Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gas Shortage in the Nashville Area - Testing in Progress gas shortages are reminiscent of the 70's. Long lines, some spending hours waiting and driving around town looking for a pump with any gas at all. Some stations have a five gallon limit.

It's not just Nashville. In Murfreesboro, Smithville, Franklin and other outlying towns it's the same. The news is reporting that no gas at all can be found in Franklin. TV interviews with some of the waiting in line 'victims' show some saying they would pay anything, "I need gas". One girl was even crying because she was afraid of getting fired from her job if she couldn't get there.

A real shortage or contrived with Tennessee as a test case to see how the masses will react in the event of shutdowns? So far no riots.

We've heard from a couple of station owners who are refusing shipments that have a wholesale price of $4.50 or more a gallon. They're afraid of getting stuck if supplies break loose.

Authorities say relief is on the way. A barge or barges with 3 million gallons are supposed to be docked in Nashville waiting for the logistics of distribution.

Panic buying may have contributed or be the underlying cause??
It's hard to say at this moment. I filled a vehicle up for the first time in months myself.

Midstate Gas Stations Running On Empty

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Limited gas supply in some Middle Tennessee gas stations attracted long lines Friday.

Stations are running out of fuel. When drivers do find a station with a new shipment, they're packing into those stations in large numbers.

NewsChannel 5's news helicopter Sky 5 spotted several gas stations with long lines and traffic jams.

"I saw a BP that had some but there were cars lined in the streets so I kept going," said Mark Pearson, a driver. "I passed six or seven stations on my way but nothing."

At stations where gas was available, lines stretched out to the streets. In some cases, police had to step in to clear out traffic problems caused by those long lines.


85% Of Gas Stations In Nashville, TN Are Without Gas Right Now

You know you've got a national infrastructure to be proud of when one of the country's largest cities is pretty much out of gas. From the Tennessean:

East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee both primarily receive fuel supplies through spurs of the Colonial pipeline, which carries refined gasoline from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Northeast. [Hurricane] Ike damaged and knocked out power to many of those refineries, cutting the amount of gasoline fed into the pipeline.

The shortage should be remedied by next week, the paper reports:

The state is scheduled to receive 1.42 million barrels of gasoline over the next week, roughly matching its typical demand of 1.44 million barrels, Heidt said.

"Gas prices remain higher in Middle Tennessee" [The Tennessean] (Thanks to Jessica!)
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  1. How is the mass transit system in Nashville?

  2. If this really was completely due to panic wouldn't the whole nation be in panic as well?

  3. The mass transit system is not very efficient, IMO. Plus, when a city is 85% out of gas, mass transit is in the same boat!

  4. Most of Tennessee gets its fuel from a pipeline out of Texas. The hurricane "Ike' caused the refineries to be shut down as well as that pipeline. Result fuel had to be trucked in and that takes time. What your story didn't say was that Knoxville the week before also "ran out of fuel". The result was fuel prices over $5.49. The state is now looking into charges of price gouging bygas stations.
    Fuel is still being trucked into both cities.

  5. My local store with gas pumps was selling gas at $4.49 for over a week.
    It's back to $3.99 and they are telling everyone that bought at the higher price they can get a .40 per gallon refund. Someone turned them in for gouging and I guess they are trying to make amends, probably forced or warned to do so.

  6. public transportation sucks in nashville. and until people calm down this is going to go on because I don't think there are enough fuel trucks to fill the stations at the same time to get rid of these lines. People pretty much wipe them out as soon as the gas comes in. I have no gas and I'm not searching for any. I went out at 1am this morning and out of 20 stations I checked in my area 1 had gas and the line was huge.

  7. people need to relax. if cars could run on water all of a sudden there would be a water shortage because people would buy all the water they could store. Its kind of funny how in Franklin Ky, about 30 minutes north of nashville has gas for 3.59 a gallon and hardly any lines. I hope the residents of nashville and surrounding areas are happy as they have done this to themselves for no reason

  8. Pilot Oil, based in Knoxville, was the first to take advantage of the consumer and raised their rates to $5 a gallon almost instantly. Avoid these SOBs at all costs.

    Weigels, convenience store chain, wasn't far behind in pricing and also is having to answer price-gouging charges. The employees at all the stores I visited uniformly blamed the customers for 'making a run' on the gas - never managements fault. Since I work on the same street that is the northern pipeline head for Knoxville, I can tell you that the trucks never stopped running and they weren't driving around with empty tanks either.

    Can you say Bullshit?, boys and girls? Good, I thought you could.