some semblance of intellectual respectability, but the continued presence of such idiots as Perle, Kagan, Pletka and John 'Iranian nuclear steamboats up the Potamac' Bolton leaves it the same laughing-stock as it has been since it was taken over as one of the propaganda arms of the Israeli settler movement. Two other possibilities come to mind:

  1. The AEI may be worried about the forgery scandals coming to light. Both the Niger yellowcake forgeries and the more recently discussed forgery that attempted to connect Saddam to the anthrax attacks remain officially unsolved mysteries, although I very much doubt that American authorities don't have more of a clue than they are letting on. Part of the neocon lying factory that led to the disastrous attack on Iraq involved a rather extensive forgery operation, one which Ledeen says he had nothing to do with. Be that as it may, it would permanently wreck the ability of the AEI to continue to lie to Americans - on both the settler-movement nonsense and the usual right-wing nonsense - should one of its fellows turn out to be connected with the forgeries.

  2. Something I've already noted is that the only country that actually benefited from the attack on Iraq is Iran, and Ledeen appears to have been fooled by Iranian intelligence agents who reeled him in like a giant gifilte fish, all the while that Ledeen basked in the glow that it was he who is the master deceiver. World Jewry may very well be furious with Ledeen for having inadvertently (?) assisted the Iranian hard-liners to exactly the Iraq they had been looking for, but had no practical way of achieving without the help of some very stupid and deceived Americans (it reminds me of how Netanyahu rejected the 'Clean Break' document as he had no way of implementing it, at least not until the Jewish Billionaires bribed the Republicans into installing the Clean Breakers into the American government, where they proceeded to implement the plan on behalf of the Israeli settler movement). The new success of Iran in finding anti-Israeli allies is based entirely on the effects of the American attack on Iraq, and the attack on Iraq, while correctly blamed entirely on the deceits and machinations of World Jewry, now looks like a successful Iranian intelligence operation whose main dupe was one Michael Ledeen.

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