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Obama's Balance of 'Religous Leaders' at the DNC

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Record Number of Rabbis have a Role in 2008 Democratic Convention

The most prominent rabbinical participant at the Democratic convention will be Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, who will deliver the invocation Aug. 28, when Illinois Sen. Barack Obama accepts the nomination before a crowd of at least 70,000 at Denver’s Invesco Stadium.

How is it that a religion which represents less than 2% of Americans has such a disproportionate role in American politics?

Why doesn't CNN and FOX report on this hijacking of the American political process?

Any more questions on who really runs the Democratic party? With Israeli citizen Rahm Emanuel, (D-Il) scheduled to be the next Speaker of the House after Pelosi, the Zionist noose is slowly tightening around our neck.

Israel won't stop running and ruining our country, not until we have either bombed Iran and invaded Syria, or the USA collapses economically, due in no small part in the US fighting wars for Israel and our treasury being raided by the likes of Rabbi Dov Zakheim and the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve.

Think the Rabbis lecturing the Dems will read from their holy book called the Talmud?

Jewish leaders have amped-up presence at Democratic convention

by ron kampeas jta

Religious leaders — among them at least seven rabbis — are expected to play an unprecedented role at this year’s Democratic convention in Denver.

The convention is kicking off with an interfaith gathering Sunday, Aug. 24, that will include scripture readings from Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist religious and lay leaders. The week’s proceedings will be studded with “faith panels.”

The religious tenor is the culmination of the Democratic National Committee’s “Faith in Action” committee, which is sponsoring the interfaith gathering. Matt Dorf, a consultant to the party and several prominent Jewish organizations, was a leading force behind the committee. The Third Way, a group that has tried to build bridges between evangelical Christians and political liberals, also will be involved.

Other Jewish clergy slated to participate include Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, the executive vice president of the Orthodox Union, who will deliver the keynote address at the interfaith event; Jack Moline, a Conservative rabbi from Alexandria, Va., who chairs the Interfaith Alliance, a coalition of faith groups that advocate for church-state separation; Amy Schwartz-man, a Reform rabbi from Falls Church, Va.; Marc Schneier, an Orthodox rabbi from New York and a co-founder of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding; Steve Foster, a Reform rabbi in Denver; and Steve Gutow, a Reconstructionist rabbi who directs the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, a Jewish organizational public policy umbrella group.

The religious leaders are not endorsing anyone and have said they would welcome spots at the Republican convention.

Republicans have yet to detail similar events at their own convention, which starts Aug. 31 in St. Paul, Minn., but spokespeople have said that faith events also will be featured throughout their gathering.

At least one rabbi, Ira Flax, a retired military chaplain from Birmingham, Ala., will deliver an invocation at the Republican convention.

Marc Stern, the counsel for the American Jewish Congress, said the symbolism was “disquieting” but was mitigated by efforts to encompass all faiths.

“They all seem to be taking some care to be ecumenical,” Stern said of this year’s conventions.

In fact, Stern said, he was stunned to see four rabbis participate in the opening multifaith kickoff. He also noted the range: Reform, Conservative, Reconstruc-tionist and Orthodox rabbis all have been assigned roles at the Democratic event.

“I assume,” Stern added, “Obama has a goy or two as well.”


********************************************** Goy preacher Joel C. Hunter

The closing prayer after Obama's DNC acceptance speech will be by mega-church leader Joel Hunter. Touted as a "New Evangelical" by the press, Hunter is a registered Republican and supposedly pro-life. He is also a devout worshiper at the alter of Al Gore's global warming cult.
The 'inconvenient truth' is that Obama needs to siphon off some votes from the religious right and Hunter has been picked to try and help accomplish that.

Noticeable by their absence, no Muslim was asked to participate in the DNC's evening programs of invocations and benedictions. No Palestinian Christian either.
I wonder why?

Here's the rundown of the prayers at the convention's evening programs:

Monday, August 25
Invocation: Polly Baca, Catholic, Greeley, CO
Benediction: Cameron Strang, Evangelical, Orlando, FL

Tuesday, August 26
Invocation: Dr. Cynthia Hale, Disciples of Christ, Decatur, GA
Benediction: Revs. Jin Ho Kang and Young Sook Kang, Methodist, Aurora, CO

Wednesday, August 27
Invocation: Archbishop Demetrios, Greek Orthodox, New York, NY
Benediction: Sr. Catherine Pinkerton, Catholic, Cleveland, OH

Thursday, August 28
Invocation: Rabbi David Saperstein, Union for Reform Judaism, Washington, DC
Benediction: Pastor Joel Hunter, Evangelical, Northland, FL


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