Thursday, August 21, 2008

USColony Iraq Subsidizes Military-Industrial Fraud


USColony Iraq Subsidizes Military-Industrial Fraud (8-20-08) Corporate-government fraud has gotten a major boost ever since Iraq became the latest colony of the failing American Empire.

"Iraq is fast becoming one of the United States' top customers for military sales," reports USA Today in an article called "Iraqis buy billions in U.S. arms."

"Since January 2007, Iraq has spent $3.1 billion on U.S. weapons. That number looks likely to grow exponentially as Iraq uses its vast unspent reserves of petrodollars to develop its army into a force capable of defending its borders against hostile neighbors.

"In the past two months alone, the Pentagon has alerted Congress of a possible $8.7 billion worth of additional military sales to Iraq, for everything from lightweight attack helicopters to armored ambulances to binoculars."

This is a choice fraud in that so-called "defense" contractors can sell their over-priced and pointless weapons to Iraq which has since become literally a "captive market".

USA Today also reports that Iraq's Ministry of Defense "is considering buying 140 of the United States' most advanced tanks, at approximately $4 million to $5 million per tank, plus hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of support equipment to go along with the tanks."

Can Pentagon fraud get any sweeter than that?

All bets are off, pal...


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