Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCain & Palin: Four More Years of "DRILL and KILL"

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http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/05/23/art.drill.jpg http://i.l.cnn.net/cnn/2008/US/02/01/military.suicides/art.soldier.afp.gi.jpg

That shining city on the hill vision thing the Republicans like to evoke to make people feel all woozy about America and themselves?

The city is not shining, but glowing from the massive number of arson fires lit by Bush/Cheney devotees to cover up their looting, pillaging and plundering of America.

"The Ballad of John and Yoko Palin"

After watching parts of the recent RNC Love In at Nuremberg, Minnesota, and seeing the attendees acting like they were smashed on booze, lustily cheering on "John and Yoko Palin," one wonders why they don't much mention the last 7.5 years of government run amuck under the reign of the Bush/Cheney cabal?

And why should those Republican delegates waste good money on fine 12 yo scotch, when they were already drunk on a potent cocktail mixed with their own arrogance, hubris and stupidity?


What have these last 7.5 years of this Freddy Krueger type nightmare visited upon America?

700% increase in oil prices since the inauguration of oil robber barons, censorship of alternative, renewable energy sources, amoral invasions of sovereign nations and resource theft, 1,200,000 innocent men, women, children and babies raped, tortured, butchered and murdered, thousands of defrauded dead soldiers, tens of thousands more defrauded soldiers to die horribly from depleted uranium poisoning, glorification of the disgusting practice of unmentionable acts of torture, media lies and censorship, obscene war profiteering, epic environmental decay, pervasive racism and scapegoating, destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic, irreparable alienation of friends and allies, millions of jobs “outsourced” & lost, the worst foreclosure crisis in US history, more homeless Veterans, more tax cuts for the super wealthy, blind unconditional allegiance to the rogue state of Israel and the stupid drunken manchild, Bush, brags about what a good ole’ time he is havin’ with no accountability whatsoever.

Along with no respect for privacy, land or life. Everything they say involves the words “I”, “me” and “mine”, the proclivity to recklessly consume and destroy, self gratification, gluttony, greed, jealousy, myopia, hegemony, exploitation, xenophobia, racism, narcissism, insufferable selfishness, the need to be seen and heard, hypocricy and laziness

But at least we have a well educated bunch of young adults, thanks to the Bush act "No Child Left Behind" coming into the work force, right?

Only if your idea of work is joining the Army or Marines, to get shipped to distant deserts, fighting wars for Empire and Israel. Those not inclined to be used as cannon fodder can get one of those well-paying, lucrative $8 an hour jobs at Wal Mart.

UHH, but at least we still have the foundation of our country, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, don't we? What's that?


Major ass-kissers in both parties and in both houses have sworn absolute loyalty to Bush and helped cover up his and Cheney's massive number of crimes, both financial and homicidal.

Not a day goes by that these knuckle draggers don't spit and defecate on that precious piece of paper, the Constitution.

"It's morning in the new Fatherland."

Next act for the criminals in the WH?

Using "nookyalar" weapons on Iran to prevent that country from using nuclear power to generate electricity.

Stay tuned, this nightmare is no way over

They will always believe that if Bush were removed from office the “terrorist’s” will win. Apparently they believe Bush is a “honorable man”, although Iraq had nothing to do with “9/11? the Iraq Holocaust is completely justified, tax cuts for Exxon and tax breaks for the super wealthy is good economics, torture is only torture when another country does it, environmental concerns are mere “conspiracy theories” and even though Iran has not invaded anyone for over 300 years, it poses a direct threat to the U.S. with Bush’s version of “nookyalar weapons”

The RNC platform for McCain/Palin should be "Drill and Kill." Both produce liquids, and both liquids are used to make obscene amounts of money on.

Source: http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/8048

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