Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mad as a Snapping Turtle

photo: 9-29-08

Thieves and liars don't take too kindly to those who cause their plans to go astray.

They are sort of like the above shown snapping turtle who came out of the mud to defend his territory. I wouldn't get my hand anywhere close. That bite would hurt.

I relocated that fellow to another place while knowing that slowly but surely he will return to his old habitat and ways.

After a short 'holiday' today and tomorrow, the thieves and liars of finance and government will regroup and try to regain their momentum.

Their teeth are sharp and if we are bitten, it will hurt.

Democracy’s Debunking

Wolf Pack - Artist: EdgeOfReality
by Becky Akers

From the department of "No Great Loss Without Some Small Gain": perhaps Leviathan’s $700-billion bail-out and nationalization of the economy will finally awaken Americans to the fact that we live in a dictatorship, not a democracy.

Lovers of liberty know there’s little difference between the two, and that only of degree. But lulled by Lincoln’s lie – "government of the people, by the people, for the people" – Boobus "Baa Baa" Americanus fondly, foolishly giggles however the State ravages him. Taxation stealing more of our wealth than it leaves us? Hey, no problem: the thieves are us! Little kids gassed at Waco and a mother murdered while holding her baby at Ruby Ridge? That’s just us at work again! Feel us up or photograph us naked before allowing us to board planes? Wheeeee: democracy is fun!

But then along comes the bail-out, and Baa Baa suddenly, overwhelmingly objects. "Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, has received nearly 17,000 e-mail messages, nearly all opposed to the bailout...," according to the New York Times. "Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio, said he had been getting 2,000 e-mail messages and telephone calls a day, roughly 95 percent opposed." And Republicans are hearing "much the same." Meanwhile, Baa Baa actually forsook his TV, staggered off his couch, and took to the streets, with 200 protests scheduled nationwide last Thursday.

You might suppose such intense opposition would send elected criminals scurrying back to their holes. Certainly politicians who live or die by the people’s will must abandon anything this vehemently, virulently vetoed. But no. Even as protestors demonstrated and phones in Congressional offices rang off the hooks, Our Masters conspired at the White House. They are utterly, shockingly oblivious to the serfs’ displeasure.

As is the chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, Christopher Dodge – sorry, Dodd (D-CT). "We’ve reached a fundamental agreement on a set of principles," he lied. Who you fooling, Dodge? You wouldn’t know a principle if it smacked you upside the head. Nevertheless, another of Our Masters swore to Dodge’s whopper. "I now expect we will indeed have a package that can pass the House, pass the Senate, and be signed by the president," fibbed Sen. Robert "Robber" Bennett (R-UT). Seems our fury didn’t so much as dent either cretin’s cranium. How could it? – $165,400 and $107,999 respectively in "campaign contributions" from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy impenetrable helmets. Meanwhile, Dodge, Robber, and their accomplices worked over the weekend lest any of us vassals retain a dime after bailing out Wall Street: they spent another $634 billion of our money when they passed a "sprawling spending bill...to keep the government operating beyond the current budget year."

Over in the House of Reprehensibles, Barney Frank (D-MA) disdains not only Baa Baa’s preferences but his intelligence, too: "I'm convinced that by Sunday we will have an agreement that people can understand on this bill." Yo, Frankie-poo: the problem isn’t that "people" don’t understand; it’s that we understand too well.

Then again, why wouldn’t this socialist dismiss us as fools, given that the Baa Baas of Massachusetts have returned him to office for almost three decades? And that despite his congress with a prostitute named Stephen Gobie. Leviathan brands such transactions criminal, and Frankie frankly admitted his guilt. Yet he was never charged or even arrested. Must be something in the Bay State’s water: kill a campaign worker or traffic in sex, and so long as you’re a politician rather than a taxpayer, you’ll wind up in DC instead of in prison.

Then there’s Frankie’s "committed relationship" with Herb Moses – so committed it lasted a whole ten years. Talk about your temporary-romp-propagandized-as-"till-death-do-us-part"! No doubt this was a match made in...well, for sure not Heaven. Herbie happened to be an executive at Fannie Mae while Frankie happened to sit on the House Banking Committee – which happened to oversee the unconstitutional Fannie and other "GSE’s" ("Government Sponsored Enterprises." Yep, there are so many of these scams they actually boast their own acronym). Guess who vehemently defended Leviathan’s mucking about in the mortgage market, denied time and again that his boyfriend’s company was troubled, and also pocketed $40,000 from the obliging Fannie for his pains? Sadly, the Congressman the Washington Post praised as "brilliant" may not be so astute after all: Herbie left Fannie Mae and then, no longer in need of a Committeeman, ditched Frankie a few months later. Perhaps Frankie still carries a torch since he’s blaming the free market instead of the GSE’s for the financial meltdown. Nor has the people’s rage against a bail-out swayed him.

We find the same imperious disregard for the electorate’s wishes on other issues as well. For example, term limits, which New York City’s residents have twice supported at the polling booth. But it’s been 12 years since we last voted to throw the bums out, so it’s time for another attempt at circumventing our will: Mayor Michael Bloomberg and much of the City Council will otherwise find themselves hunting honest work when their terms expire in 2010. Ah, but it’s not their own interests that concern them. No, sirree: as always, the tyrants have our good at heart. G. Oliver Koppell, a Democrat from the Bronx, told the New York Times that term limits "rob the public of a choice." He mused, "If one looks at members of the City Council,…some of the most creative served for 20 years." Creative, huh? I’d like to see a non-Council thief try that: "Ya honor, gimme a break, I was just bein’ creative."

Alas, Our Masters fear we silly citizens will spurn their benevolence yet again if we go to the polls. So this time they won’t entrust so vital a matter to us. Instead, they’ve resurrected an obscure precedent from 1961 that they claim allows them to void our previous votes. Nor are they alone: despots around the country are trying to topple term limits.

Also scorning our screaming is that über-bureaucracy, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). One of its pet schemes is a national ID card. Coincidentally, that’s the only totalitarian totem that Americans adamantly reject. Whatever else they tolerate from Big Brother – public schools, checkpoints, wiretapping, cops running rampant, torture – they consistently oppose a national ID. And have for decades.

That doesn’t faze the DHS. Brandishing the REAL ID Act, it’s spent the last 3 years coercing the states to reformulate their driver’s licenses according to its whims. Among other horrors, those whims include linking the states' databases to a federal one as well as RFID chips to track our movements. (N.B. DHS currently denies plans to incorporate RFID; it also employs the biggest collection of liars ever assembled outside Congress.) This has sparked the most widespread rebellion since 1861, with 27 states passing resolutions or even laws against REAL ID.

