Monday, September 29, 2008

The 700 Billion Dollar Bank Heist(An Inside Job)...And It Will Never Be Called A Crime

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Liberal White Boy

They are calling it an economic 9/11. How strange. I wonder if the same people are responsible? Somebody quick, check Liberty Park. Does anyone see any dancing Israelis with cameras focused on Wall Street? Are they waiting for the buildings to collapse? Were all of the short sellers on Wall Street this time Zionists, like those who bought puts on American Airlines stock on 9/11? We all know where that investigation led. That's why it died on the vine and you never heard another word about it. The path of treachery always leads to Israel. But rest assured we will never discover the truth about the money changers involved in this bank heist. It will be just like the frauds of 9/11, the murderous attack on the USS Liberty and the theft of Palestine by a group of Pseudojudeans. Your Zionist Occupied Press will never allow the truth to be told about any of these frauds. It would be bad for their latest economic theory. The trickle over theory. Trickle over to Israel. The Cabal will simply not allow that to happen. And if anyone gets close to the truth, the Cabalsters will enlist our Zionist Occupied Congress to put the breaks on. The same Congress called upon to bail out the money changing fraudsters. It is no surprise to many of us that our Congress is routinely purchased by special interests. The only thing truly shocking is how cheaply they are purchased. These people have no shame.
Someone made a lot of money in order to dig a whole this big. Rest assured a big portion of those profits are sitting in Israeli banks waiting for their owners to exercise their right of return. Israel of course will be their final hideout. And our Zionist Media will try to Americanize the scandal as best they can. The rape of the American taxpayer is never called a crime. So sit back as they say, and try to enjoy it.

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