Sunday, August 10, 2008

Word of the Day: Even if it is Sunday

"Take away the right to say "fuck" and you take away the right to say "fuck the government." —Lenny Bruce, 1923 - 1966)

Fuck Joe Lieberman

and his pals



Fuck you, Pelosi. You goddamn NeoCon running dog. You fucking Quisling. an interview on The View, House Speaker Pelosi dismissed Joy Behar’s question about why Pelosi is refusing to hold impeachment hearings by saying "If somebody had a crime that the president had committed, that would be a different story."

One and a half years ago, when the call for impeachment really took off, Nancy Pelosi argued that they had to "build the case" so that it was clear to the American people that it wasn’t a partisan attack. One year ago she claimed they "didn’t have the votes". Six months ago she claimed there "wasn’t enough time". And now, remarkably, Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democratic Party in the House, is further covering up for the rogue presidency of George W. Bush by claiming on a national television show that Bush and Cheney haven’t committed any crimes.

This just days after some 12 people came before the House Judiciary Committee and brilliantly testified to the numerous obvious crimes committed by the Bush administration.


Fuck the Olympics

posted by William K Wolfrum

This week, corporations, politicians and athletes from around the globe are getting together to congratulate the Chinese government for being twisted murderers. In honor of all those supporting China and it's hatred of human rights, let me just say this:

Fuck the Olympics.

Fuck the Chinese Government.

Fuck George W. Bush for attending and supporting the murderous Chinese government.

Fuck sportswriters who think holding the Olympics in a totalitarian nation makes it more interesting.

Fuck China's Nazi-esque obsession with winning gold medals.

Fuck China for refusing a visa to an outspoken U.S. gold medallist.

Fuck Coca-Cola, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Atos Origin, Lenovo, McDonalds, Manulife, Omega, Panasonic, Visa, Samsung, Omega, UPS, Haier, Budweiser, adidas, Staples and all the other soul-less corporations sponsoring this phony festival in a nation that murders more of its own citizens than anywhere else.

The "Olympic Movement" is a sham and the next three weeks in Beijing will be little more than a long commercial with athletes in it.

Fuck the Olympics.



Fuck McCain: linguistics edition.

Just so everyone knows, I hereby put an official ban on the word “Maverick” when describing John McCain. It’s a dangerous dangerous word that, much as the cute make-up-his-own-words average joe American schtick did for Bush, paints McCain in a favorable light. And I’ve already heard it over and over again from right-wing pundits when talking about him – it’s obviously their main talking point for the man, and will be what they try to use to dilute any criticism that comes his way. As in: “I know he’s changed his stance on policy several times, but that’s just because he’s such a Maverick that he forges his OWN path, and can’t be held down by the big bad republican establishment” or “I know he flips out at reporters and called his wife a cunt, but that’s just because he’s such a Maverick that normal rules of decorum don’t apply to him” Don’t do it. It evokes the image of a man who’s willing to stand up to the establishment and fight for individuals’ rights, even if it means getting a little blood on his hands. It evokes John Wayne, or Mel Gibson, at least Mel Gibson before the public alcoholism and anti-Jewish rants.

We all know, the man is not a “Maverick” but rather an ancient politician with a temper who’d do anything to win. He’d kiss the ass of the Bush administration just to get in good with the republican establishment. He’s a man who speaks out against Lobbyists and then hires a crew of them to work for him. So next time you hear someone refer to McCain as that 8-letter M word, step in and correct them. Call him unstable. Call him old. Call him a hypocrite. Just don’t call him a Maverick.


No, Really: Fuck Obama



Fuck the Mainstream Media

Mainstream media, huh, what is it good for?

I tried to watch the news this morning. I wanted to know more about the Russian invasion of Georgia. Instead I get continuing coverage of a politician's marital affair broken only by alerts of a comedian's death. Just to make this clear: the news media have opted to follow a former Senator's year-old affair instead of a Russian invasion of a US ally that has so far killed at least 1,500 people, mostly civilians.


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