Saturday, August 16, 2008

Perception of Main Stream Media Whores Hits New Low

'NYT' on Sunday Reveals 'Most Trusted Man in News' -- And America?

By Greg Mitchell

Published: August 16, 2008 11:40 AM ET
NEW YORK The lead Jon Stewart piece -- blessed with a nearly-half page opening photo -- in The New York Times' Arts & Leisure section tomorrow poses the question in its headline, "Is This the Most Trusted Man in America?"

The answer from writer Michiko Kakutani is yeah, maybe, since The Daily Show is now "a genuine political and cultural force."

That's partly because other cable news shows have been "larding" their coverage with missing teens, celebs, "bloviation" and fake news while the proudly fake news Daily Show sticks to "super-depressing" important issues.

Kakutani claims that Stewart, indeed, speaks "truth to power," even while he claims to only "throw spitballs." He is a rare, non-ideological "sane voice" in the "noisy red-blue echo chamber." A colleague says he "really does care."

Stewart says he looks forward to end of the Bush administration "as a comedian, as a person, as a citizen, as a mammal."

The spread includes vintage photos of Stewart with Stephen Colbert -- and Steve Carell with John McCain in 1999. The reporter -- a longtime Times book reviewer -- offers a tour of the offices and reviews the work routine.

Stewart concludes, in analyzing his own show, "Like pizza, it may not be the best pizza you've ever had, but it's pizza, man, and you get to have it every night."
Greg Mitchell's new book on Iraq and the media includes chapters on Stewart and Colbert. It is titled "So Wrong for So Long."

Greg Mitchell


Of course it's possible Viacom paid the Times for this article but it does point out what most informed news watchers already know. The controlled shills for the MSM are a sorry treasonous lot, taking the money to tell the lies and distract the populace.
A comedian as the "most trusted name in news" seems like a joke but the real joke is on us.

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