Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jews Going Haywire Over Sarah Palin!

From Incog Man

It looks like John McCain’s choice for Vice President sure has gotten some serious Jewage stirred up! When he selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his choice for a running mate (brilliant choice, by the way), he opened up a caca storm of paranoid Jews, hypocritical liberals and exposed, once again, the media’s blatant, lefty bias.




Sarah Palin delivered a fantastic acceptance speech, well done. Of course, it was written for her, as the media made sure to note several times and they also seemed to purposefully work the camera angles to show the teleprompters — something I noticed they went overboard to avoid for the dems.

Palins performance was strong, sometimes humorous and with enough small town crap to seriously make Joe Sixpack’s eyes well-up all over America. McCain really did make a smart, strategic choice with this lady.

I was totally wrong about her sucking-up to Israel, right off the bat, which was probably too much for now. But she did touch on the terrorism schtick and winning in Iraq, which might be enough for some Zionists, for the moment. It’s getting a Jew as Chief Figure Head that the Jew proletariat really wants, as though that makes any big difference, right?

She also gave Obama some hell about his lack of experience and made a great joke about those stupid, styrafoam Greek columns when he gave his acceptance speech in that stadium. Damn, I say ditch McCain now and have her run for prez!

Who says INCOG MAN hates everybody?

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