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The Sneak Previews

Unmasks the Pretenders!

August 10, 2008

Jim Kirwan art: Jim Kirwan

The official criminals were attending the Olympics or were otherwise occupied when the American backed, Zionist supported Georgians, attacked their fellow countrymen and women – and killed a dozen Russian Peace Keepers – in their failed attempt to oust the Russian influence from their country once and for all. But the Russian Bear smashed the would be invaders, and continued to pulverize the state that had sponsored this shoddy aggression.

Thousands of people have died in this colossally bungled attempt by the CIA, MI6 and Mossad to use the Olympic Games to cover what they thought would be a quick and successful romp through a Russian affiliated state, while everyone else was busy being exhaustively entertained.

This provided the American pretenders to the throne of American Empire with a golden and unscripted moment to show the world exactly what they are made of—and they—much like the invasion of Georgia itself, failed miserably!

Smash-mouth McCain blustered, then mumbled his demands for action like some comic-book ex-general; while the inexperienced Obama sought refuge in advisors, and both failed completely to grasp what really happened, as well as who was to blame for what. These creatures have been playing at the role of “president” now for nearly two years, and they have yet to distinguish themselves in any area. They are truly repulsive candidates for anything, but since the job they’re bidding for is one that no longer is bound by any laws, it would be sheer folly to allow either of these rank amateurs anywhere near that office—ever!

Russia has taken the high ground throughout, even going so far as to provide food and assistance to the survivors, while the attacking ‘governments’ are running around in circles demanding UN intervention. What remains of their armed forces is being blown to bits by superior Russian forces. All because Georgian leaders listened to the likes of Cheney-Bush, and Olmert, and Brown!

Part of this “preview” also had its more serious moments when there were conflicts between campaign “officials” with conflicts of interest that called the veracity of their advice, and their candidate’s judgment for appointing them in the first place; into question. But since this was not WWIII, but just another of the continuous outbreaks in the unending-WAR that the current players created for us all to enjoy as a featured side-bar in our journey into absolute poverty, beneath the shadow of outright slavery: We all had the chance to test-drive the candidates, only to discover that neither of these "dogs" can hunt!

What if this had been real (to us) and not just another failure elsewhere by the Owners and their mercenary armies? This ‘Sneak Preview’ told anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that ‘The American Pretenders to the Oval Office’ are blatantly unqualified for any office where responsibility must be shouldered, and life & death decisions made. Being a ‘Leader’ means being able to tell the difference between the truth and the rumors that surround everything that happens in this world!

But the really "great news" coming from this cascade of denials and lies has been the writing of Karl Schwarz, see the links below, and there are also many more available on!

However there is another major event coming to the global stage tomorrow, when Pakistan begins impeachment proceedings against Musharraf.

“ISLAMABAD (AFP) — Pakistan's embattled President Pervez Musharraf was under mounting pressure to quit, with his allies joining ruling coalition calls for him to go before impeachment proceedings begin on Monday.”

“More than 100 militants have been killed in four days of heavy fighting in a tribal area near Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, officials say.

Pakistan said nine of its soldiers were killed in the battles in Bajaur.

Fighter jets, helicopter gunships and artillery were all reportedly used to pound the militants' positions in the strategically important area.

The Pakistani Taliban say that only seven of their men died. Neither claim has been independently verified.

Security has deteriorated sharply in recent weeks along the frontier, which the Afghan government and NATO say is a haven for al-Qaeda and Taliban militants.”

So between the rebellions brewing within Pakistan now, and the pending resignation or impeachment of Musharraf the current American puppet:
It appears that the Afghan battlefield will soon be greatly increased with even more intensely angry people that will die rather than bow to our outrageous and illegal demands!

What remains to be seen, inbetween the gossip and the sports on MSM, just what exactly the two main pretenders for the Oval Office will suggest be done with regard to Pakistan. As neither will be responsible for whatever they say, now would be a great time to find out if they are even capable of thinking—much less whether they can come up with anything resembling a real solution.

Pakistan is a nation that not only has nuclear weapons, but it is also a country that sells both the technology and the weapons to other nations, as well. So between these two “previews” of the behavior we can expect from the two imposters running for Dictator; the important question is who is going to protect you or the world from any of these two major expansions of the War upon Americans! Have we forgotten how to DEMAND answers from those who supposedly work for us!

Jim Kirwan


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