Monday, September 22, 2008

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009?? Artist: GoBronson

Of course the MSM has ignored these stories while the blogs have been all over them.

I don't see anything about Israel. Surely the Gaza and other Palestinian situations should rank up near the top? We don't see much on the tube about about the Israeli genocide.

How about the Georgia preemptive strike against South Ossetia and the MSM putting the blame on Russian aggression?

The spy trial that has been put on hold? Now what foreign country was involved in that?

Vote fraud could possibly be listed.

The real tales of the illegal wars are pretty much kept hidden.

Last but not least, the media ( all mainstream and much of the alternative) with it's multifaceted tentacles of lies and propoganda censors itself from telling off on itself.
Maybe this should be number 1.

I'm wondering who funds Project Censored and why some of the most important and censored stories of the year are not listed here.

Whoever is inclined to even think about it would have some other ideas on the censorship.

I guess the editors had to prioritize based on something.


Project Censored


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