Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's Hurry Up and Fix This

The Money Takes the Pawn

"There's no time to waste.
We've got some sound bites for you to listen very closely to.
We're telling the congress, the UN and anyone else who will listen that we must not delay.
Don't debate this issue. Move on. Act now so we can prevent pain."

Sound familiar?

Patriot Act is the first to come to mind.
"Don't read it, just vote it.
Here's a little anthrax to remind you."

How about Oklahoma City?
"Haul off the evidence. We have our man in custody. Spare the victims families the pain of living through a long drawn out affair."

We've gone through this so many times. The investigative evidence is once again hauled away for the sake of 'the victims families'.
"Have to act fast, wall street has to get up and running. 19 Arabs done it and that's all you need to know."

Make the cover up quick.

On and on we could go about the recent past histories of expediency for legislation.

These bastard criminals of Congress are going to give us a false debate and then give the farm away. Fed wins. Fairly quickly.

My grandsons will never see an honest sane world.
They'll be too busy paying off debt as indentured servants.
Or dead in war.
Or worse.

Unless we actually do something.

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