Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is AP’s Sam Zell linked to ‘Mega’ and hedge fund ’suicides’?


Most readers of this blog (i.e., 3–5 of you) know that Sam Zell and fellow tabloid-corporatist Rupert Murdoch sit on the board of directors at The Associated Press which, in this blog’s opinion, is the biggest mouthpiece for statism and empire among corporate news media. Most readers will also know that AP’s coverage of U.S. foreign policy is tabloid.

In part six of War by Deception, Ryan Dawson reports on Zell (@ 5:40) and others, in connection to some criminal and treasonous activities.

More on Mega here. Zell here.



Film: ‘War by Deception’

By Ryan Dawson ∙ Anti-Neocons ∙ September 11, 2008

[DT note: These are parts 1–5 out of 10. Stay tuned for the rest.]

The propaganda about Iraq, the lies about the Anthrax, the filming and cheering
of 9/11, the spies around the Saudi cells, the mailing locations of the anthrax can
all be traced back to Israel as well as the head security position of the state of NJ
and the cameras at all four airports.


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