Monday, August 18, 2008

USA to Destroy Russia in a Pre-emptive nuclear strike?

Monday, August 18, 2008
K&M, Nostalgic View on the Kremlin from Manhattan (from Nostalgic Socialist Realism series), 1981-82, 72”X87”, oil on canvas.


Some time last year on this blog, Phaedrus warned that Russia was under grave danger from the US and other Western nations for its continuing refusal to knuckle-under and align itself with the New World Order's agenda to bring about unitary world government and a borderless planet where, with very few exceptions, all the peoples of the world would be permitted to re-locate to other countries and there settle, interbreed and intermarry with the host populations. This rampant promotion of Internationalism is THE key plank of the NWO's plans for a single, unitary government for ALL peoples, who will be FORCED to live together with ALL others, whether they like it or not - and take it from us: they WONT. Why not? We have seen enough of the program rolled out so far for us to be able to confidently say that even its partial implementation has been nothing short of DISASTROUS.

Since making this somewhat speculative prediction (as it may have seemed at that time) WP has seen absolutely no evidence whatsoever that could lead to any revision of the above-stated position in the slightest way. If anything, the situation has developed between then and now in a way which encourages us to believe that the US government is hell-bent on taking on the Russians with every means at their disposal as a matter of priority. This situation should be of the greatest concern for all peace-loving people the world over, but particularly when the bellicose threats in question are originating from not just the world's most heavily-armed nuclear power, but also the power which has recently stated on record that it now reserves the right to preemptively use nuclear weapons in a FIRST STRIKE against any serious perceived threat(!)

Now, this is a massive change in the delicate balance of power between nuclear-armed nations. It is quite staggering that it has received such little press coverage in the mainstream media (I jest, of course, since they and the government constitute in effect a unitary entity). The fact is, such a statement which openly asserts the right to 'first use' of nuclear weapons against other nations constitutes a HUGE change over the prior policy which kept the peace in Europe and America (albeit at terrible risk) for more than half a century. Yet that is what Bush has said on record and we would be foolish to doubt the man, given he is demonstrably capable of every evil under the sun in the way that few of his predecessors could have conceived of. Bush is, after all, the Godfather of 9/11. That makes him and those around him uniquely evil adversaries.

It still sounds strange to say it, but Russia is the shining new Beacon of Liberty in the 21st Century. It now reflects the founding values of the young America of the 18th Century in many ways, whereas the NEW America of our own bitter experience comprised of the last 5 decades, has come more and more to resemble Stalin's Soviet Union of the 1930s. Russia looks after its own people - as well it should. America, on the other hand, has nothing but CONTEMPT for its own people and puts them at the bottom of the pecking order behind every kind of criminal immigrant piece of dusky, raping, robbing rubbish you can imagine. Which is the better model to follow? It's not exactly a tough question, is it? Perversely, this insistence on putting its own people's interests FIRST above those of foreigners is what is at the core of the West's beef with Mother Russia today. Self-interest and Nationalism are on the rise in Russia today and that is a frightening prospect indeed for the grubby, disingenuous Jews that run our Western world.

The great battle of ideas today in the early 21st Century, and the one which may very easily now slip into all-out nuclear conflict, is between those on the political left who support the concept of Internationalism and multiculturalism; and those (not necessarily always on the right) who support peaceful, non-interventionist Nationalism and self-interest. If the truth were known, however, self-interest and Nationalism is the quite proper and healthy belief system shared by the overwhelming majority of people in the world. Anyone who claims differently is probably a Marxist agitator spinning the usual lies. You can see these Arch Liars beavering away 24/7 on all major TeeVee networks here in the States and Europe with much of their programming underlining their nauseating Afro-centric focus.

So Russia, God bless Her, has served notice to the world that she will not fall into lock-step with the rest of the Jew-conned lemmings consisting of the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy etc., yet in doing so has drafted and published her own Death Warrant. Russia is too important a country to be consigned to after-thought mopping up operations once the main conquest is completed. She now sticks out like a sore thumb as a bulwark against the insidious spread of neocon-artist hegemony around the world and that cannot be allowed by our self-appointed Masters in Tel Aviv and their agents in London and Washington. This is an appropriate point, Phaedrus believes, upon which to quote an age-old conundrum from classical physics: what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? The theorists conjecture that the immovable object is destroyed. In this analogy, the irresistible force is the New World Order and the immovable object, standing in its way, is Russia.

So in WP's view (and we are not alone in coming to this scary conclusion) Russia as we know it will have to be destroyed. The demands and exigencies behind the roll-out of the NWO are too strong to be resisted. They have acquired a head of steam that can no longer be quenched by conventional means. Senior members of the NWO front organizations have stated on record that they WANT TO SEE THE RESULTS OF THEIR LABORS IN THEIR LIFETIMES). This drives the Agenda onwards with even greater urgency born from the fact that these 'senior members' - men lIke David Rockefeller, Evelyn de Rothschild and Denis Healey are all staring death through old-age in the face. They have very little time left in this incarnation. They have labored all their lives to fulfill this goal and so understandably, they want to see it come to fruition before they pass on to hell.

The message for Russia is simple. The NWO (which controls the West and had attempted to control YOU too after the collapse of the old USSR) no longer believes it can control you. You have become effectively a renegade province of the NWO. You have seen how it works and you understandably want out. YOU, uniquely, know at first hand the bitter devastation that following the Marxist ideology embraced by the New World Order costs a nation and a people. That makes you dangerous. Your brave, handsome, young, white patriots, "Commissars" as you have dubbed them, terrify the Jews that run the West. Nationalism, healthy as it is for nation states, is the antithesis of what the NWO preaches, because NWO policy formation is built around WEAKENING successful nation states. therefore, your recognition of the plan's true intentions means you - the immovable object - must be destroyed.

So draw your defense plans well, ethnic brothers. Forewarned is forearmed and you are now forewarned. Never trust the Americans. Never trust the British, the French, the Italians, the Germans or any other country that has fallen into the clutches of the NWO. All their foreign policy formulators are ultimately JEWS who would joyfully bring you to your knees in abject, radio-active squalor. The "international community" consists of layered structures of perfidious JEWS (frequently under false names) who claim to represent 'their' adopted countries but in truth represent nothing but themselves and Zionist interests and charge their 'services' to the taxpayers of the countries concerned for their duplicitous gerrymandering. Russia - you have been warned. These filth want you destroyed and will stop at nothing to achieve their evil aims. TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION TO PROTECT YOURSELVES AND YOUR PEOPLE WHILST YOU STILL CAN. TIME IS INCREASINGLY SHORT!

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