Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is why fake Nazi's are dangerous.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Curt Maynard

Bill White [above], America's best known fake Nazi recently published the above fake Nazi magazine with its obviously threatening cover. White's magazine is a professional job, the absolute best quality photographs, paper, etc... Very, very expensive to produce, how does he pay for it with less than six members nationwide? In THIS POST Bill White acknowleges that the magazine was paid for with a single donation of $7,800.00, which is probably $7,700.00 more than I've ever received in a donation and I'm a helluva lot more productive than Bill White. I've written more than 500 articles, Bill White hasn't written more than a couple dozen, but then again, it isn't his writing he's known for, it's his provocative actions. Bill White neglects to mention who it was that provided this incredible sum of money. Perhaps a Solomon Goldfarb from New York City?

Bill White seeks to create a situation that the Congress, court system, and Zio-American entity need in order to force through legislation designed to do one thing, shut down dissent. ZOG needs to do something and quickly, the economy is reeling and International Jewry expects a backlash, thus they need to figure out a way to introduce and pass legislation that will shut up bloggers like me.

Enter Bill White, he publishes the above magazine, with its provocative cover, and writes an article that accompanies it in which he says, "White people must deny him the presidency, as a radical he admires might say, "by any means necessary," which was meant to be inflammatory.

Why does Bill White do this? I'll tell you why, just today, less than a week after writing the above statement, Bill White tells us that some dumb bastard was arrested outside of Barack Obama's house, with a gun, bulletproof vest, and guess what else he had in his possession? You got it, ANSWP [American National Socialist Workers Party] literature. The ANSWP is in reality a non-existent American Nazi party with approximately 6 members from coast to coast, most of whom are as Jewish as Bill White, with the mission of making Whites look as racist as possible and giving ZOG the excuses it needs to force through hate speech legislation, which it wants to do even more badly than it wants to grab your guns, which by the way is a close second.

White writes, that the "News media attempted to contact the ANSWP today to discuss the case." I'll bet they did, Bill White is the only white person allegedly involved in the White Nationalist movement that the Jews media will quote, and you know why? Because they're working together, that's why!

Bill White is a fake, a fraud, and a liar. I've written several articles about this poseur, generally after he's done something like the above - he slandered Congressman Ron Paul during the primary. He claimed it was because Ron Paul was a secret racist, and refused to admit it, when the fact of the matter is, he smeared Ron Paul with this lie because his Jewish Zionist bosses at the ADL and SPLC didn't like Ron Paul and told him to do it. Of course the media printed White's lies, without any evidence whatsoever, including the New York Times.
Bill White operates in exactly the same kosher manner that the SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] does, he helps to create racism and racists where none exist. Here is an article I wrote awhile back proving that the SPLC creates nonexistent Ku Klux Klan groups where none exist in an effort to convince the American lemming that the KKK actually poses some kind of problem in the USA today. Ha.

More on the Zionist fraud Bill White here:

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