Monday, September 22, 2008

How Long Before the Dominos Begin to Tumble? Artist: helene ruiz

Monday, September 22

Les Visible

Can anyone doubt that the time is at hand? It’s funny how everything from Biblical prophecy to the Mayan Calendar; everything from sources channeling The Cassiopeans to those channeling The Pleiadians; everything from rational atheists to practicing metaphysicians all say some day is just about now. Economists (who aren’t lying sacks of shit) say so. The same liars go on from one day to the next cosmeticizing this hyena culture while they loot the till

Who’s to blame? Well… there are several culprits; the deregulation junkies whose sole purpose is to allow corporations to rip off the public under the banner of free enterprise, the ‘greed is good’ crowd- all of the Ayn Rand, “me first, you later… maybe.” contingent- the black wash of materialism across the globe, the ‘gospel of wealth’, religious hypocrites who like to paint sugar water under the eyes of starving black children for their photo-op moments holding these kids on their laps (in their spanking new Banana Republic Safari outfits) in the hope of squeezing money out of the ordinary Nimrods who put their faith in these jerks and who contribute to hunger porn, the generally bone dead stupid- ‘go along to get along’ public and sundry reptiles and certainly the Zionist controlled media and certainly the Zionists themselves who are one of the worst gangs of organized psychopaths that we have ever seen.

Will the solutions offered by Secretary Paulson heal the bleeding? Will Secretary Paulson, who is criminally complicit in the very crimes that brought this about, ride in on his lame horse with his paunchy frame suited up in his Lone Ranger outfit save America from default? No… he won’t.

What are these conscienceless swine also up to? They’re working out the final plans for the next Mossad/C.I.A. false flag attack as they step by step frog march from Yemen to the Islamabad Marriot and on to the big one by stages and degrees. These vampire pigs are tacking into the wind in their last desperate efforts to screw everything up while they lay hold of all the devalued properties and assets that are now in fire sale mode because of conditions they set into play for just that reason. And they are going to get a spanking the like of which has not been seen in a long time but I can’t talk about that here. Just mosey on over to Visible Origami in the next few days for the Central Command posting.

It’s amazing isn’t it? You take off the controls and let a pack of vicious weasels rape and pillage at will, get their asses into trouble and then… then ‘we the people’ bail them out at our expense because it’s for the greater good of all. The public whippings and humiliations so well deserved by these blood-stained clowns is nowhere in evidence. Tune in next week to hear what heroes they all are.

Meanwhile, Senator (I can’t remember my name) McCain is giving one of the best impressions of a Tom Fool idiot that I have ever seen. He thinks nothing of embarrassing himself day after day. Sooner or later the air in his head is just going to give up and it will hang down on his chest like a flaccid prophylactic that got blown up at a neighborhood sex toy party…Tupperware just doesn’t have the same attraction anymore in mainline America.

Obama’s team is playing it cool. All they have to do is just let McCain self-destruct. And very shortly a lot of Palin’s dirty laundry is going to be hanging out on the international clothesline. However, Obama has kneeled before the Zionists and offered them his hindquarters so we’ll have to see it he can snatch himself upright should the reins of power fall to him. One thing America must do is cut Israel loose. It is a menace and an abomination and a lot of America’s present difficulties can be traced there, one way or the other.

Who would have ever thought that Russia would be the good guys? Major, strategic kudos to them for finessing the balance of powers game and embracing everyone who doesn’t like the neo-con, mad dog ballerina act and that’s a whole lot of nations around the world.

You think things are bad now? You have to realize that quite some numbers of the players are clinically insane. They don’t know the meaning of reason or fair play. They want to own the world and enslave the world’s population. That’s a simple conclusion that can be arrived at with little difficulty. It’s a funny thing about the arrogance of power. It robs you of your good sense and leaves you exposed and vulnerable to all sorts of things you didn’t expect.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again; the worst thing about this is the millions of people who bought into the lie and who are going to be sucked down with the ship. Ignorance is bliss only when the consequences have not yet arrived on the scene.

You go right on trusting the fools who got you into this mess. Don’t stand up and call for their heads. That bravery is beyond you and it’s probably because the loss of bravery is directly connected to the loss of integrity. It’s all the little corruptions that make the big corruptions possible. It’s the way the prevailing philosophy trickles down into the lives of the people that accounts for the fatal blindness that you now endure.

It’s probably always been on the way because it is human nature to take the easy road as if there ever were an easy road. This present debacle can be traced back to the reinstitution of the Federal Reserve and the country’s money masters and to the fiat currency game. These snakes have all got their bolt holes. They’ve got their bunkers and the gold and they’re just going to be safe and tidy and warm when the cold wind of destiny sweeps around the world. Not this time though. This time is going to be different I do believe but we shall see.

When you have good laws that serve the public interest you can count on stability and security. When those laws can be altered at the whim of those who can employ profit-junkie lawyers to manipulate the landscape of justice for the benefit of the few then you really don’t have any good laws left.

The highest court of the land is a pack of whores. They ably demonstrated that in 2000 when they changed the definition of justice in a permanent way. When one of the chief justices can freely associate with one of the chief architects of these crimes against the people then you’ve got what you got today. You got nothing. Your pensions are evaporating. Your health care is a joke. Your streets are filled with a generation of vipers so self absorbed that all they can hear any more is coming out of their ipods.

Judgment is coming folks and I don’t think it matters where you think that judgment is coming from; from some divine agency or just the consequence of stupid, self interest where the numbers do what numbers do. No matter what you may believe or not believe you surely know that there is balance in the world and when it goes missing it will adjust itself no matter where you are standing and without a thought for you.

I can’t within the medium of words, adequately convey what I am trying to say but that doesn’t matter either. Nothing I or anyone says is going to have any effect on what is in front of you. You have better wake up.

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