Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Lifetime of Lies Since 9/11

Truth Rocker

Sept. 10th, 2008 at 8:58 AM

I rarely write essays here and offer limited commentaries because this blog is viewed by me as a way to get out information, not opine and editorialize. If you want that, you can read AmeriKan newspapers (along with a heaping helping of lies). However, I did want to trace the destruction of a citizen's belief system in his nation and its institutions.

On September 11, 2001, I was doing homework at 9:00 in the morning. I wasn't even watching television when a repairman came to fix the door and was told what had happened. I turned on my set and like most of America became transfixed by what was occurring that fateful day. At that time, I neither knew nor had reason to believe that the AmeriKan "mainstream media" was transmitting an elaborate cover story and script. I really didn't understand controlled demolitions and the laws of physics yet (or didn't apply them to what I had just seen), didn't know who Osama bin Laden was, and didn't suspect the raft of lies and evil to follow. What I do remember vividly is seeing WTC 7 go down around 5:20 that afternoon. As I walked by the television and saw it go down, I thought "what a bloody mess down there today," and just kept on walking. Didn't give it a second thought.

So it was for the next 18 months or so. I continued with my "education" -- if that is what you call brainwashing. Although I was against the invasion of Afghanistan (a fact I am still proud of), it was not because of 9/11 Truth, it was because of my belief in non-violence. I simply didn't understand how killing more people was going to make things better. How was committing more violence going to help? It never does, and once again that philosophy has been proved correct. No, it was not until the war drums began to pound for invading Iraq in the late summer of 2002 that the lies of the U.S. government and MSM were laid bare.


You see, I had seen Scott Ritter speak in April of 2002. He informed us all that Iraq had NO WMD and that the Bush administration was telling lies in a hell-bent plan to invade (something they had come into office intent on doing). So not everybody thought he had weapons, and if I KNEW (a poor slob with no access to classified info, blah, blah), then this government had to have known. And yet, when I brought this up in class in the run-up to the war, I was castigated and drummed out of classrooms. I can still here the gasps from the kids in the speech class when I said I didn't think Saddam had weapons. It still hurts to know that they believed the mass-murdering liar in the White House.


Anyhow, Bush invaded and you know the rest. Nevertheless, I had not connected the Iraq lie to the overall plan. It was then, in late 2003, that an instructor asked me if I had heard of the book The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11. I said no; however, I quickly went to the nearest bookstore and purchased a copy. This was my introduction to 9/11 Truth. And yet, it still took me more than 18 months to really process the implications of what may have occurred on 9/11. I knew the sketches of an inside job and that the government had lied, but I did not understand how deep and who was ultimately behind 9/11.

2004 Elections

As it was, I continued with my education and paid very close attention during the 2004 election. Although Iraq was an obvious lie, and 9/11 was troubling me, I still held my belief in most of America's institutions. I knew the 2000 election had been stolen from Gore, and I was devouring the political coverage of the New York Times in an attempt to avoid the same result. The signs were certainly pointing to John Kerry being elected president, as even Democrats and Karen Hughes, Bush's trusted advisor, recognized that Bush was facing a defeat. Imagine my shock and horror as I settled in for the election returns on television and saw the map turning red everywhere. My distress was even more obvious the next day when I discovered all the voting irregularities in places like Ohio and Florida. It was at this point, with clear evidence of another stolen election and the MSM's failure to follow up on the story (and, in fact, there outright disparaging of anyone who raised such questions), that the unresolved 9/11 questions began to resonate.

If the MSM lied about Iraq and the theft of the elections, then is it possible they are lying about 9/11, too?

Well, as it was, I still had my education (or so I thought). I still believed in the system, I graduated, was proud, and went to work to ensure that the 2006 elections were not stolen, thinking it would make a difference. Well, we all saw how that turned out; however, it was not until I began checking out blogs and blogging myself that I became aware of the scale of propaganda and lies that I have been brainwashed with since the day I was born.

The Holocaust

I must admit, this lie was one of the most crushing and difficult to absorb. Having been raised in a Zionist-controlled society, the thought was nearly impossible: the Jews lied? The first thing that raised alarm bells was the discrepancy in the numbers. Then there was the replacing of the plaque and so much more. The lack of mass graves at Treblinka (watch: video); the removal of the photographs; the lie of the First World War; the exhaustive documentation of the holohoax; the extortion racket arising from such; the outright lies; the Red Cross totals; the sloppy record keeping and limited access; and on and on.

In fact, just read this: How One American Evolved into a "Holocaust Denier"

Combined with all I have learned about Israeli involvement in 9/11 (from Odigo to the five dancing Israelis to what Netanyahu said to the airport security firms to P-Tech and the Mossad-Israeli Connection To 9/11), and all the other missing links, there is a level of betrayal here that is nearly beyond belief.

However, the holohoax™ was not the final and most painful straw, readers. That would come with the global warming lie.

Global Warming

I should have suspected something was up because the school hammered this idea into our heads. It doesn't really seem to matter to the scientists or the school that this issue is a fraud. It truly is painful, readers, to learn the vast scale of lies the MSM agenda-pushers use to promote their plans. Frankly, this issue angers me more than the others, The level of betrayal is very acute. I guess I wouldn't feel so bad if the MSM wasn't lying about: the ice sheet; that the climate change is a natural phenomena; that the globe is actually cooling, with a record winter (didn't need to tell me that); that underwater volcanoes are melting arctic ice; and who is really behind Kyoto.

Of course, none of these things will you here from the MSM, which brings me to my final destination:


The fallout has been coming on for some time, as you can see from what I have penned above; however, the performance of AmeriKa's MSM over this past year has been so abysmal it is staggering. Whether it be the elections, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Israel, Russia, environment, tyranny, you name it, it is as if the Amerikan MSM is failing so much and losing so many readers and viewers that they have just thrown in the towel and said the hell with it, why not just promote the most outrageous and fantastic ball of lies we can?

This is why they have lost a decadesold reader and purchaser of their product, I simply can no longer tolerate the agenda-pushing lies of Zionist-controlled MSM here in AmeriKa. They don't even try to hide the lying and falsehoods now; in fact, they revel in the stench for which they are responsible.

In truth, the Georgian situation was the final straw (the Palin lies are only making me angry), and the Zionist-controlled, agenda-pushing liars are back at it again today (just as they are every day). Fact check, Boston Globe, New York Times, and International Herald Tribune: Russia DID NOT INVADE Georgia. It is GEORGIA that attacked South Ossetia and KILLED RUSSIAN PEACEKEEPERS who had a legal mandate to be there!

And the end result of all this? There is nowhere to turn in AmeriKa. You can no longer believe in her government, her institutions, her press, or her people (whom have allowed this band of mass-murdering criminals to continue to rule them). The only thing you can believe in America now are the truth-tellers in the blogosphere -- which is why both you and I are here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my painful journey from the brainwashing of Zionist darkness into the blinding light of the truth. Now what are we going to do?

We need a Second Revolution, America!

Tomorrow: what I believe happened on 9/11.


  1. Thanks for picking up my essay and for posting the Ron Paul platform via detainthis (a great site). FYI, did you know visible at smoking mirrors is back posting? I didn't see you pick him up, and you usually do.

  2. Great work Rocker.
    Thanks for all of your help in spreading the truth.