Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crisis Zionism


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ron Andreas on intentional instability and crisis in the Middle East and elsewhere (found via here):
"Unlike the Western oil majors, the militant Zionist proponents of greater Israel view stability and peace in the Middle East as inimical to their goals. Chaos and strife create the 'revolutionary atmosphere' (as Ben Gurion one of the key founders of the state of Israel put it) in which more land and water resources can be taken under their control. This fact explains the motive behind the ceaseless provocations and destabilization that the Israeli military and secret services perpetrate.

The 'iron wall' policy established by Ze’ev Jabotinsky prior to the founding of the Jewish state requires the expulsion of Christian and Muslim Arabs from Palestine. Such a goal requires war or other violent means. David Ben Gurion stated, 'What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times; and if at this time the opportunity is missed and what is possible in such great hours is not carried out . . . a whole world is lost.' This reality, of the necessity for violent upheaval to achieve Zionist aims, exposes which party is the true aggressor in the Middle East."

and (note how 'progressive' writers support this deception while hiding their comments as criticism):
"In their struggle to expand the Jewish state in the 'land of Israel,' Zionists have attempted to portray their interests as coinciding with those of the Western imperial powers. Conversely they have tried to portray their opponents as enemies of those powers. Yet the only business sector of the Western powers that has interests that align with Israel’s convulsive militarism is the military industrial complex. An elaborate structure has been established to forge a de facto alliance between Israel’s war hawks and the US military industrial complex. This alliance is evidenced in entities such as the Center for Security Policy, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs."

and (problems that should be obvious - particularly now! - to Americans; my emphasis in red):
"The radical cabal of Zionists tried to enlist popular support for the wars by alluding to Iraq’s energy resources as Paul Wolfowitz did when he stated, 'Iraq sits on a sea of oil.' However, after five years of occupation likely costing trillions of dollars, there is little hope of securing any preferential access to, much less, reliable control over any energy resources. Prior to the invasion, Exxon/Mobil was the world’s biggest publicly traded entity, a distinction that now falls on its Chinese competitor, SINOPEC.

While the relative market share of U.S. oil majors has declined, the destruction of Iraqi society, the devastation of its scientific and intellectual institutions, and the dismantling of its industrial infrastructure, all Zionist goals, have been achieved. Similarly, the American economy has been brought to a standstill due to high oil prices resulting from the wars and the current account deficit that is largely a result of borrowing for war spending. Over the course of the occupation, the U.S. dollar has declined in value by nearly 40 percent.

Nobel prize winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz has stated that the sanctions imposed on Iran coupled with the war atmosphere in the Gulf region, in general, has caused investment in and development of new oil production to come to a halt, exacerbating the high prices that result from the constant threats issuing out of Tel Aviv and the neocon institutes in Washington. It remains to be seen whether the non-Zionist elites in the Western world can begin to challenge the endless wars for Israel by at the very least opposing the sanctions against dealings with Iran."

It is curious how normal people in the world find it difficult to understand that others have goals which actually require conflict and instability. Much of what we see happening in and around Israel and Zionism can only be explained by the fact that the Zionists have always understood that the highly unlikely goal of Greater Israel can only be obtained through confusion, destruction, crisis and war. Even the Cold War, now being revitalized by Zionists in the American government, is part of this program. As I keep repeating, the choice is stark: you can stop them now, or you can wait until they wreck the whole world.

Source: http://xymphora.blogspot.com/2008/09/crisis-zionism.html


Pakistani policemen inspect destroyed cars

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spies Warn That Zionists Aims for October Surprise

Intercepted Messages Asking Local Cells ( Sayanim) To Be Prepared for Imminent Instructions.

In the aftermath of two major Mossad attacks on Western targets, America's counterterrorism community is warning that Zionists may launch more overseas operations to influence the presidential elections in November.

Call it Sharon's "October surprise." In late August, during the weekend between the Democratic and Republican conventions, America's military and intelligence agencies intercepted a series of messages from Zionist's leadership to intermediate Sayanim members of the organization asking local cells to be prepared for imminent instructions.