Again, we might expect bureaucrats in an alleged democracy to bow to the will of the people. And again, we are disillusioned. Indeed, the fiercer the opposition, the harder DHS rams REAL ID down Baa Baa’s throat. Michael Chertoff, the agency’s head honcho, not only pits citizens from defiant states against their governments, he threatens them with sexual assault: "Chertoff said… [they’ll] have to use a passport or certain types of federal border-crossing cards if they want to avoid a vigorous secondary screening at airport security. ‘The last thing I want to do is punish citizens of a state who would love to have a REAL ID license but can't get one,’ Chertoff said." But his regret didn’t keep him from gloating about the chance to play God: REAL ID "is a great teaching moment on the challenges of really reconfiguring a society…"

Admit it, Baa Baa: your democracy is a dictatorship. And the wolves are circling.

September 30, 2008

Becky Akers [send her mail] writes primarily about the American Revolution.

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Source: http://www.lewrockwell.com/akers/akers94.html

Sky pilots tell federal speech police to take a hike

http://images-1.redbubble.net/img/art/backingcolor:white/product:greeting-card/view:preview/486759-5-wisdom.jpg Artist: Deborah Parkin

Monday, September 29, 2008

by J.D. Tuccille

In a move intended to force the hand of the Internal Revenue Service, thirty-odd pastors took to their pulpits yesterday to make explicit political endorsements -- of the Republican McCain/Palin ticket in particular -- in violation of laws regulating their tax-exempt status. Led in their civil disobedience by the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, the rebellious clergy want to provoke the IRS into imposing penalties that will serve as the grounds for a lawsuit intended to overturn muzzling restrictions.

Churches gained their tax-exempt status in 1913, at the birth of the convoluted and incomprehensible modern tax code. The republic somehow managed to survive the co-existence of tax-exempt status and full free-speech rights until 1954 when a prickly U.S. senator named Lyndon Baines Johnson, annoyed by criticism from non-profit groups, added the restrictive language "without the benefit of hearings, testimony, or comment from affected organizations during Senate floor debate on the Internal Revenue Code."

The argument since then has been that the arrangement is a simple tradeoff -- non-profit groups, including churches, get certain tax advantages in return for keeping their mouths shut about political candidates. In the case of religious organizations, the matter has also taken on a certain church-state gloss as some people argue that the restriction is a necessary component of the separation of church and state.

The first argument might be more compelling if the political muzzle had been put in place from the beginning -- but its imposition four decades later, as an overt effort to shut-up critics, strips the arrangement of any sense of inevitability.

But even if we accept the quid pro quo argument, what about other benefits offered by the state? If tax-exempt status necessarily strips its possessor of some First Amendment rights, why shouldn't access to public assistance or publicly funded student loans come with .. oh .. loss of voting rights for as long as the benefits are received or the loan is outstanding?

And what about holders of government licenses and permits, who benefit from legal access to professions and markets forbidden to others? Why shouldn't they be stripped of the right to criticize the regulators who butter their bread?

If the surrender of fundamental rights can be demanded in return for government benefits, we're headed in a pertty unpleasant direction -- especially given the increasing involvement of the state in our everyday lives.

As for the argument for separation of church and state ... The First Amendment applies to government, not private parties; as with the rest of the Bill of Rights, it's a protection against state interference. Government can't favor one religion over another, nor can it dictate doctrine to believers. The First Amendment doesn't say anything about what houses of worship can or can't do.

On a personal note, I'm a long-time, sleep-in-on-holy-days heathen, with little tolerance for sermons about my wicked, wicked ways. But I still recognize that preachers have the same free speech rights as any other idiots (or, occasionally, geniuses) with opinions.

That doesn't mean that it's necessarily a good idea for pastors to leaven their sermons with heavy political commentary. Polls in recent years have found declining public enthusiasm for pulpit-based political activism, even among people with, traditionally, the strongest religious views. According to The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, "Four years ago, just 30% of conservatives believed that churches and other houses of worship should stay out of politics. Today, 50% of conservatives express this view."

If pastors want to walk down that potentially perilous road, it's their right to do so. And if they tick off their parisioners in the process, so be it.

So kudos to the "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" pastors who had the courage of their convictions to challenge illegitimate restrictions on their free speech rights. It's about time somebody took the plunge. For the sake of political balance, they should be joined by churches, synagogues and non-profits from across the political spectrum.

Are there any liberal priests or libertarian rabbis who care to join the pastors and take a stand for free speech?

Source: http://www.tuccille.com/blog/2008/09/sky-pilots-tell-federal-speech-police.html

Jews Gone Wild: Ponzi martial law & Red Dawn

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pirate News TV

"We have seen no bill. We are debating talking points. Mr Speaker I have been thrown out of more meetings in the last 24 hours than I ever thought possible. We are under martial law as declared by the speaker last night."
-Rep Michael Burgess (R), C-SPAN, September 28, 2008

Congress under martial law

Jewish homosexual pedophile pimp Barney Frank's pimp roommate was murdered in their pedophile bordello in Washington DC. Housewife Nancy Pelosi HAS NEVER HELD A JOB IN HER LIFE!

“We are Constitutionally sworn to protect and defend this Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. And my friends there are enemies. The people pushing this deal are the very ones who are responsible for the implosion on Wall Street. They were fraudulent then and they are fraudulent now. My message to the American people don’t let Congress seal this deal. High financial crimes have been committed. The normal legislative process has been shelved. Only a few insiders are doing the dealing, sounds like insider trading to me. These criminals have so much political power than can shut down the normal legislative process of the highest law making body of this land.”
-Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D), C-SPAN, September 28, 2008

Red Dawn: Communist Chinese police to evict US homeowners during bank foreclosures under Congressional bailout bill - Who do you think owns YOUR mortgage?

"Never let your dog watch your food, and never let Congress watch your money."
-Senator Barry Goldwater

"$700-billion" banksters bailout bill text

National Debt increased $200 billion in one week this week

Jewish WaMu CEO was paid $20-million for 2 weeks work... crime DOES pay!

More than 130,000 letters have been sent through the VoteNoBailout.org website to members of Congress telling them to vote "no" to the bailout legislation...

and hangings?? HOW MANY hangings?? just ONE hanging would save TONS of printed material. Now, a hundred or a thousand, would end RAPINE for-EVAH!!!!


Sir Allan Greenspan: Click for big picture

Sir Allan Greenspan Jewish Knight of the British Empire, for head of the private Federal Reserve Bank Corp that prints all "US dollars" and keeps all IRS income taxes, is now employed by the German queen of England in London

R U as smart as a Congresscritter or $100-million disinfobabe?

Nancy Pelosi was a housewife until her 7th brat, when she decided to run for Congress. She never held a job in her life. She has zero education in economics.

"When the stock market crashed [in 1929], Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed. He said, 'look, here's what happened.'"
-Joe Biden, Katie Couric on CBS News, Sept 22, 2008 VIDEO

Derivatives are an Illuminati pyramid scheme

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) semi-annual OTC derivatives statistics report, for end of December 2007, shows $596 trillion total notional amounts outstanding of OTC derivatives with a gross market value of $15 trillion.
-Wikipedia, derivatives

Intel on derivatives

Do the math:

Top Secret derivatives routinely allow leverage of 50:1.

