Sunday, August 17, 2008

Silence of the Damned

war - genocide - apartheid - civilian deaths
Michael Phelps

surveillance - privacy - constitution shredding
Ellen DeGeneres wedding

lies - distortions - deceptions - false perceptions
Miss Conception

hunger - poverty - eugenics - graveyards
John Edwards

torture - prisons - media fatigue
National Football League

political fraud - vote fraud - the system is flawed
Stunned team awed

honesty - integrity - false flag - 9/11
Oprah and heaven

There are so many issues and so little time.
We'll worry about our children's future tomorrow.
Right now there's some games. Yeah USA.
I'll watch 60 minutes tonight and catch up on the news.

The media replies with worthless distractions,
TV has to fill the time.
And it's not like I don't care,
I think about change and what matters,
but first I've got to check the score
maybe run to the store for beer and a movie,
there's plenty of time to save the world.

The majority is silent as always.
The same silence as the catacombs of a tomb.

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