Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is the fall in the price of oil related to the fall of Wall Street Banks? art: Banana Republic by Vladimir Kush
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That would seem to be the case, as oil has fallen from it's record high of selling for around $145 dollars per barrel to around $95 in only two months.

The same two months that banks dealing in commodities trading and futures, like Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and even AIG, started succumbing to their own greed, and fell into bankruptcy.

Was that temporary price hike in gasoline this Summer the last dying grasps of those speculative banks, who were going to loot the pockets of Americans for one last shot of greed fulfilled before the doors closed on their bankster operations located on Wall Street?

Even Hurricane's Gustav and Ike, who roared thru the Gulf of Mexico, causing damage to oil platforms and gasoline refineries, not only failed to drive up the price of oil, hell, it fell even further in the wake of the immense amount of damage caused by Ike to the Texas coast, where oil refineries dot the skyline.

By the time Ike roared thru, leaving devastation in its wake, a financial tsunami had roared over Wall Street, sending many of those speculators scurrying to the door, banished from their pirate's cove to seek shelter elsewhere.

By either closing down their operations or going into receivership, it looks like the massive swindle of the American public thru speculation in the price of oil and gasoline has been put on hold, for now.

Except the transfer of wealth from the general public to those Wall Street hucksters has taken on a new aspect. Instead of using commodity trading as a cover for their avarice, they can now scurry over to their buds at the Federal Reserve and US Treasury Department, who have thrown open the doors to America's future, and are shoveling money to these Wall Street con artists in record amounts.

That's YOUR money and YOUR kids money and YOUR grandkids money being given away to the "Tribe."

If not for the benefit of computers that transfer that wealth in digits, these modern day Blackbeards would have to use 80 ton dump trucks to haul off all of that loot.

When it's all said and done, the dollar will be so worthless, it will be used as toilet paper.

That's when a new currency, like the Amero, will be introduced.

You'll have to trade in your dollars for the Amero and be told that since they are worthless, be sure to bring in all of your gold and silver, including wedding rings, to get the new Amero.

Once the Amero is established, the same thieves, liars and con artists who fucked over the dollar will begin again their next con game for the upcoming generation of fools.


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