$700B x 50 = $35,000B = $35-Trillion

Fractional "reserve" banking allows some loans and derivatives to exceed 1000:1 leverage.

$700B x 1000 = $700,000B = $700-Trillion

Many subprime and regular mortgages allowed zero percent downpayment (infinite leverage), since property values were still rising (inflation = destruction of the so-called "US dollar").

When property values drop, banks immediately foreclose on all mortgages that drop below the contracted equity. So if a "homeowner" has 10% downpayment and 10% equity, and the property value drops 11%, the bank immediately forecloses on the property, even when the "homeowner" (renter) or "business owner" (fuedal slave) has never missed a payment. What's the odds of recession during 30 years?

In another scam by banksters, mortgage contracts always include in the fine print a clause allowing foreclosure if three (3) payments are late, at any time during a loan. So on a 30-year mortgage, being late on 3 payments during any of those 360 months triggers the foreclosure trap. What's the odds of losing a job or getting sick during 30 years?

Any bank will fail if 10% of customers try to withdraw their deposits on the same day. That's the scam of fractional reserve banking. 99.99% of "money" is literally created out of printer paper and electrons on silicon microchips, then suckers promise to "pay back" the non-existant money, plus interest.

The entire banking system is designed to fail on purpose, to allow the private central banks to eventually forclose on all property, including seize all smaller banks for pennies on the dollar (JP Morgan stealing WaMu, the world's largest bank failure, for a mere $1.9B this week). The failed banks were playing with derivatives.

This is how the super-secret-elite Jews like the Rothschilds (Adolf "Hitler" Shicklegruber and Abe "Lincoln's" family) and the Rockefellers (Bill "Clinton" Blythe's family) have bought up the planet using their funny money, and can afford to buy almost every legislature and police force.

That explains how US govts pulled a bait and switch starting in 1957, when $70-Trillion/year in CAFR govt "pension" funds were scammed using two sets of books. The Budget Report is expenses, the CAFR Report is profits. The media mafia is owned by the international Jewish elite, so repeaters are never allowed to mention CAFRs, which could be used to eliminate all taxation of citizens. CAFR pension funds are looted using the derivatives Ponzi Scheme.

Google Results 1 - 10 of about 17,400,000 for CAFR

That's why on Sept 10, 2001, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney grilled Sir Donald Rumsfeld Jewish Knight of the British Empire about the missing $2-Trillion in Pentagon CAFR pensions. Now over $7-Trillion is "missing".

Sheeple are never allowed to buy derivatives, just like they can never buy stock in the private Federal Reserve Bank Corp that counterfeits all "US dollars" and keeps all IRS income taxes.

To Do List today:

Call my Congresscritters and tell them what to do:

1. Vote NO to this $100-Trillion bank robbery, that gives the bank robbers criminal immunity, zero bookkeeping, zero Congressional oversight, zero judicial jurisdiction

2. Immediately impeach George W Bush, Richard B Cheney, Henry Paulson and Benjamin Bernanke for their millions of murders, treasons and other felonies

3. Immediately file criminal complaints in federal court against George W Bush, Richard B Cheney, Henry Paulson, Benjamin Bernanke and Sir Alan Greenspan Knight of the British Empire for their millions of murders, treasons and other felonies

4. Immediately nationalize the private Federal Reserve Bank that keeps all income taxes as interest on the federal debt, by repealing the Federal Reserve Act that was never properly voted on during midnight session of Xmas holiday by two Congressmen in 1913, per Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act - HR 2755

6. Immediately eliminate the IRS and income tax, and "repeal" the 16th Amendment that was never ratified by the States

7. Immediately end all wars and bring all troops home to USA

8. Immediately arrest and deport all 50-million illegal aliens, and arrest their employers and seize their assets

9. Re-criminalize derivatives, which were decriminalized by Reagan/BushSr in the 1980s

10. Ban Commie Chinese cops evicting US homeowners

Any more suggestions?

Congressman Ron Paul demands immediate arrests of Bernanke and Paulson

Jew Ben Bernanke's Jewish Lehman Bros shipped off $400-Billion before bankruptcy

US Treasury secretary Henry Paulson has a net personal bank account of $700-MILLION, was president Nixon's assistant to convicted Watergate felon John Ehrlichman, Pentagon assistant to the secretary of war during Vietnam Wars. He's bailing out his criminal partners at Jewish Goldman Sachs, Wall Street and international banksters with $700-Billion to $700-TRILLION, since Top Secret Derivatives can be leveraged 100,000%...

If you really want to understand the financial meltdown and the $100-Trillion scamout this week, read this free book online, or just the chapter on "Ten letters of an international banker to his son", by bankster Speerpoint Moregain, at Ru de Bankruptcy (street) in Paris, during his control of $100-billion in USA during the Great Depression. Apparently Moregain's son was unable to amputate his conscience, as his elitist father wanted him to do, and leaked the letters. This is like hacking Warren Buffet and Ben Bernanke's email.

click for the big picture

The picture which I enclose illustrates what I have been trying to tell you. It is a picture of a great fisherman, in the act of bagging a trout which he is about ready to pull from the water. You can see eagerness, anticipation, and pleasure expressed in his every look and gesture. It is symbolic of true sportsmanship. But think — my boy — would the fisherman ever get a thrill out of fishing if he stopped to think just how the poor fish felt about it?

As ever, your affectionate father,


Speerpoint Moregain
Via Rue de Bankruptcy
Paris, France

FREE EBOOK PDF: Syndrome of Control, by Pastor Lindsey Williams, page 105 to 182, Online book

Moregain's greatest fear was the "sheeple" discovering that the Federal Reserve Bank was private, and the "idiots" in Congress nationalizing the printing of money at zero interest to the banksters.

This week, that's the only thing that can save USA - and the world.

