Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden Steals Neocon Lines



Joey "Z" Biden gave another foreign policy speech today straight out of the neocon/zionist playbook with only a few minor twists.

Obama and Biden will move the center of action in the forever wars to Afghanistan but other than that it's all bin laden, terrorists, Iran and get 'em over there before they hit us again.

Possibly 'other alternatives' beyond negotiations towards Iran, so says Joe.

Russia bad aggressor, US good, Joe opines.

Of course he blasts McCain but the differences between the two are insignificant. After all, they are both 'blood brothers' of the Senate.

Yesterday, Joe spoke before the National Jewish Democratic Council’s Washington Conference trying to assure them that the 'wars for Israel' will continue and that Barack will never waver from his 'commitment' to support their crimes. Quoting Joe “My support for Israel begins in my stomach, goes to my heart and ends up in my head".

"Chains" you can believe in.

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  1. Great, yet sad, commentary in this post and the one just below it.