Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shouting "End the Fed" and More at the Rally for the Republic

You won't hear the words 'End the Fed' at the RNC as the crowd at the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic shouted.
You didn't hear anything at the DNC but change, change, change.
The two party monster doesn't allow debate. It fears it.

Ron Paul supporters Kathryn Grim/Medill News Service

CSPAN2 is showing the alternative to the RNC.
The message is there.

I'm sure the videos of the speakers will be posted soon and they will have more words for thought on saving our republic than anything that will ever come out of the mouths of the designated winner and loser "losers" that have ended up on the Nov. ballot.

Whether or not one agrees with everything said by all of these speakers or even trusts them is not the point.
Real debate should be the issue; free from the spin and lies of the main stream media, free from the profiteers of war, free from corporate interests, foreign interests, big money interests and free from the political whores who sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Don't waste your vote on either Obama or McCain. Write in Ron Paul, write in Minnie Mouse, write in 'none of the above' but don't give any legitimacy to the bought puppets and the criminal scam called the 'Election of 2008'.

Even Jimmie Vaughn will play in Minneapolis tonight at the rally. He seems to be a fine patriot to me.


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