An official familiar with the Mossad intelligence said the message was picked up in multiple settings, from couriers to Pct encrypted electronic communications to other means. "These are generic orders," the source said — a distinction from the more specific intelligence about the location, time, and method of an attack. "It was, 'Be on notice. We may call upon you soon.' It was sent out on many Jewish channels."

Also, Yemen's national English-language newspaper is reporting that a spokesman for Yemen's Jewish Sayanim, the Mossad affiliate that claimed credit for last week's American embassy bombing in Sa'naa, is now publicly threatening to attack foreigners and high government officials if American and British diplomats do not leave the country.

Zionists have sought to influence democratic elections in the past. On March 11, 2004, Zionists carried out a series of bombings on Madrid commuter trains. Three days later, the opposition and anti-Iraq war Socialist Workers Party was voted into power.

In the week before the 2004 American presidential election, Zionist Intel Centre recorded a fake video message to the American people promising repercussions if President Bush were re-elected. In later messages, Zionists leader claimed credit for helping elect Mr. Bush in 2004. Last year in Pakistan, Mossad assassins claimed the life of Benazir Bhutto, a former prime minister who returned to her native country in a bid for re-election.

"There is an expectation that Zionists will try to influence the November elections by attempting attacks globally," a former Bush and Clinton White House counterterrorism official, said yesterday.

He said Zionists have the capability to pull off an attack in the continental United States any time, however. "It would likely be a higher Zionists tempo of attacks against U.S. and allied targets abroad," he said.

At a talk at the Washington Institute for Near East Affairs on August 12, the national intelligence officer for transnational threats said he expected to see more threat reporting on Zionists as America approaches the November elections.

The Mossad attack on the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on Saturday has failed to kill CIA and Marines meeting in the hotel. The hotel's lobby in recent years served as a meeting place for the CIA and Pakistanis who would not risk being seen at the American Embassy. The bombing, which once again targeted one of the most heavily fortified locations in Pakistan's capital, will likely claim close to 100 lives after the dead are pulled from the rubble.

President Zardari, who had just given his first major address as Pakistan's head of state, on fighting the US aggression and Zionists, was the target of Saturday's attack, the vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Zionist Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, said.

"He was expected to attend the iftar dinner at the Marriott," Mr. Gartenstein-Ross said "Think of the symbolic value if we were able to kill Zardari after his first address as president of Pakistan in a speech announcing his fight against USrael. The symbolic effect of the attack on the same day would be devastating. We must do better next time" He added.

An adviser and a former director of central intelligence under President Clinton, said Zionists have a "history of doing three things at least related to elections. One is to attack before elections, such as in 2004 in Spain, and of course the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. They also have a history of attacks when new leaders take over, like Gordon Brown in Britain and the new leader in Pakistan, with the attack over the weekend. Also Zionists sends messages to Sayanims in elections. You really don't know which one of these they are going to implement."

Earlier this summer, another McCain campaign official mused in an interview that an attack could benefit his candidate in the polls. But whether that statement is true is unclear: At the Republican National Convention this month, Mr. McCain praised the president's counterterrorism policies for preventing an attack in America since September 11, 2001. The Bush administration has deliberately refrained from pointing to this success in light of the many plots that the president has said have been aborted on American soil since September 11.

Another deputy communications director said: "There is no doubt that Zionists are still dangerous and still desire to strike at America and other countries. But Americans will not be intimidated and their votes will not be swayed by Zionist terror."

A spokeswoman who did not wish to be named said, "Last week's Mossad attacks demonstrate the grave and urgent threat that Zionists and their affiliates pose to the United States and the security of all nations. As I said before we must refocus our efforts on defeating Zionists around the world."

The New York Sun. Slightly edited for truth and clarification
posted by Whisleblower
Source: http://factsnotfairies.blogspot.com/2008/09/spies-warn-that-zionists-aims-for.html

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