John Perkins was an employee of the United States National Security Agency and the chief economist for the so-called "World Bank" (of US Govt), on the New York Times Bestseller List for his autobiography, Confessions of an Economic Hitman. His job was overthrowing nations using hugemongous bank loans and bribery of politicians, the same tactics now used to overthrow USA:


Video: Monopoly Men of the private Federal Reserve Bank Corp

Video: America from Freedom to Fascism: Unconstitutional income tax is voluntary

"Not one dime of income taxes goes to support any federal program."
-President Ronald Reagan, right before George Bushes' CIA cousin John Hinkley Jr shot him

1 a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and ARABS - b : a descendant of these peoples - 2 : a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language.
—Merriam Webster Dictionary

"A 'Semite' is any person living in that area, including Arabs and Christians. It's time we start talking about 'The Other AntiSemitism'. A Semite is not a Jew living in America or Europe."
—Ralph Nader (Arab-American from Lebannon), Independent presidential candidate in 2008, Reform Party presidential candidate in 2004, Green Party presidential candidate in 2000, Arab-American Business conference, C-SPAN, 2003

“Jews always have to try to deceive Non-Jews.”
-Jewish Babylonian (Iraqi) Talmud, Zohar I, 168a

“Every Jew is allowed to use lies and perjury to bring a Non-Jew to ruin.”
-Jewish Babylonian (Iraqi) Talmud, Babha Kama 113a

“The possessions of the goyim are like an ownerless desert, and everybody (every Jew) who seizes it, has acquired it.”
-Jewish Babylonian (Iraqi) Talmud, IV/3/54b

“When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews.”
-Jewish Babylonian (Iraqi) Talmud, Erubin 43b

"I am convinced that the persecution of the Jew is not in any large degree due to religious prejudice. No, the Jew is a money-getter. He made it the end and aim of his life. He was at it in Rome. He has been at it ever since. His success has made the whole human race his enemy."
-Mark Twain, member of Satanic Jewish Bohemian Grove

Source: http://piratenews-tv.blogspot.com/2008/09/jews-gone-wild-35-trillion-ponzi.html

The Shadow of the Pitchfork: Elite Panic Attack as Bailout Goes Bust


Written by Chris Floyd

The vote by the House of Representatives to defeat the Wall Street bailout plan is the first act of political courage that the Congress of the United States has mounted in the last seven years. The fact that it was due largely to right-wing Republicans afraid of going down with the sinking ship of the witless leader they have followed blindly throughout his reign is a delicious irony -- but the whys and wherefores of the vote are not important. What matters is that one of America's moribund institutions has flickered to life long enough to derail a disastrous action that would have shoved the nation even deeper into the pit of corruption and ruin where it has been mired for so long.

The New York Times called the House vote "a catastrophic political defeat for President Bush, who had put the full weight of the White House behind the measure." But this is manifestly untrue. As everyone but the nation's media -- and the Democratic Party -- knows, George W. Bush has no "political weight" to use, or lose. Yes, he still retains the authoritarian powers that the spineless Democrats have given him with scarcely a whimper of protest (and often with boundless enthusiasm); but as a political force -- i.e., someone whose opinions and statements can sway popular opinion -- he has been a dead and rotting carcass for a long time. He is the most unpopular president in American history; and I can report from first-hand, eyewitness knowledge that he is thoroughly despised by some of the most rock-ribbed, Bible-believing, flag-waving, down-home, John Wayne-loving Heartland types that you can imagine. Even his own party -- a party fashioned in his own image, the Frankensteinian melding of willfully ignorant religious primitivism and rapaciously greedy crony capitalism that he has embodied in his twerpish person -- kept him away from their convention this year.

Nothing -- absolutely nothing -- could be politically safer than opposing George W. Bush. And yet the entire Democratic leadership, Barack Obama included, lined up to support a cockamamie plan proposed by this scorned and shriveled figure, a plan that was transparently nothing more than an audacious raid on the Treasury by Big Money hoods and yet another authoritarian power grab by a gang of murderous, torturing, warmongering toadies. This was the plan and these were the people that the Democrats decided to fight for.

What's more, the Democrats stood shoulder to shoulder with the president on what is apparently the only issue that can now stir Americans to genuine anger and widespread protest: a direct threat to their bank accounts. Wars of aggression like the Nazis used to wage; elaborate tortures like the KGB used to practice; concentration camps, lawbreaking leaders, diminishment of liberty, the slaughter of a million innocent people in a land destroyed by an illegal and pointless invasion -- all of that stuff is pretty much OK, easily swallowable, worth no more than a shrug or perhaps a frowny "tsk tsk" before going on to the sports pages or flipping over to another channel. But put out an open ploy to steal their money and give it to the filthy rich -- and baby, it's pitchfork time! Yet here, as the public face of just such a ploy, is where the Democrats chose to make their stand.

So Monday's rejection of the bailout plan is not a catastrophic political defeat for George W. Bush; he has no political standing, no political future. But it is a vast and humiliating defeat for the Democratic leadership, across the board, who, as Democrat Lloyd Dogget of Texas said

“never seriously considered any alternative” to the administration’s plan, and had only barely modified what they were given. He criticized the plan for handing over sweeping new powers to an administration that he said was to blame for allowing the crisis to develop in the first place.
Now the Democratic elites have had their collective head handed to them on a platter. It is a dish most richly deserved. And although it is almost possible to believe that they will learn anything from this episode, there is now a chance -- a chance -- that we can at least have a discussion of alternatives to the Bush scheme.

I still believe it is unlikely any genuinely effective program -- one that could manage and mitigate the now-unavoidable effects of the Wall Street/Washington-induced disaster -- will ever get enacted. After all, the Democrats are largely owned by the same corrupt and greedy elites now seeking a handout. And it seems reasonable to assume that the Bipartisan Bailout Bunch will eventually find some kind of sugar to tempt away the two dozen votes they need for their next "compromise" on the Bush-Paulson plan.

Then again, who knows? There are obviously a lot of very powerful and privileged people sweating more bullets tonight than they have sweated in many and many a year. They have roused the drowsy beast of popular anger at last, and no one can say what might happen next. Probably nothing -- or rather, more of the same, in some form or another. But still, it is good to see the icy beads of panic dotting the brows of elites who have inflicted and/or countenanced so much death, destruction, terror and degradation in the past few years. Today they have suffered a very rare defeat in the relentless, remorseless class war they have been waging against us for decades. And that it is something to celebrate -- at least for one night.

Source: http://www.chris-floyd.com/component/content/article/3/1618-the-shadow-of-the-pitchfork-elite-panic-attack-as-bailout-goes-bust.html

Wrong Again! Twice! Another Look At Azizabad And Wall Street

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winter Patriot

I've made a few mistakes lately and it's time to 'fess up. I was wrong about the Azizabad massacre, and I was wrong about the Wall Street bailout, too. Oops.

The Azizabad Massacre

On August 22, an American airstrike killed more than 90 innocent people in Afghanistan. Most of them were sleeping children.

At the time, I assumed the Pentagon would write off the victims as "collateral damage" and I wrote a piece to that effect. But that didn't happen; instead our military spokesmen denied the story, saying that the airstrike had killed at least 25 "militants" and that at most five civilians had been killed.

Investigators from Afghanistan and the UN went to the scene, interviewed the survivors, looked at the graves, and confirmed the original reports. But the Pentagon stuck to its story. I wrote a second post on the attack in which I mentioned that the damage to civilians was even worse than what had been reported; I also mentioned that the word was being leaked: the Americans had been deceived. An unidentified spokesman blamed the attack on misinformation that the Americans had been given by the Taliban. But the US still didn't admit killing all those people.

