Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Thoughts About 9/11…

Incog Man

Three of the “Dancing Israelis” on a Hebrew TV show in Israel. During the show the middle one lets it slip that “our purpose was to document the event.” Go to my Videos I page to see this show. All evidence pertaining to this matter has since been classified by the US government — can you believe that? There should be nothing classified about this whatsoever. And another thing: Why would these skinny Jews come over here to work as moving men in the first dam place? Think about that!

But other things stuck out. The five Mediterraneans turned out to be Israelis. My friend in Manhattan had also heard the story and she had found a particular article about it in the Bergen Record, a New Jersey local paper. Now, if these guys were indeed Israelis and were there before the first plane struck the North tower, than that would mean one thing — one very, very big thing: They had to know in advance. The article said that these men had maps marked in such a way that the police believed them to have been a part of the attack itself. And they had taken photos of themselves celebrating and holding up lighters like at a rock concert while Americans were obviously dying, for chrissakes.

The whole police business was covered up and classified. I understand that the FBI confiscated everything and told the local police keep quiet about it. The company these men worked for, something called Urban Movers, closed up shop overnight and the owner hurried himself and his family on to Israel. It’s thought that Urban Movers was an Israeli MOSSAD front operation. The five men were released after a few weeks and allowed to return to Israel by a dual-citizen of Israel, Michael Chertoff, who now is the Director of Homeland Security.

Now, I’ve been privy to a few things before that have never made it into the news. One, that the US Military bombed a drug runner’s plane sitting on the tarmac in Columbia. This was related to me by someone involved in the electronic eavesdropping of the drug cartels and saw it happen with his own eyes. Another story that I heard from a soldier I knew in the Army Rangers, about US Helicopters frightening and herding Somalis civilians in an open-air market and then launching Hell-fire missiles at them as retaliation over the famous “Black Hawk Down” the day before. I once also was told a lot about the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, before it eventually made it out into the public domain.

So I knew that they were things in this world that sometimes never sees the light of day. I knew that the government can and does manage to keep secrets, with a media more than willing to stay silent on certain subjects. With the continued revelations in the public about 9/11, mostly from the tireless efforts of a few American Patriots and the foreign press — facts that should have received non-stop attention from a “free media.” It was then that I realized, with a sickening feeling in my gut, that we really did not have such a free media, after-all.

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