Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reflections on the Bush Depression
art: Fire Fire by Larry Butterworth

Truth Rocker
Sept. 20th, 2008

I just wanted to record my thoughts and outrage this morning at the destruction of the U.S. economy under this drunkard of a "leader." I felt that blowing off some steam and exposing the looting liars might help the absolute rage I am feeling. You know, I have been livid over the last five years over Iraq, 9/11, the unending mass-murder and war looting, and the tyranny and torture of this administration; however, this latest "crisis" which some people were predicting long, long ago (but were dismissed and disparaged, as they are still today) has sent me to boiling.

Let's see, how many lies can you stand, America? Remember over the summer when the lying looters who are going to "fix" the problems with YOUR TAX MONEY said that the crisis was only confined to the sub-prime mortgage sector? That is what they said at the time, remember?

Then the crisis spread to the mortgage market itself; however, yet again we were told the crisis was contained. Then talk began about rescuing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Do you remember this statement, readers:

Henry M. Paulson Jr., the Treasury secretary and the plan’s architect, said: “If you’ve got a squirt gun in your pocket you may have to take it out. If you’ve got a bazooka, you may not have to take it out. By making it unspecified, it will greatly expand the likelihood it will not have to be used.”"

Hey, what is ONE MORE LIE, right, America!!!

Of course, the government had already stepped in and socialized the investment house Bear Sterns at that point, and this week they stepped in and bailed out not only insurers but automobile corporations. Now they are pouring billions into shoring up the money market accounts. And still the banks are not loaning money, even to themselves, while banks are closing their doors all across the country.


"Firms have hoarded cash and clamped down on lending.

Oh. Btw, Where are they getting all these billions? Seriously; this country is broke right now, so where are they getting it? Just printing it? That's a bad idea! Tapped-out taxpayers? Sorry, I don't have it.

Nevertheless, the MSM and the government are saying the situation has stabilized today, the feds will be fixing it over the weekend, blah, blah, blah. Well, I'm sick of hearing the same old soothing set of LIES, aren't you?

So what is next, Americans? Hedge funds? Municipalities? Wiped out savings? Would the looting liars tell you?


Face up to the facts, America.

Bush DESTROYED YOUR COUNTRY with his TRILLION DOLLAR WARS (wow, could we ever have used that war loot, huh?) and ECONOMIC MISMANAGEMENT!!!!!

Update: Bush wants OK to spend $700B

You have that kind of cash, Americans?


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  1. Tx again for picking up my essay (as you can see, I try to keep the mouth under control on truthrocker). I typed it rather quickly and off-the-cuff this morning; however, I must say to you that this "crisis" has really been the cherry on the cake. Coup almost complete as Congress prepares to lie down. I'll call next week, but I'm tired of being met with silence and a click from my reps. I'm vacillating between extreme anger and despondency right now.

    P.S. I see you are getting a sneak preview of the future with the gas problems. And tx for posting the Winter Patriot. You turned me on to that blog, and I like him. Have a good Sunday, Kenny. Best...