Instead Pentagon spokesmen insisted that the UN and Afghan inspectors had been fooled by the survivors of the attack, who (according to the Pentagon) had made up the story about all their relatives being killed. The US even accused the survivors of fabricating evidence -- dead children in graves, and so on. No American investigator ever visited the scene, no Pentagon representative asked any questions on the ground. Instead they just told us what they wanted us to believe. And it was all a pack of lies, of course.

I say "of course" because this is only the latest in a long series of events in which Americans have killed innocent people on the ground in Afghanistan and then lied about it repeatedly. The civilian casualties and the lies intended to cover them have even caused a strain in the Afghan-US "relationship".

If this strain ever got serious it could jeopardize the entire US occupation of Afghanistan, which would be a very good thing in my opinion because the US has no business occupying Afghanistan. The bombing, invasion and subsequent occupation are war crimes and crimes against humanity, just as our crimes against Iraq have been -- though very few will say so.

But I'll say it: the war in Afghanistan would be entirely unjustified, even if the official story of 9/11 were true, which it obviously isn't.

I was still following the Azizabad story when my computer began to break down, and I didn't get a chance to follow up on my two early stories. But Carlotta Gall, veteran war reporter for the New York Times, traveled to the scene, looked at the evidence, talked to the people, and filed a report that left no doubt that the UN and Afghan investigators had been right along, and that the Pentagon had been blowing smoke up our backsides once again -- with enormous assistance from the American "news" media.

The Times of London posted a graphic cell-phone video from the scene of the atrocity, and reported:
As the doctor walks between rows of bodies, people lift funeral shrouds to reveal the faces of children and babies, some with severe head injuries.

Women are heard wailing in the background. “Oh God, this is just a child,” shouts one villager. Another cries: “My mother, my mother.”

The grainy video eight-minute footage, seen exclusively by The Times, is the most compelling evidence to emerge of what may be the biggest loss of civilian life during the Afghanistan war.

These are the images that have forced the Pentagon into a rare U-turn. Until yesterday the US military had insisted that only seven civilians were killed in Nawabad on the night of August 21.
The Times has much more to say, including:
In the video scores of bodies are seen laid out in a building that villagers say is used as a mosque; the people were killed apparently during a combined operation by US special forces and Afghan army commandos in western Afghanistan. The film was shot on a mobile phone by an Afghan doctor who arrived the next morning.

Local people say that US forces bombed preparations for a memorial ceremony for a tribal leader. Residential compounds were levelled by US attack helicopters, armed drones and a cannon-armed C130 Spectre gunship.
That's a C130 in the photo, and for the war-porn shot shown here it was shooting flares. For the sleeping children, they used live ammo.

Chris Floyd picked up on Carlotta Gall's report and wrote an excellent post about it, and Glenn Greenwald read Chris and wrote a good piece about it too. Here Greenwald quotes Floyd:
The mass death visited upon the sleeping, defenseless citizens of Azizabad encapsulates many of the essential elements of this global campaign of "unipolar domination" and war profiteering: the callous application of high-tech weaponry against unarmed civilians; the witless attack that alienates local supporters and empowers an ever-more violent and radical insurgency; and perhaps the most quintessential element of all -- the knowing lies and deliberate deceits that Washington employs to hide the obscene reality of its Terror War.
Greenwald drew attention to the amazing fact that the Pentagon's story had been broadcast into America's living rooms on a daily basis by FOX News, which was featuring reports from an "independent journalist".

It turned out that the "independent journalist" was none other than Oliver North, the convicted serial liar who was a useful tool of evil back in the days of the "Iran/Contra Scandal".

How quaint: a scandal!

To think there could even be one of those in these post-9/11 days. Sigh.

Greenwald also quoted Dan Froomkin quoting George Bush:
"Regrettably, there will be times when our pursuit of the enemy will result in accidental civilian deaths. This has been the case throughout the history of warfare. Our nation mourns the loss of every innocent life. Every grieving family has the sympathy of the American people."
Froomkin's comment:
It's a bit hard to convince people that our nation mourns the loss of every innocent life when we don't even acknowledge them.
He's playing on understatement, of course. It's not "a bit hard". It's impossible.

The photo of the injured Afghan boy comes to us courtesy of the AP via Froomkin's post at Nieman Watchdog.

Now I'm thinking back to the Bush quote:
Regrettably, there will be times when our pursuit of the enemy will result in accidental civilian deaths.
He didn't actually use the term "collateral damage" but he said virtually the same thing. So maybe I wasn't entirely wrong after all. But all those people are still dead.

And, unless I am much mistaken, they're dead because Americans called in an airstrike based on a tip they got from the "enemy". It's utterly preposterous, and despicable, and much worse than I originally thought it could be. Fool me once ...

The Wall Street Bailout

... fool me twice!

I was also wrong about the Wall Street bailout. On Sunday, I wrote a brief post congratulating my fellow citizens on our purchase of "toxic waste" "worth" $700 billion, and now it turns out that the purchase is off, or at least it has been delayed, after the House of Representatives refused to pass a bill backed by the President and the House leaders of both parties.

The vote was 228 to 205 against the bill, and the bipartisan breakdown is instructive: 65 Republicans and 140 Democrats voted for the bailout, while 133 Republicans and 95 Democrats voted against it.

In other words, more than 67% of the Republicans voted against the measure, while nearly 60% of the Democrats voted for it.

The Republicans have usually voted together, especially when the twice-unelected president has expressed firm views. And Bush has made his support of this bailout proposal very clear.

So there's no question that the president has been rebuffed by his own party on this matter. But -- as Chris Floyd points out -- this is not news; last month the big elephants didn't even let the little chimp speak at their convention.

Meanwhile, the donkey house leadership -- exemplified by Miss Impeachment-Is-Off-The-Table, Nancy Pelosi -- despite their best efforts, could only muster 60% of their "colleagues" in support of this obviously criminal president. So Pelosi has not only shown her truly treasonous colors once again; she's been rebuffed by a significant portion of her own party as well.

Nonetheless, House leaders and presidential mouthpieces say, they will try again to get this bill passed, perhaps later in the week. So the deal is not undone yet, and my reporting may have been more "premature" than "wrong".

Or it could be that, like the Azizabad story, the reality is much worse than my early reports indicated.

As it was becoming evident that the congress would not pass the bailout measure, the Federal Reserve announced that it
will pump an additional $630 billion into the global financial system...
There's no congressional vote on that, my friends, and we're not getting any toxic waste in return. It's just the first of many donations that will be made in rapid succession, unless I am very wrong.

The purpose of this particular transfusion is to
settle the funding markets down, and allow trust to slowly be restored between borrowers and lenders
as Bloomberg helpfully explains.

And that's the end of reality as a motive force, as far as I can tell.

