Friday, August 22, 2008

A World Turned Upside Down

Thursday, August 21, 2008 art: Decayed Innocence by Natalie Shau

You know, some nights it gets kind of difficult to get to sleep and one's mind naturally strays toward all the purposely-contrived-against-us problems of this world and their possible solutions. Some 37 years ago, the heavyweight British academic historian, Christopher Hill, wrote The World Turned Upside Down, the subject of which being the very peculiar way in which most of the world was ordered during the English Revolutionary period, and how it was in fact the very reverse of what it ought to be for good governance and orderly societies to flourish. There is still no better description for our sorry condition today as the title of Hill's original classic; proving that nothing much has changed in more than 300 years.

In almost every sphere of our existence, it is all too easy to look around and see that all is not well. There's a massive and explosive core of chaos and madness just beneath the surface veneer of order the media tries to portray as our reality. This 'surface order' that generally obscures the underlying chaos from most folks' eyes is thinner than a tightly stretched balloon skin. All too frequently this tenuous membrane ruptures and we get to briefly glimpse something truly dreadful beneath it. So it was with the attacks of September 11, 2001. That day was a defining moment for so many of us in various ways, but for Phaedrus, the true Epiphany arising from it was not to follow for another 6 years; so effective had the mainstream media been in their shielding of the guilty.

For many years before 9/11, however, it was clear SOMETHING was desperately wrong. It APPEARED so often that western governments were working AGAINST their citizens' interests rather than on behalf of them. No new measures these governments introduced EVER seemed likely to benefit the host populations of these countries. The beneficiaries were ALWAYS foreigners of one sort or another. Always, always, always. The native populations could go to hell for all these governments seemed to care, that much alone was clear. It was especially apparent in the US, the UK and Germany back then, but the disease seems to have spread to Canada, France and some other places more recently.

The putting of other people's interests first is supposed to be a noble sentiment, and it can be - up to a point. But that point became FAR exceeded in all the above-named countries. Preferential treatment given to newcomers of other races took on a very much less benign appearance once it became apparent the needs and aspirations of the host populations were not simply being casually sidelined, but contemptuously subordinated and increasingly CRUSHED. After many years of seeing this program of globalization / internationalization roll unremittingly onward, it became increasingly difficult to view it as anything other than an aggressively on-going plot to swamp native, superior cultures and influences with foreign, inferior ones, thereby ultimately wiping the former, host cultures out.

Upon coming to this conclusion, of course, the rational man questions his own sanity. The very idea is absurd! It's pure paranoia! "Our governments have just bought a little too deeply into this Internationalist fad that's currently in vogue," we assure ourselves, "in time they'll realize they've gone a bit too far and the mood will swing around again." Well, from where this blogger is sitting, there's no sign of any slowing down or course change likely from those who ru(i)n our lives. Those who object to being swamped by foreign influences are derided as "racists" or "narrow-minded nationalists" or "haters" and their views aren't aired at all by the mainstream media. It's as if they either don't exist, or else their crazy, right-wing views are too marginal to be worthy of airtime.

Our so-called leaders lie to us, too. They lie endlessly and they always have. They rely on us having short memories and being too tied up just trying to survive to actually analyze what they SAY and what they DO and the ENORMOUS gulf that separates the words from the deeds. The truth is that it is those in government who are our REAL enemies, not some imaginary Islamic 'terrorist' throwing a rock somewhere in the Middle East. Aldous Huxley spelled it out for us half a century ago. He warned us that our governments (in combination with what he called the Power Elite) never stop working AGAINST us: we, the people who foolishly put them where they are. This statement probably would have struck many as pretty crazy even as recently as 10 years ago, but increasingly no longer, thankfully.

Prior to 9/11, it was argued by many that western governments had at least attempted, in good faith, to make the world a better place; it was simply that whatever they did they couldn't win. It might have been down to incompetence, laziness, nepotism, poor decision-making - corruption, even. But nonetheless, most folks believed that their imperfect governments were at least TRYING to make the world a better place. The events of 9/11, however, should disabuse us of any such false notions concerning the 'goodwill' of our leaders. 9/11 was the biggest rupture yet in the notional 'normalcy membrane' referred to above. We now know these horrific attacks were not the work of Arab extremists, but rather of domestic US agencies headed by Bush & Cheney and operating with the full blessing of those two traitors. The evidence is overwhelming and unanswerable.

This is a leap of faith that a lot of people understandably find very difficult indeed to make. It's very hard to suspend a life-long unquestioning belief in our president and government. But the evidence means we MUST, and waking up to the reality DOES bear fruit once you get past the initial sickening shock and disgust that these FILTH could do such unspeakable things to their own people. An awful lot of other stuff in other areas starts falling neatly into place whereas it hadn't made sense before. Once a person finally comes to accept Huxley's assertion that it is our own governments that are the REAL enemy, then the fog lifts from their eyes and they can see much more clearly what is ACTUALLY happening, WHY it's happening and in WHOSE selfish interest it is happening.

9/11 gave us such an invaluable insight into the way these entities think that the events of that day must NEVER be allowed to be forgotten. They are a powerful illustration of how despicably low governments can stoop in order to further the ends of themselves and their paymasters. When that fragile balloon skin tore that day, we glimpsed the horrors of what an out-of-control government is capable of. These people have the minds of monsters. There is clearly NOTHING they are not capable of doing in their pursuit of world domination. They have done MORE THAN ENOUGH to warrant being descended upon by massed ranks of the country's armed patriots and the time for action is fast approaching. Meanwhile, let's continue to get the message out and spare no effort in telling folks what these demons incarnate are REALLY all about...


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