Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Death of America By A Thousand Cuts

Incog Man

Some people, who might stumble upon this blog, will immediately dismiss it all out of hand as nothing but mindless Jew-bashing and conspiracy nonsense, not really possible — we all know that no conspiracy could exist with a minority that looks just like us or is secretly managed in such a necessarily large scale way. It’s just too impossible.

Whites think all this and because of it, look with doubt about any Jew talk. But it’s never, ever been that way; that’s not what’s being done to this country by the regular Jews. What people don’t understand is that many of them are killing this country in small, incremental ways — it’s death to this country by a thousand cuts as the Chinese might have called it.

People always say “I know this Jew next door, so-and-so seems like a nice enough guy.” Sure, he’s probably just fine. The funny thing is the logic here: Americans have always been susceptible to the Jew liberal propaganda line because of an idea virtually enshrined in American heads: One, that you can’t judge all of a certain people, just by a few bad apples. Here, the Jew neighbor turns this concept completely around in a White person’s head and says “I know a nice one and since he’s alright, then the rest have to be the same way.”

Nothing, NOTHING, could be further from the truth and it doesn’t work that way, logically. Think about the TOTALITY across the board. What many of them have done and are doing to this country right now, as we speak.

This country was founded on the principal “E Pluribus Unum” Out of Many, One. It was “assimilation” that was meant by this, not the purposeful attacks on Whites and the Balkanization of America. If you came here, you were now to act like an American, speak English, support America’s interests and not be some special X person, who does anything for some foreign land, ANY foreign land. Period.

The Jews have not signed on to this concept. For them — anywhere – it is always Israel and Jews, first, and the country they just happen to live in, last. The idea of America doesn’t work this way — it never has and never will. Imagine if Italian Catholics did this kind of thing? Think people, if the Catholic Opes Dei had the kind of power in Washington as the Chabadist-Lubavitchers do, don’t you think people would get a mite concerned? You would, too for good dam reason. It would be non-stop outrage about it!

Jews often seem totally oblivious to anyone saying something against what they want in the world. It’s like we don’t exist. And if we do happen to get their special attention, it’s usually because they see it as more evidence of us hating them because they are Jews (the eternal victimhood biz) or that we just hate any non-White person. Not anything about what they are doing and saying and agitating for. The whole matter of their activities and behavior is completely left by the wayside, it’s now us who are the evil Nazis!

You probably heard nothing about it, but in 1991 the Jews managed to have a law passed by Senator Richard Gephardt, that says the United States of America was FOUNDED on the Seven Laws of the Talmud; not the Old Testament Ten Commandments that Jews always work to have removed from public places – just like any symbols of Jesus Christ that the Seven laws prohibit (Idolatry). Think about it!


Isi Leibler

Take the immigration issue. If you vigorously fight against the US becoming a Third World country, these Jews want to turn you into a goose-stepping Nazi or sheet-wearing KKK Klansman.

Yet immigration of non-Jews is completely ignored for them when it comes to the State of Israel. These Jews often come right out and say Israel is only for Jews, but still say White countries have to be Multicultural, regardless of what the people in these countries want. Isi Leibler (right) is one such arrogant Jew, director of refugees and immigrant services of the NY-based Hebrew Immigration Aid Society. He’s behind pushing Multiculturalism in the country of Australia, but goes and tells a Jew newspaper:

“Multiculturalism has no place in Israel. Israel was created as a Jewish state for the Jews.” Read more here

Can you believe what total hypocrites these Jews really are?

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is up to the exact same thing. It’s been non-stop in attacking ANY Americans who are against immigration, illegal or otherwise. Isn’t this group supposedly to protect Jews? Why are they so adamant about allowing non-Whites into this country?

Read the rest: http://incogman.wordpress.com/2008/09/08/the-death-of-america-by-a-thousand-cuts/#more-3103

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