The best way to restore trust between borrowers and lenders would be to resume the enforcement of laws against predatory lending practices, and to let the firms that have made too many bad investments disappear.

Arthur Silber, who has been digging very deeply into this story lately, reports that "the crisis" may cost as much as $5 trillion before they stop throwing money at it. Of course, by that time, things will be much worse than they are now.

And there's the rub.

The bailout is not a solution to the problem. It could never be a solution and it could never be taken seriously as a potential solution, for the simple reason that the problem is insoluble.

It's not even one problem. It's a tangled mess of problems, some of which were almost certainly created deliberately by our government and its best friends, primarily in order to separate us from our money.

The problems include: an insane level of military spending; repeated cuts to the funding of our social systems and physical infrastructure; excessive tax cuts, especially for the excessively rich; extreme deregulation, especially of the financial "industry"; the movement of formerly American industries to foreign countries; increasing global population; limited global resources; increasing destruction of our natural environment; and the strain of committing multiple war crimes simultaneously. All these forces acting together mean that things are getting more expensive, and that we are becoming less able to afford them.

We can't change any of this by giving hundreds of billions of dollars to the banks that have done the worst job of managing their investments, no matter how many hundreds of billions of dollars we give them.

Thus the "solution" cannot work; it doesn't even begin to address the problem; its only possible purpose is to steal your money and give it to some of the people who are most responsible for the mess we're in today.

So why would we do it?

Gimme an "F". Gimme an "E". Gimme an "A". Gimme an "R". What's that spell?

Some of the details in this NYT piece could be classified under "blackmail" ... or "extortion" ... or "terrorism". Like this:
Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr., appearing at the White House late Monday afternoon, warned that the failure of the rescue plan could dry up credit for businesses big and small, making them unable to make payrolls or buy inventory. Vowing to continue working with Congress to revive the rescue plan, Mr. Paulson said it was “much too important to simply let fail.”

Supporters of the bill had argued that it was necessary to avoid a collapse of the economic system, a calamity that would drag down not just Wall Street investment houses but possibly the savings and portfolios of millions of Americans. Moreover, supporters argued, a lingering crisis in America could choke off business and consumer loans to a degree that could prompt bank failures in Europe and slow down the global economy.
And this:
Stock markets plunged as it appeared that the measure would go down to defeat, and kept slumping into the afternoon when that appearance became a reality. By late afternoon the Dow industrials had fallen more than 5 percent, and other indexes even more sharply. Oil prices fell steeply on fears of a global recession; investors bid up prices of Treasury securities and gold in a flight to safety. [...]

House leaders pushing for the package kept the voting period open for some 40 minutes past the allotted time at mid-day, trying to convert “no” votes by pointing to damage being done to the markets, but to no avail.

and this:
The United States Chamber of Commerce vowed to exert pressure, warning in a letter to members of Congress that it would keep track of who votes how. “Make no mistake,” the letter said. “When the aftermath of Congressional inaction becomes clear, Americans will not tolerate those who stood by and let the calamity happen.”
I've got news for you: The calamity is already happening, Americans have stood by and watched it develop for years without doing anything about it, and it's going to continue regardless of whether or not the federal government gives a few criminal banks more of our money than anyone can possibly imagine.

I've got more news for you: a scoop before its time, if you will...

Electing John McCain won't solve the problem.

Electing Barack Obama won't solve it either.

Now What?

I can't shake the feeling that these two stories are tied together in ways that transcend the obvious "WP was wrong".

For instance, I wonder whether a nation which tolerates -- not to say thrives on -- deliberate lies about the people it has killed, could possibly deserve anything other than a full-spectrum economic meltdown.

The USA has been attacking defenseless countries for generations.

What goes around, comes around.

And it's been a long time coming.

Source: http://winterpatriot.blogspot.com/2008/09/wrong-again-twice.html

And let Sarah Palin become POTUS

September 29th, 2008

The Greanville Journal

SARAH PALIN: Poster girl for deceiving appearances. And fitting candidate for a political system that has turned elaborate deception into a fine political art.

By Jason Miller

Savage animal slaughterer that she is, it’s apt that Sarah Palin has now brutally plunged a razor-sharp knife into the very heart of the seemingly invincible doubts concerning her capacity to be Vice-President of the United States. Wielding her chutzpah with the awe-inspiring deftness with which she employs her gun or rifle when hunting defenseless wolves or moose, she appeared on 20/20 and left our skepticism writhing on the ground in agony, immersed in its own blood and gasping its last.

Given her virtuoso performance with Charlie Gibson a few nights ago, John McCain might as well croak now and get it over with. She’s ready for the presidency. All the cynics who dared to question her qualifications to become VP now have about as much credibility as card-carrying members of the Flat Earth Society.

The Heaths (Sarah Palin’s parents). CBS’ typically clueless Harry Smith flew to Alaska to ask them for references on their daughter. Duh! Their resume, rich in sentimentaloid fantasies about America, would make Frank Capra proud.

Sarah Palin is the person we need (and deserve) to lead us on our incessant quest for global hegemony and in our ongoing orgiastic gang rape of the Earth. A former beauty pageant contestant noted for her fierce competitiveness who would easily qualify as a MILF in the pornography industry and who takes great pride in her capacity to stick her head up her ass and go for it instead of “blinking,” this “lipstick pitbull” embodies nearly all that we worship in a nation fueled principally by narcissism, arrogance, willful ignorance, and belligerence. She may lack the obscene wealth that also triggers our reflexive genuflection, but she will acquire that in time.

If Smith threw softballs while covering Palin, Couric did no better. Her interview with Palin fell pitifully short of the minimum journalistic mark. All bark and no bite. But then again, that’s the script, this is the corporate media at work, folks.

Like George Bush, who is demonstrably imbecilic and morally retarded, the “hockey mom” who “worked her way to the top with grit and determination,” also fuels the naïve, jejune notion that “anyone can be President of the United States because we live in a democracy.” Forget the pablum concocted to pacify the masses; the POTUS could actually be ‘anyone who hails from a family with direct ties to the power elite of our bourgeois democracy or who shares their sociopathic tendencies and is willing to sell their souls to do their bidding.’ [In the 20th century, two Republicans, Nixon and Reagan, not surprisingly, provided the maximum model of kleptocratic friendly fascism until the Bush mafia came to power.] But who amongst us wants to burden our atrophying minds attempting to understand complexities when the simplistic sweet little lies are so much more palatable and takes so few brain cells to process?

As is befitting of a huntress extraordinaire, Palin provides an endless supply of red meat for the benighted, socially conservative American masses to devour with the ferocity of the hungry wolves she loves to annihilate:

• Life begins at conception.

• No abortion (including in rape and incest cases) unless it is necessary to save the life of the mother.

• Abstinence only.

• Our war crimes and genocide in Iraq are God’s will.

