Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finding the truth regarding Sarah Palin

Forget all of the subterfuge regarding the false flag event that occurred on 9/11. art: Robert Morris

by Raphael Sidelman

Let us not lose sight of what is actually going on here. The Neo-con Swift boating media puppets are talking about how out of line it is for American citizens who are not being backed by a big money agenda, to ask perfectly legitimate questions about the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States of America?!

After almost eight years of being lied to about the majority of what the Bush administration has "accomplished", and after having our Constitution trampled upon by the same people, we, the American People, are now being told that we are out of line if we question a situation regarding the woman who might become the next Vice President of this country - when whether or not the child is hers, her judgment regarding this child's birth must be seriously questioned!

The Family values crusaders are finally being loudly called out on their holier than thou hypocrisy, and as usual the bullies are attempting to seek refuge in the places they have burned and pillaged while trying to eradicate their enemy – in this case fellow Americans whose actions and beliefs are in line with the Constitution. Yes, they are looking to play the decency card, which should tell you how bad things must really be for them since they're the ones who have been systematically burning the deck for years.

Forget all of the subterfuge regarding the false flag event that occurred on 9/11.

Forget the fact the administration simply disregarded attempts by Iran to show that they were very interested in re-establishing diplomatic relations with us and openly offering to recognize Israel, and allow us to inspect their Nuclear program to our satisfaction right after 9/11.

Forget the Katrina debacle.

Forget the fact that they falsified documents to start their war with Iraq.

Forget the fact that they are literally drugging our brave soldiers and forcing them back into the field after their contractual duties are carried out rather than giving them the psychiatric care they require.

Forget the fact that they removed laws that were put on the books precisely to prevent an Enron situation from occurring.

Forget the fact that they disregarded the FISA legislation that had previously issued over 19,000 warrants for exactly what they said they needed expanded powers for.

Forget the fact that the Patriot act flies in the face of the document that is the DNA of our country - the Constitution, not to mention the Declaration of Independence.

Forget the fact that Dick Cheney personally gave the order for Norad to suspend standard operating procedure previous to and during the events that occurred on 9/11.

Forget the fact that President Bush admitted to personally outing Valerie Plame, after stating that he would dismiss anyone in his administration who he found to be involved.

Forget how he took care of his buddy Scooter Libby.

Forget the fact that non republicans were being systematically removed from the justice department.

Forget the fact that we will soon be living in the American Union, spending Amero's rather than still living in the United States of America and spending valueless paper money that we pay the federal reserve to loan us.

Forget the fact that they are instigating trouble with Russia on numerous fronts and then saying that the Russians are out of line.

Forget the fact that George Bush can legally stay in power as our leader and declare marshal law if it tickles his fancy, etc.

Remember what these people who are now crying for decency did to Bill Clinton (who I am no fan of) and his wife and young daughter; and then carefully consider if you believe that those same people who cried for his impeachment would not be declaring at the top of their lungs, that everything possible must be done to find out the truth of Sarah Palin's pregnancy if she were a Democrat.

We must not allow their pathetic attempts to sidetrack the legitimate search for truth to take hold. For too long they have been the party of not merely "turnabout is fair play", but of the preemptive strike. It is the duty of any media outlet that dares call itself legitimate to seek and share what it uncovers regarding truth. All truth. It is the duty of all upstanding citizens to seek redress from their government when they discover that wrongs have occurred. Does anyone else hear the sickly gasps for air coming from the first amendment?


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