Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Morning Shakedown


Getting up before daylight on a Sunday morning has some advantages. A good cup of coffee and the sunrise seem to go hand in hand. There's not usually the rush of activity as the other six days but as soon as I write this there's the scream of a siren just down the road. Someone called for help and the tranquility of daybreak takes a backseat to the need.

Pretty soon the religious folk, or those just looking to make a showing, will be stirring to get to their favorite place of worship. In some cases, due to the price of gas, that place will be the one closest to home whether it's their favorite or not.

Now there will a lot of prayers going up this morning. Some people firmly believe in the power of prayer and as a collective energy I suppose there could be something to it.

But what will these prayers consist of? Heal the sick, feed the poor, save our souls?
You'll have to tell me, I'm not involved in these gatherings.

The last few times I went to church, at my mother's request to join her, I wondered before hand if anyone would pray for peace and ending the immoral wars that are not in line with what I thought was the consensus of Christian theology. This theology of peace must have gotten lost in the translations and the continual propaganda of media. Shouldn't the lies of war be the number one topic?
Oh I did hear one prayer by a young fellow that mentioned peace, protection for our troops and guidance for our 'leaders' but he just had to also add to protect us from 'foreign terrorists'. I guess the 'war on terror' repetitions are so deeply ingrained that even God has to be reminded.

I've heard that in some of the larger churches that asking the 'lord' for more money is the new big thing. "Ask and ye shall be given". Just make sure to give back to the mega church their due. There's some large salaries to pay and these extravagant 'temples' don't come cheap.

If you are a big giver, don't forget the paperwork.
This article, Charitable giving: Protecting your tax deduction,
explains how the IRS, backed up by the Federal Reserve, backed up by the long arm and guns of government makes it extremely more difficult at tax time. When it comes to money there's not much separation of church and state. "Render unto Caesar" you know.

In my own way I'll say a little prayer this morning.
Thanks for the beauty of life and our small spot in the scheme of things. If we can improve our world, we need guidance and it won't come from those in power, it will come from we as individuals, believers and non-believers alike.

The local church bells just rang, signifying the start of a new week, and this week just happens to be the anniversary of what was the biggest catalyst for change in our lifetime, 9/11.

Anyone have a prayer for truth?

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