Friday, August 15, 2008

Russia gives NWO the finger. Expect further flashpoints!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, by the time there were a few moments available at this keyboard to comment on the interesting situation arising in the Caucuses, it was evident that others in the blogosphere had already leaped, perfectly properly, to Russia's defense. It is indeed good to see how so many people are now seeing through the lies of the US government and providing a counterpoint to the Jew-riddled mainstream media's heavily anti-Russia biased coverage.

There are just a couple of additional points it seems many have overlooked, however. Firstly, note the extraordinary degree of swiftness with which the so-called "international Community" acted to condemn Russia's actions against Georgia. There were multiple calls for a ceasefire virtually from the moment the first bullet was fired! Contrast this robust response with a similar situation last year when Israel attacked Hezbollah. The "International Community" were unaccountably silent as the Jews wantonly destroyed Palestinian homes and lives with the full force of its military. A full three weeks went by before anyone in the West ventured to suggest a pause in the carnage whilst peace talks be given a chance. These timid voices only received any degree of support when it became clear a little while later than the Israeli aggressor was getting its own butt soundly kicked by the other side and a ceasefire would give them a valuable breather! How typical when so many Western governments are crawling with Jews and their toadies. Do the NWO-ers seriously expect people not to notice yet another example of preferential treatment being given to the Middle East's eternal agitators, Israeli Jews?

It was also interesting to note that in his plaintiff appeals to the West to come and rescue him from the mess he had gotten himself into, Georgia's president made his desperate pleas from behind a desk where a European Union flag was prominently displayed. Georgia isn't even a member of the EU, nor NATO, to whom he also pleaded for protection! What a silly man. Not just silly, but murderous and duplicitous, too. A megalomaniac with designs on wiping out the presence of peaceable ethnic Russians in his country's northern regions. I think it would be a VERY bad idea to have such a warmongering little bully granted NATO membership.The consequences for world peace could be very grave indeed. Georgia will only need the backup of other nations all the time it has this jerk running the country. He's a loose cannon and a traitor to his people. He has aspirations of delivering Georgia into the grasp of the NWO through NATO and EU membership, both of which he seems to feel is his country's destiny. Well, it ISN'T.

Russia stood up and did the only thing a principled nation could do when its own people were being slaughtered wholesale by an enemy government; it drove the aggressors out with a tough message never to dream of ever doing anything so criminally insane again. One can but hope the lesson has been learned, but judging by this tin-pot little Bolshevik malcontent's subsequent outbursts, this hope seems already dashed. He will have the pay a further price yet if he does not SHUT THE FUCK UP in his belligerent pronouncements on the region and how the country will "never surrender to Russian imperialist aggression." This is not the kind of measured, diplomatic language that leads to the restoration of peace and good relations. Russia under its new prime minister Medvedev has sent out a strong signal not to fuck with Russia's security, particularly when the tinkering is taking place in its own backyard.

This is an unmistakable signal which Poland and the Czech Republic might care to think well on, too, since their plans to accommodate US missile bases on Russia's Western flank represent a major threat to the mother country from yet another direction and their planned construction - yesterday formally agreed in the case of Poland - simply cannot be allowed to go ahead. Russia remains under grave threat from the US over its refusal to sign up to the NWO 'one world' Agenda, and this insidious erosion of the buffer protection afforded by its former satellite countries constitute on-going menacing developments aimed ultimately at the destruction of Russia and the seizure of its mineral wealth. Bush's assurances to the contrary aren't worth Jack. Here is a man who is quite happy to wipe out 3,000 of his OWN ordinary, working people on one black day back in 2001, let alone oil-rich foreigners. The time is NOW for Russia to take an implacably robust stance against the coordinated NWO assault it has been subjected to over the last few years, as the robber barons that fleeced the country back in the early 90s greedily eye up its material riches for the final kill.

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