Thursday, September 4, 2008

“Fabled Enemies” – Another Limited Hangout Job from the Fake 9/11 “Truth” Movement

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Well, I will admit that I was going to give the Simon family sponsored, LC Boyz one last chance to prove that they were not paid shills working as a limited hangout, fake opposition to the 9/11 terrorist perpetrators, but Jason Bermas’ new film has conclusively proven once and for all their position, or function, as the very outer layer of a large LIHOP limited hangout intel operation.

This was the film that was finally going to explain the FULL TRUTH about 9/11, along with a never before seen explanation of Israel’s real part in it. What we find instead, however, is the same old pathetic LIHOP crap as usual. The Israeli role is again confined to five dancing videographers and an “intelligence gathering operation” in which those naughty Mossad boys again neglected (as in Beirut 1983) to turn over intelligence on the “Muslim” terrorists to the American “authorities.”

Again, Jason Bermas “appears” to not understand the very simple concept of a “frame-up” job, i.e., the idea of a “false-flag” operation where you blame the attack on pre-positioned patsies in order to trick a third party into attacking your enemies, who are represented by those patsies Yo, Bermas, there were NO ARAB MUSLIM HIJACKERS, there is NO AL-QAEDA, CIA cut-out Usama Bin Ladin died 7 years ago, and the 9/11 operation has NOTHING to do with Pakistan OR the Taliban OR Afghanistan. All of these elements are Red Herrings. The Mossad demolition teams working under the cover of Urban Moving Systems on 55th Street wired the buildings. The Israelis working for ICTS Security at the airports wired the planes for ground-to-air, or air-to-air, remote arrest. The Israelis have been planning this for years! All the terror ops blamed on Bin Ladin over the years were—as we in the REAL 9/11 Truth Movement now know—all Mossad operations. All pre-planning, set-ups, operational functions the day of, and the subsequent cover up afterwards have pathways that ultimately lead to either an Israeli Jew or an American Jew. This film is just another clever method of preventing people from seeing those pathways and where they ultimately lead to. This film’s goal is to keep the blame from the MAJOR player and perpetrator of 9/11 – Israel, and it does this by cleverly and deceptively spreading the blame around: It’s the Saudi Muslim hijackers; It’s the Pakistani Muslims (Mahmoud Ahmed and the ISI); It’s the Afghani Muslims (the Taliban); It’s Bush, Cheney and their Texas oil buddies, blah, blah, blah. Israel’s only involvement was “gathering intelligence and spying on the U.S.,” and not letting the authorities know about the MUSLIM HIJACKERS. The controlled 9/11 “truth” movement is just a big sock-puppet show where “activists” throw out irrelevant softball questions to politicians, and then the politicians play along with the show (cf. the Rudkowski-Biden encounter).

So now, unfortunately—because of its contextual source—Mike Delaney’s “Missing Links” film remains the fullest and only presentation of the ACTUAL truth about 9/11, but is sadly tainted by its association with his friend John’s new “ALL Jews are Evil” video, but perhaps this was the idea all along. :(

Jason Bermas and the rest of the Zionist-controlled fake 9/11 truth movement have sold out their country in a very clever and subtle way. They appear to be brave patriots and truth-tellers, but they are even more insidiously devious than the 9/11 perpetrators themselves. Like the treasonous upper levels of the Jewish-owned mass media, they are limited hangout artists who are providing the final layer of PROTECTION for the criminals who pulled this whole thing off. Bermas, Avery, and Rowe may appear to be on different sides of the fence from people like Bill O’Lielly and Geraldo Riveroberg, but, make no mistake about it, they are all working for the same team, and in the very end, will suffer the same fate, and face the same anger, and the same universal rejection by those who are actually willing to stand up for their country against the domestic enemy embedded within.

I will confess, that because of all these lying intelligence op shenanigans, and layers upon layers of limited hangout artists (including the 9/11 truth movement itself), I feel a very great sadness, hopelessness, and raging angry frustration regarding the future cause of exposing 9/11 truth to the world and effecting any kind of movement to round up the treasonous perpetrators and bring them to justice (i.e., to the hangman’s noose, the guillotine, or the firing squad). The patriotic, good, but highly duped and naïve folks who make up the 9/11 truth movement, I’m afraid, are now just running around in endless circles, or foolishly playing in, to use Gretavo’s term, ‘playpens of ineffectiveness’. “We have questions.” “We just want a new and independent investigation.” Yeah right, kids, they’re gonna give you a new investigation into what would basically be revealed as Israel’s covert declaration of war upon America. LO FKN L. Gimme a frickin’ break! I am still holding out, however, for Cosmic Justice, wielded perhaps through an earthly instrument of divine wrath such as Vladimir Putin and the Great Bear. The bear, it seems, is right now the only entity with the necessary firepower and the necessary manpower to present any challenge to the plans of the Zio-Nazi New World Order. The American people seem to be still way too drugged out and brainwashed to actually and effectively organize a REAL American Revolution to take back the country, i.e. not the kind of revolution where you carry political protest signs, or march to the rigged ballot boxes to vote for compromised Zio-choice A, or compromised Zio-choice B, but the other kind of revolution. That being said, I still would recommend learning how to use a firearm or a crossbow to defensively protect your immediate family and neighborhood from treasonous filth like Blackwater, Inc., who may soon be coming to a neighborhood near you to kick your doors down with their big black boots. May they all ultimately burn in Hell for a millennium or so.

Goodbye America. We loved you greatly.


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  1. IMHO LIHOP is just the same as MIHOP. Though this reluctance to speak out on the obvious truth is disturbing. My question is, what's the REAL AGENDA? Will the truth be used in the future to finally bring the American empire down? That's my own personal theory. We know what they want, but what will it take to bring it about?