Sunday, September 14, 2008

Can you spot the odd one out?

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Difficult, isn't it? The reason for this difficulty is that no character really stands out here, for the simple reason that they're ALL odd! This photo comes from the long-running New World Order children's TeeVee show: 'Sesame Street' and when the format was originally conceived almost 40 years ago, this is the manner in which its Jewish designers envisaged how a future pluralistic, multicultural, utopia might appeal to the minds of children. Note that no two characters are the same; everyone's kinda different – 'diverse' you might even say - and consequently there's no conformity within this creepy little microsociety.

Nevertheless, there is ONE character that's different for a very good reason and we shall see which it is as we strip away the distractions provided by all those colorful weirdos that make him that much harder to spot.

For example, check out this next shot. And the one under that, too.

Can you NOW see who the odd one out is? You SHOULD be able to now, because said character (known as 'Count Von Count' from the series) has been stripped away from his colorful companions and is now juxtaposed between members of respectable, homogenous groupings. He thus becomes far more readily identifiable by virtue of being totally out-of-place. His individuality is now exposed by virtue of everyone else's respectable conformity. Those of us who are familiar with Sesame Street will know that the arithmetically-inclined 'Count' is the mathematician of this long-running series, who loves to show the children basic number theory. In fact it is reckoned that the inspiration behind the Count Von Count character was a real Jew called Leon Druckmann who died in the mid 1950s in New York with a fortune in gold coins under his bed, whilst insisting to his neighbors and everyone that knew him that he hadn't a single penny piece to his name in whole world.

So what are we to infer from this little glimpse into the world of children's TeeVee? The most obvious lesson here to be learned is that - quite apart from any other reasons (of which there are many) - Jews seek to set about promoting multicultural societies where people are encouraged to dress and adorn themselves absurdly and buy into bodily self-mutilation in the form of piercings and hideous tattoos, so as to form a loud and chaotic backdrop behind which the Jew is less readily identifiable. Thus sheltered, he may go about his dubious dealings without attracting unwanted attention from those who might otherwise discover him and out him for what he is. It is simply SO much nicer for the International Jew to be able to stalk the planet and feel at home anyplace his ideas have been adopted, rather than to wind up in a monocultural country like Norway for example, where all the residents are normal, fully-functional, healthy and decent. That must be the worst nightmare for any member of the Stateless Tribe to encounter, when hoping to find acceptance in yet another country.

Will our taxes replenish the coffers of Lehman Brothers?

Phaedrus is well aware that there are discussions (supposedly) taking place right now between Lehmans and a consortium led by Bank of America, to try to salvage this, the fourth largest Jewish investment bank in the US from the all-out collapse it so richly deserves.

However, the fact remains that should such a private buyout rescue deal fail, then once again (illegally) the Government may wind up shelling out our hard-earned tax-dollars to prop up this miserable, monolithic monument to craven greed and stupidity, when the average American home-owner enjoys no such safety net. Curious, isn't it? Typically, in a normal country with some degree of social insurance, it is the poorest and most at risk that enjoy such protection. Only in the USA can it apply the other way around and provide a safety net for the super-rich. How utterly perverse!

This is, as regular readers who have informed themselves will know, unmistakably indicative of Jews calling the shots over the wishes of hard-pressed American people. The "Entitled Ones" whose Holy Book tells them that WE (you and me) are only put here as beasts of burden for their exploitation; we have no property rights and must render up to the Jews everything we own when called upon to do so. That is their Talmudic belief and we have to suffer lawmakers on Capitol Hill who appear perfectly happy to go along with this twisted belief system, too.

So if the current rescue talks fail and Bush says, "Lehman Brothers is just too big to be allowed to fail; we gotta support it." then you will know that YOU are going to foot the bill for it. Not only YOU, but since we're already in debt up to our eyeballs, your children, your children's children, and your children's children's children! America's Jews have got everything sown up REAL tight! They certainly ARE enslaving us all, just as their so-called Holy Book predicted.

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