Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally A Peoples Victory

Unless we are vigilant, this win against our criminal 'leaders' will be short lived.
"Hold'em...or not! Artist: Lee Burgess

The people spoke out this time.

They didn't yell very loud about stolen elections, false flag attacks, lies for war or impeachment of traitors, but when the people thought it's about their money they burned up the phone and email lines.

Having all the reps up for re-election helped. Facing the voters very soon most likely put the fear into some of them.

My weasel representative, Bart Gordon, Democrat - TN, voted yes for the bailout. He doesn't have a viable opponent so he thinks he has nothing to lose by going with his money bosses, Pelosi, Bush, the Fed. This man needs to go but unfortunately it won't be this election. Maybe next time.

So far this has been a great defeat for the lying Bush, Paulson and Bernanke, as well as the enablers on both sides of the aisle of Congress but it's not the end.

The main stream media is doing it's best to manipulate the people into thinking the end of the world is near. There will be another vote and the arm twisting, blackmail and bribery will come into play. We have to keep yelling no or the scared will cave.

We need to build on this. Pound the congress again and again, make our voices count while we still have a say.

Demand that Congress do what we tell them to do. We are the ones who put them there. That's how it is supposed to be.

It's too late to impeach Bush/Cheney. It's never too late to get indictments and trials for domestic crimes and war crimes. There needs to be hundreds if not thousands of trials of government officials, financial criminals, lobbyists, corporate crooks, traitors in the military industrial complex and the media who propagandize and lie.

A word to the wise.

Financial manipulations by the Federal Reserve will try to hurt us and scare us to keep us in line.

False flag attacks are part of the arsenal of the bankers, intelligence agencies and puppet leaders.
They will do anything to keep from losing power.

If and when these attacks against the people occur, we must not lose faith and give in to the lies.

We took a small baby step forward today in the war against the people.

If we keep shouting loud enough each succeeding step we take could move us farther away from the ultimate slavery the bastards have planned for us.

It's what we have to do.

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  1. Great commentary, and I know how you feel. My guy (Olver) did the same as your guy, even after I called down yet again today and told them I was withdrawing all my money and investments and voting out all incumbents (am anyway) if the bill passes.

    See you back in the trenches tomorrow...