• Cut government spending on socially beneficial programs but keep underwriting the squatters in Palestine and pumping obscene amounts of cash into our murderous military machine.

• Islamic extremists are “hell bent on destroying our nation.”

• Russia invaded Georgia “unprovoked” and war with the Russians is a viable option.

• Israel would be justified in launching a nuclear strike against Iran to preserve its “security.”

• US military incursions into sovereign nations like Pakistan are necessary and permissible.

• Shooting any non-human animal that moves, asking questions later, devouring their flesh in a delectable stew, wearing their skins and furs, and mounting their heads on our walls as macabre “trophies” are our God-given rights as red-blooded Americans.

• The Alaskan wilderness, over which she presides, is a repository for OUR precious oil and we must “drill, baby, drill,” regardless of how many species we drive to extinction and how much damage we do to the environment.

She is so rife with idiocy, devotion to “normalized violence,” and a river of venom that froths and seethes under her guise of “Christian compassion” that it is virtually impossible to pinpoint her most loathsome and dangerous trait. However, her zealous adherence to Western culture’s paradigm of dominionism, meaning dominion over the environment and nonhuman animals, demonstrates and encapsulates most of Sarah Palin’s myriad sociopathic tendencies that readily qualify her to occupy the Oval Office.

With the advent of agriculture and the subjugation of animals, humanity embarked upon a war against nature (and, incidentally, against ourselves too since we are a part of nature). Gradually becoming more and more obsessed with controlling nearly all aspects of our environment, we grew increasingly exploitative, abusive, and murderous in our zeal to “tame” the world around us. Genesis’s creation myth, which Palin has revealed to be a key component of her worldview, cemented Western culture’s conviction that humans have the absolute and irrevocable right to dominate the Earth and its non-human animal inhabitants. Even the advent of “enlightened” Humanism afforded little relief to Mother Nature, as it underscored dominionism with its anthropocentricism and speciesism. So while Palin’s Creationist beliefs may seem archaic and sophomoric to substantial numbers of US Americans who embrace Humanistic ideas, she still belongs at the forefront of our human-centric charge to devour the planet.

Colonialism, slavery of human and non-human animals, genocide of indigenous people to make way for expansion, ecocide to “clear the land” and extract OUR resources, and now unbridled capitalism and consumerism have been the hallmarks of Western “civilization.” We in the United States are now the nexus of this culture of death that for centuries has blasphemously extended its malignant influence under the banner of Christianity, a repugnant hypocrisy that grossly perverts the teachings of one of the greatest spiritual leaders in history.

We are a nation ruled by the power elite, a relatively small segment of the US population in the upper echelons of the economic, corporate, military, and political hierarchies. Our ruling class is comprised of scoundrels, cold-blooded killers, bullies, thieves, hedonists, and avaricious pigs. The rest of us are ‘wanna-be’ power elites, indoctrinated flag-waving true believers, apathetic by-standers looking out for number one, ‘down-troddens’ just trying to get by, or outraged activists whose actions are effectively neutralized by the overwhelming might of the system.

So who better to serve as the “elected” face of the ruling class than Sarah Palin? After all, she is a faux populist, physically attractive woman (proving that beauty is indeed only skin deep), fundamentalist Christian, Paleolithic conservative, savage huntress, foreign policy nincompoop, and “corruption fighter” (with undeniable connections to pork-barrel king, Internet expert and now indicted Alaska Senator Ted Stevens). Palin is one of “us.” Or at least what many of us have been indoctrinated to admire or aspire to be.

Palin epitomizes the banality of evil that permeates our planet-murdering nation. Nursed at the teat of our culture of death and fiercely inculcated with the various components of its dominionism, it would be an existential impossibility for a person of her age to extricate herself from her mental straight-jacket. On a conscious level, she is probably as clueless about her malevolence as she is about US foreign policy and world affairs. And many of us perceive Sarah Palin to be a God-fearing, patriotic, “average Jo” showing those damn “intellectual elites” that we don’t need no stinkin’ knowledge to “git ‘r done,” champion of “family” values and the American Way. Again, Palin is one of “us,” or what many of us wish to become.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we US Americans are all (to varying degrees), perpetuating the malignant expansion of our culture of death. We are the cancer. The Earth is the patient. And the prognosis is not very reassuring.

Sarah Palin. Death becomes her. And we have become death. Now that’s a match made in Hell. Let’s make her our president….or at least put her one 72 year old heartbeat away…..

Jason Miller is Cyrano’s Journal Online’s Associate Editor and edits the Thomas Paine’s Corner section of Cyrano’s.

Source: http://www.bestcyrano.org/cyrano/?p=1638#more-1638

Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally A Peoples Victory

Unless we are vigilant, this win against our criminal 'leaders' will be short lived.

"Hold'em...or not! Artist: Lee Burgess

The people spoke out this time.

They didn't yell very loud about stolen elections, false flag attacks, lies for war or impeachment of traitors, but when the people thought it's about their money they burned up the phone and email lines.

Having all the reps up for re-election helped. Facing the voters very soon most likely put the fear into some of them.

My weasel representative, Bart Gordon, Democrat - TN, voted yes for the bailout. He doesn't have a viable opponent so he thinks he has nothing to lose by going with his money bosses, Pelosi, Bush, the Fed. This man needs to go but unfortunately it won't be this election. Maybe next time.

So far this has been a great defeat for the lying Bush, Paulson and Bernanke, as well as the enablers on both sides of the aisle of Congress but it's not the end.

The main stream media is doing it's best to manipulate the people into thinking the end of the world is near. There will be another vote and the arm twisting, blackmail and bribery will come into play. We have to keep yelling no or the scared will cave.

We need to build on this. Pound the congress again and again, make our voices count while we still have a say.

Demand that Congress do what we tell them to do. We are the ones who put them there. That's how it is supposed to be.

It's too late to impeach Bush/Cheney. It's never too late to get indictments and trials for domestic crimes and war crimes. There needs to be hundreds if not thousands of trials of government officials, financial criminals, lobbyists, corporate crooks, traitors in the military industrial complex and the media who propagandize and lie.

A word to the wise.

Financial manipulations by the Federal Reserve will try to hurt us and scare us to keep us in line.

False flag attacks are part of the arsenal of the bankers, intelligence agencies and puppet leaders.
They will do anything to keep from losing power.

If and when these attacks against the people occur, we must not lose faith and give in to the lies.

We took a small baby step forward today in the war against the people.

If we keep shouting loud enough each succeeding step we take could move us farther away from the ultimate slavery the bastards have planned for us.

It's what we have to do.

1795 Log Home - Readyville TN


Yes, it is small and no windows but it was home to someone in 1795 and until 1825 when a bigger, 2 room, house was built. It's one of the oldest houses in Cannon County TN. Located on Locke Creek in the Readyville community, I passed by it many times over the last 35 years and finally today got to get a close look and take pictures.


