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ADL Attacks USS Liberty Survivors These men didn't come home

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Israel still proclaims the barbaric attack was "accidental." BS. Here's testimony from an Israeli pilot, who was ordered to attack the USS LIberty:

More proof has recently come to light from the Israeli side. A few years after Attack on the Liberty was originally published, Ennes got a call from Evan Toni, an Israeli pilot. Toni told Ennes that he had just read his book and wanted to tell him his story. Toni said that he was the pilot in the first Israeli Mirage fighter to reach the Liberty. He immediately recognized the ship to be a US Navy vessel. He radioed Israeli air command with this information and asked for instructions. Toni said he was ordered to "attack". He refused and flew back to the air base at Ashdod. When he arrived he was summarily arrested for disobeying orders.

Sailors recount attack on USS Liberty

By Debra Friedman
Staff Writer 09/27/2008

Two former sailors who were aboard the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israeli jets and submarines in 1967 told their stories of the event Thursday night at Greenwich Library.

Ernie Gallo and Rocky Sturman, spoke to a crowd of nearly 50 people who gathered at Cole Auditorium to hear about the day 34 members of their crew were killed and many more injured. The occurrence has been surrounded by controversy for decades, as many believe the attack was intentional and others believe it was a terrible mistake by Israeli forces who thought the ship was an enemy vessel.

Gallo, who is president of the USS Liberty Veterans Association, told the crowd he was frustrated by the way the U.S. government handled the incident. "All we want is the simple truth told by our government," said Gallo. "If they don't know the truth, they need to support a hearing."

Sturman said he believed the attack was an accident for many years, until he got hold of declassified documents. "Do your own independent research. Don't just listen to us," said Sturman, who urged the audience to write to Congress and request a public hearing on the matter.

During the two hour presentation, some members of the audience grew upset as they attempted to refute some of the information. Gean Schwartz, a resident of Stamford who said he teaches the history of Israel, was one audience member who challenged some of the information presented.

"Yes, it was a deliberate attack. But it was a war zone," said

Schwartz, who noted that he felt it was very possible that Israeli forces mistook the identity of the ship during Israel's Six Day War.

Former U.S. Air Force pilot Bob Davidson, 68, of Pawling, N.Y., said it is "absolutely inconceivable that anyone could misidentify the ship at that close range."
He said the U.S. flag and ship markings would have been clearly visible.

The event was booked by Greenwich resident John McGillion on behalf of Post Road, an organization affiliated with If Americans Knew, which presented several talks earlier this year at the library critical of Israeli and U.S. policy in the Middle East.

David Warren, director for the Anti-Defamation League's Connecticut Regional Office, said his organization strives to ensure accurate information is provided to the public.
"Despite suggestions to the contrary, there have been several investigations into the incident, by both the U.S military and the government of Israel as well, all of which have come to the conclusion that the attack was not intentional," said Warren.

Gallo and Sturman said Congress has never held a hearing on the attack and that it is their mission for that to happen in their lifetime.

Israel can lie all it wants to about the unprovoked attack on the USS LIberty, but a lie is still a lie, 40 years later.

And Israel is supposed to be our only friend in the ME?

Funny, but i can't help but to think that before Israel came into existence, the U.S. had NO enemies in the ME.

We can't have an article on ADL--Another Damn LIe--without having the father of lies barking out, can we?

Anti-Semitism in the US

Abe Foxman, the global chief executive officer of the Anti-Defamation League said: "Although there has been a 15% decrease in the number of anti-Semitic incidents, from 30 to 15 percent we are still talking about 35 million adults involved in such incidents throughout the United States".

Mr. Foxman described to the committee the instruments developed by the Anti-Defamation League to estimate the extent of the anti-Semitic incidents and the attitude toward them.

He elaborated on the difficulty of eradicating the growing anti-Semitism in the internet and called upon all the participants to eradicate it using creative methods. Mr. Foxman said: "The internet is being used as an effective means to spread hate and racism in a manner that even Joseph Goebbels did not imagine". In addition, he mentioned that a new technology should be found to eradicate the anti-Semitism in the internet.

Mr. Foxman said that during the 1950's the Anti-Defamation League acted to promote legislation that allowed freedom of speech but was obligated to take responsibility and bear the consequences of such actions.

According to Mr. Foxman, a price is paid in the United Stated for being anti-Semitic. He brought the actor Mel Gibson as an example for someone who lost some of his popularity because of anti-Semitic remarks. In addition, Mr. Foxman said that anti-Semitism has become accepted in the mainstream as well as in Academia and is no longer common only to extremist groups.

The number of anti-Semitic incidents dropped from 1757 during 2005 to approximately 1350 incidents during 2007.
According to Mr. Foxman, American Jews were granted rights as individuals but not as a group in the past 60 years.


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