Friday, August 15, 2008

You can never be too cynical


Friday, August 15, 2008

Commentators are pointing out that my Georgian conspiracy theory is the exact opposite of established wisdom, but I'm not backing off. If you assume, as you must, that the traitorous 'American' neocons work in lock-step with their Israeli bosses, and that the 'Americans' knew that the U. S. really had no interest in backing up Georgia with World War III (part of the new order, with the Old American Establishment putting the adults back in charge of American military and diplomatic planning), there is no way to explain the Americans hanging the Georgians out to dry other than the fact it was a set up for the benefit of Putin. There is no obvious American motive for this. There is also no obvious Israeli motive, unless you consider that the Israelis would rather curry favor with the Russians than keep a tiny Georgian ally. It appears that the Israelis have already picked sides, cutting off their weapons supply attachments to the Georgians. Now it remains to be seen if the Russians repay their new pals by cutting back on the defensive weapons supplies to the Middle East, supplies that are deeply anti-Semitic as they might prevent the G-d-given right of the Jews to kill other peoples in the area.

Note this article, which takes the mainstream view while proving the opposite:
"Even though weapons transfers were modest in scope, Russian diplomats began increasingly relaying to Israel their annoyance over its military aid to Georgia, including the special forces training provided by security experts. Israel decided about a year ago to limit military exports to defensive equipment and training.

New contracts weren't approved as the arms sales were scaled back. Georgia's request for 200 advanced Israeli-made Merkava tanks, for example, was turned down.

There were reports in Israel that the sale of the tanks didn't go through because of a disagreement over the commission that was to be paid as part of the deal. But Amos Yaron, the former director general of the Defense Ministry, insisted it had to do with 'security-diplomatic considerations' - a clear reference to the sensitivity of the arms sales to Georgia. Israel, Yaron added, didn't want 'to harm Russian interests too much'.

Asked about the motivation to initially engage in the sale of weaponry to Georgia despite concerns it might anger Russia, Yaron replied: 'We did see that there was potential for a conflagration in the region but Georgia is a friendly state, it's supported by the US, and so it was difficult to refuse.'"

In other words, the Israelis had already been playing a high-level diplomaitc game with the Russians (you might want to consider that the alleged 'special relationship' with the Georgians was part of a long-term scheme to apply leverage to the Russians). I think the mainstream commentators are guilty, as usual, of failing to be cynical enough. Israel has no real friends (e. g., USS Liberty), just a series of relationships involving mutual exploitation. Faced with a choice of gaining big leverage with the Russians or keeping a tiny ally, Israel did what was 'good for the Jews'. All the talk about the special relationship between Georgia and Israel due to Jewish connections was just poppycock.

Several interesting comments at the source.

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