Thursday, August 7, 2008

A write-in vote was my only option


Since my current democratic congressman had no opposition in the primary, the only choice I had was a write-in. I decided to vote for Chris Floyd. Chris is from my district in Tennessee but doesn't live here at the moment. Perhaps he may come back one day and actually take on the challenge of confronting our criminals in government as a politician who wants to make a difference. Perhaps he may not want to risk his life in such an endeavor.

Voting machines here have no back up paper trail. The votes are stored on a chip which is transferred to another location for the tally. Not being the trusting kind in these matters, I took this picture to document my vote. From reading the Tennessee voting laws, there appears to be no law against taking pictures in the voting booth. I don't think anyone even noticed. For what it's worth, I encourage others to do the same until we have some sort of verifiable voting system that is not highly subject to fraud.

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