Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate 1: Shooting America in the Back

It was a poor excuse for a debate.

When it comes to the important issues, both sides seem to be in agreement.

More war, more pain, the terrorists are still out to get us, al qaeda is in 60 countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the new war profiteering fronts.

Fix the economy? Neither candidate has a clue. No debate on the criminal Fed and their allies on Wall St. A few words about corruption but nothing about indictments and justice for crimes committed. McCain did mention about some of his former compadres going to federal prison but they were mostly just fall guys while the rest, including himself, get to run free.

We got a good laugh when Obama misspoke and called McCain 'Tom'. Did you catch that?

The only way to get a good debate would be to open it up to the third party candidates. They would stir the pot and might actually have something to say on the issues. It would put the pressure on McBama but as my daughter always tells me "It ain't happening captain".

The next debate is close to the home turf in Nashville at Belmont University. Don't look for anything more interesting to happen there. The rigged two party system is a lose/lose situation.

We're wounded in the back, trying to run away and just waiting for the next round of shots to be fired.

Self abusers can read the transcript of the debate here.

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  1. You have a stronger stomach than I my friend! I can't bring myself to watch that faux partisan hackery. What a joke. I spent my evening in a far more productive manner, watching the Sci-Fi channel series The Lost Room on DVD, certainly more entertaining then watching McBama trying to give the appearance that they actually disagreed on anything important.