Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Palin & Bono - Globalist Meeting of the Minds?

Where the globalists, UN shills, one world government lackeys and new world order mouthpieces go, Bono is sure to follow.

Maybe with Palin, Bono will finally "find what he's looking for".


September 24th at 10:56AM

Sarah Palin is Tryin' to Throw Her Arms Around the World... and Bono

POSTED BY: Dylan Ris

Throughout their career -- even on milestone records The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby -- the rock band U2 faced derision for their glaring lack of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Well the band's frontman, Bono -- the man who made the Third World cool again -- is about to silence the critics once and for all: He's going to meet with Sarah Palin today at the U.N....

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is about to take her first tentative steps onto the world stage, with UN talks with the leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

The Alaska governor will also meet U2 singer and global anti-poverty campaign Bono on the sidelines of the UN meeting, said the ONE campaign, which is associated with the Irish rocker.

The McCain campaign specifically asked to include Palin in Bono's planned talks with the Republican presidential nominee, ONE said in a statement.

What will occur at the talks is still a mystery, but it's believed that Bono will ask Palin to donate several hundred moose carcasses from her personal collection to feed starving youth in Africa.

Of course the McCain campaign will want something in return. Most likely, they'll ask Bono to deliberately occupy Palin for the entire day -- or at least until there's not enough time left for her to hold a press conference.

Source: Comedy Central's Indecision 2008

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