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It is not surprising that Saakashvili should display what is obviously a known Zionist trait i.e. be the villain and play the victim. He understood the powers his sponsors could harness. Or how was it possible for him to wake up on a beautiful joyful morning and go poke Russia in the eye? Where did he find such impetus? It is very clear he was banking on American support, no matter what, and his Israeli cousins in hoping for this support and the possibility of luring America into a nuclear confrontation with Russia had gingered him on. It was, simply put, the mother of all miscalculations. It did not work out and the Rothschilds did not get the war that was to crush America for all times economically. Saakashvili’s stupidity betrays all the traits of Zionist subterfuge and as coached by Israel. He sought to become Israel and by so being, by way of deception do war. He has simply become the joke of all times.

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Georgia 'still receives Israeli arms'
Thu, 14 Aug 2008
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili says Tbilisi is still receiving military aid from Tel Aviv, rejecting Israeli media reports.

Citing Israeli military officials, the Jerusalem Post reported on August 10 that Israel had rejected frequent requests for arms from Georgia in the months leading up to the outbreak of the South Ossetia conflict.

"Several months ago, we carried out an evaluation of the situation in Georgia and realized that Georgia and Russia were on a collision course. We have good relations with both, and don't want to back either in this conflict," the unidentified officials were quoted by the daily as saying.

Saakashvili, however, denied the repot, saying “I haven't heard anything about that and I haven't had time to think about that issue for some days," he told the Israeli daily Haaretz.

The president added "the Israeli weapons have proved very effective".

Saakashvili's remarks come shortly after Reintegration Minister, Temur Yakobashvili's said that Israel joined the "West's betrayal" of Georgia, when it halted its military aid to the country.

Israeli news outlets had earlier reported that Saakashvili had commissioned from Israeli security firms up to 1,000 military advisers to train the country's armed forces.

The report also reveled that Tel Aviv provided Tbilisi with weapons as well as intelligence and electronic warfare systems.
Source: Press TV

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