Friday, September 5, 2008

Can't See the Enemy for the Trees

The forest is too dense and we are myopic.

Art by David Dees -,,,,,,Dees Archive
Let's see here:

All candidates for Pres and VP of the crime syndicate of the United States support their friends of the crime syndicate of Israel and other nations in the cabal. A guarded friendship at best, based on bribery and blackmail.

Iraq: All candidates have now said that the 'surge' is working.
We're winning but we can't leave Iraq.
You can't build an empire by cutting and running.

Afghanistan. Need some more American boots on the ground. The Taliban can't be allowed to get their hands on any more of the opium trade. As with Iraq, our occupation is occupation.

Pakistan. They are confused. We probably should invade and control their nukes as soon as possible. Also, bin Laden is most likely hiding there and we need to get him before he pulls off the next 'big one'.

Iran. Seems like all these candidates are well aware that Iranians are the biggest threat to the world since Hitler and you know what that guy did.

Lebanon. Hezbollah! Hezbollah!

Syria. Ally of Iran and Lebanon. 'Nuff said.

Georgia. "We are all Georgians now".

Russia. The evil empire will never quit. They have too much oil and natural gas.

Al Qaeda. 'War on terror, war on terror! 9/11, 9/11!

Turmoil in Africa. Haven't heard much from the candidates on that. Oh yeah, we give some money for 'AIDS".

Apartheid in Israel. Gaza. God's will.

The economy. Energy. "Drill Baby Drill", nuke plants, 'clean coal'. Solar, wind, other alternative sources, but only if they are centralized and in the hands of a few.

Borders. No need for them in a one world system. Just lines on a map.
NAU? No talk now from the candidates but 'coming soon from a politician near you'.

Diversity. An agenda for control. Divided we fall.

Etc. Etc.

The zionist/globalist/elite, whatever you want to call them, criminals are in control or think they are. Some will argue that Israel is the controlling factor, others that the U.S. is. They are so intertwined that it makes little difference.
War, war profiteering, resource control and U.S. and Israel hegemony in the Middle East are the priorities. For now.

So what that the children of the common folk die on foreign soil and even here at home from false flags and police state tactics. So what that the U.S. economy is failing. In the long term view of the controlling globalists, bankers and ruling elite, it doesn't matter who, how many or what countries fall as long as they maintain their positions. Have you ever noticed that throughout the history of the last few hundred years of war and turmoil that the main holders of the money supply have been little affected? Puppet leaders come and go but the 'money men' remain the same and gain from the manipulations and death.

The American people, through the fraud of politics, religion, media, economies and education can't see the real enemies for the trees. The forest is too dense and we are myopic.

The illusion of elections as a change agent is in place, but change doesn't happen that way.

Sooner or later we have to address the real enemies, remove them and work on building a world based on the simple values of truth and honesty. The option is early death in vain and slavery.

How do we do overcome our enemies? It's a work in progress and we can't agree on the process. We have the numbers but not the plan.

It's exactly what the controllers want.

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