Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shalom means.......

Peace or to the well-being, welfare or safety of an individual or a group of individuals.

Ben Shalom Bernanke

It's ironic that Shalom is the middle name of the head of the most vile and criminal enterprise in this country. That would be the Federal Reserve in case you're wondering.

Now whether or not his parents were thinking of peace when they named little Ben, they surely got it right when it came to the well being and welfare of a group of individuals.

Welfare is the key word. With Ben on your side, crime does seem to pay. The clan of thieves is now on the verge of picking up it's own version of food stamps. Just like the food stamp program, this welfare scam is bound to be chock full of fraud.

I guess we owe old Ben some thanks. This latest poke at the people may just be waking up some folks to what is actually going on. Could the real story of the Federal Reserve be coming to another house near you? If it does, the screams of 'no more' may be heard from that neighbor you don't even know but could find out that you do have something in common with after all.

Abolishing the Federal Reserve is a concept whose time has come.

I'm thinking that without the Fed and the cabal of international bankers to fund not only the criminal financiers but the war profiteers of the conflicts against humanity, shalom or peace, may follow.

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  1. Shalom means "peace" to other talmudic jews, per the Talmud all jews want for non-jews, what they call Goyim - - less than animals, is to steal, destroy, kill and cannibalize them - - which they have been doing for centuries and which we see again in the "bailout" - - 911 was their false flag baby and they will crash the economy, create death camps and destroy whatever the Goyim have left. Too bad few non-Jews no the truth of Talmudic Jewry - - beyond Satanic to non-Jews . . . . Time to wake up.