Many thanks to the owner.
photos: 9/28/08

The Thuggery of Al Gore

by William L. Anderson

In Mario Puzo’s book, The Godfather, Vito Corleone is able to rise to power by intimidation and sometimes murder. As Puzo describes it, Corleone made sure that his competitors in distributing olive oil (yes, Vito did do olive oil, among a few other things) had a few problems, like having their delivery trucks robbed, oil dumped in the streets, and whatever else it took to convince his rivals that they should not compete with him.

The Godfather, of course, is a novel (later made into a movie). It is eminently readable, but a novel all the same. What happened this past week, however, was not from a novel, but rather from the mouth of the former U.S. vice president and the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner:

LONDON, England (CNN) – Former vice president and environmental campaigner Al Gore has urged young people to protest against new coal-fired power plants that don't use carbon capture and storage technology.

Speaking at the opening plenary session of the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York, Gore said: "If you're a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration."

There is a problem, of course, and that is that there is no developed technology of "carbon capture" for power plants that can be applied on a large scale, and the early reports are that such a technology would add another 50 percent to the capital costs of the project, making the plant so expensive that it is not worth building in the first place. Thus, my first reaction to this article was to dismiss it as Al Gore being Al Gore: like the idiot uncle in the closet who escapes once in a while.

However, when one combines this latest outburst with his recent call to eliminate all coal-and-oil fired power plants from the United States and replace them with "renewable" energy sources such as windmills and solar panels, a whole different picture emerges. Gore claims that these "new technologies" will "stimulate the economy," but this is nothing more than the Broken Window Fallacy in different terms.

Beyond all his claims of "new technologies" and the like, there was another statement that Gore made which exposes what he is doing – and it is not "saving the planet":

"I believe for a carbon company to spend money convincing the stock-buying public that the risk from the global climate crisis is not that great represents a form of stock fraud because they are misrepresenting a material fact," he said. "I hope these state attorney generals around the country will take some action on that."

Gore clearly is calling for executives of electric power companies that build power plants to be charged with felonies (securities fraud is a felony under state and federal laws), which means that he wants these people to go to prison simply for building electric power plants. Again, it is easy to dismiss this as more Gore rhetoric, except that his actions are much more nefarious than just a nutty guy running his mouth.

Al Gore, you see, is a competitor of the electric power companies. He is not just an advocate; he is a major partner in a fund called Generation Investment Management Ltd., which just capped out at $5 billion. (I doubt seriously that Gore brought any money into the fund; he is the political front man, but stands to become an extremely wealthy person through it.)

Now, if Gore simply were a guy making money on the free market who had radical opinions, I would not be writing this article. However, that is not what is happening. Al Gore is a powerful political figure who is calling for his shock troops to use violence – and don’t kid yourself, that is what he wants – against companies with huge cost advantages against his own technologies of choice.

For all of the ballyhoo for solar and wind power, the ability of these mechanisms to create the energy that comes from coal, oil, or natural gas is miniscule. Robert Bryce in his recent book, Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence, lays bare just how inferior the Gore-financed technologies really are. In fact, if it were not for the special subsidies, tax breaks, and government purchases of these various energy devices, Gore’s fund would be topping out at zero. To put it another way, Gore’s "new technologies" are not commercially viable on a large scale, and certainly cannot begin to replace the current electric production grid in this country and most likely never would be able to do so.

Thus, if these technologies are going to be used on the scale that Gore demands, the only way to do it is through naked brute force. In a word, Gore is appealing to thuggery; he cannot beat his competitors in the marketplace, so he calls for gangs of thugs to shut down construction of these plants, and if that does not work, he wants the government to arrest and imprison the owners.

Vito Corleone, while he could manipulate the law, never was the law. Individual congressmen could send up bills for Vito, judges might look the other way, but his overall influence was marginal. Gore, on the other hand, is becoming a political force at a time when Congress is about to nationalize the entire U.S. financial system, which means that investment in the future is going to flow toward those projects that are politically-connected.

In a free market, investment dollars flow to those projects that promise the most profit; in a political market, the profits come not from correct entrepreneurial choices, but rather from manipulation of the tax code, subsidies, and outright force.

Gore’s latest outbursts, however, bring a new element into the whole energy markets. He is calling for criminalization of burning oil and coal, and if that won’t work, he wants gangs of thugs to shut down the building of new plants, all in the name of the scam of global warming.

It is his crusade for the state to control the weather, of course, that gives Gore the cover to call for thuggish acts by others which will result in Gore becoming even wealthier than he already is. The economist Bruce Yandle once pointed out in his "Baptists and Bootleggers" example that calls for regulation will come from people who represent the "Baptists" in order to front for the "bootleggers." (Baptists and bootleggers both want the liquor stores closed, but for very different reasons.)

Al Gore, however, is taking Professor Yandle’s analogy up another notch. That is because Gore is playing the role of both Baptist and bootlegger. I should add that he also seems to be auditioning for the role of the Godfather himself.

September 29, 2008

William L. Anderson, Ph.D. [send him mail], teaches economics at Frostburg State University in Maryland, and is an adjunct scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He also is a consultant with American Economic Services.

Copyright © 2008 LewRockwell.com

Source: http://www.lewrockwell.com/anderson/anderson227.html

Pelosi and Paulson; Buying Themselves Favor From The Super-Rich With Our Money

Posted by willyloman on September 29, 2008

There are so many reasons to say no to this bailout plan…

One is that this “compromise” that Off-The-Table-Pelosi is proudly claiming, is that they are holding the price-tag WAY DOWN.

But in reality, they are giving Paulson $250 billion to start with, and another $100 billion, almost immediately, if they need it and ask for it. Do you think Bush will ask for it? Of course he will.

Then, the other half of the deal, $350 billion, will be handed over after a little while, by law, unless an act of Congress holds it up, which the President can veto, if he chooses. Do you think President Bush will veto it? Of course he will.

If that happens, it will take a super-majority vote to hold up the final payment, and we all know what that means. It means this “plan” they came up with in the dark of night, will STILL cost the taxpayers $700 billion dollars. Funneling the wealth of this country from the working and middle classes to the rich is what they are doing; again.

This “plan” hatched by Pelosi et-al is a fraud; just one more in a long line she has perpetrated on us. We can’t let this one go unchallenged.

(1) Call your Representatives and Senators at 800-473-6711 or 202-224-3121 and say No Bailout!

(2) Email them too and tell your friends:

This is theft. Pure and simple. Don’t stand for it.

Pelosi says this is not a “bailout plan” but a “buy-in plan”, and she is right; it is her her and Congress’ plan to use our money to buy themselves into the favor of the super wealthy monied class of this country and Great Briton.

Source: http://willyloman.wordpress.com/2008/09/29/pelosi-and-paulsonbuying-themselves-into-the-super-rich-with-our-money/