Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 Fundamentalism

Posted by willyloman on September 11, 2008

But we must do even more than just accept their story, we must learn to love it …as we love our own Faith.”

This is the “Gift of 9/11”. Once we have accepted this anything is possible; the dead rise, buildings fall, the unemployed, sick, disenfranchised, they all just disappear.”

The Gift of Faith will lead us from the wilderness and into a safe, secure place where our players fight for justice and right. Where our players work to make men free. Where our players stand for real democracy and every vote counts and the terrorists are ‘over there” somewhere, in a cave, in the dark …waiting.”

The Gift of 9/11

We must fall to our knees and pray to the alter of 9/11. Pray that their story is right and true and that there are dark horrible forces over there. We must accept on faith what they say in the face of mounting evidence, in spite of logic and reason, for the alternative truth is worse; much, much worse.


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