Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Treasury's latest scam to mug us is nothing new.. One Way Street by Adrian Donoghue

Saturday, September 20, 2008


If you've read the previous posting by Phaedrus below, you will probably - as a decent, hard-working, human being - not be acquainted with the fact that the government's purchase of irredeemable debt at OUR expense is in reality just a variation of an old fraud that was hugely popular for a while during the 1970s.

The scam worked like this...

It required someone placed in what is known in financial circles as the "back office" - these are the clerks that don't do any deals themselves, but keep the books in order and simply ship the securities for those that DO – the Big, Swinging Dicks who constitute the highly-paid hot-shots of the "front office" - the guys with two phones in each ear; a plethora of screens before them and the obligatory Ferrari parked out front.

The scam as it was then is no longer operable in quite the same form today. It was eventually rumbled, and stricter procedures were introduced to ensure it couldn't be worked again - not at employee level, anyway. The only victims of it, by the way, at THAT time, were the stockholders of the individual banks and investment brokerages directly concerned. It had no 'macro-adverse-effects' on the broader economy - nor even the banking sector.

In those far off days, it was permissible for a trader to execute different trades both for himself (as a perk of his job) AND (separately) for his employer, by maintaining two entirely SEPARATE account record books. The trader would enter his own, personal dealings records in one book, and his employer's (the bank's) dealings in another book solely for that purpose. In this way, the trader could follow his hunches and take positions with his OWN money along side of dealing for his firm with their money on their behalf.

Such was the dealing-room scene in those distant days. TRUST was granted without question as a matter of course (and had been for centuries). On the dealing floor of the London Stock Exchange, for example, they had a time-honored Latin maxim for it: "dictum meum pactum meum" - "my word is my bond" - and the whole show was operated around (and depended upon) a man's integrity and honesty to stick by every deal he made and never fail to deliver on time the purchase monies or the stock as appropriate. To accuse a dealer of wrongdoing or bad faith was an unforgivable slight on his character, if such could not be quickly proven beyond doubt.

This paper-based system was open to exploitation, not surprisingly, by the dishonest. These a-moral con-artists would keep the two sets of books as required, but neglect to fill in certain particulars at the time the deal was done – most importantly the contract dates - until AFTER it became clear whether the deal in question had turned a profit or not. Back then, unscrupulous traders had SEVERAL WEEKS in which to complete their books. If their deals came good, there was the temptation to accredit the bargain to the trader's PERSONAL account. On the other hand, if the deal turned out badly, the dealer could escape personal losses by marking the bad deal down to the bank's own account book. No supervisor ever made a day-by-day audit to check!

Young dealers today would marvel at the opportunities to make illicit profits if they knew how loosely things were run in the old days when TRUST was implicit and regulation and oversight virtually non-existent, nor even necessary when a man's word alone was so completely trusted.

So this classic malpractice has today become the model by which the plutocratic Jewish financiers (who discovered its weakness and ruthlessly exploited it) have shafted us into buying garbage 'assets.' The original scam is the inspiration and basic methodology behind what is being done to us right now. You are probably already seeing the light, but let me spell it out, anyway: the old scam has broadened: the individual rogue trader has become the bank or investment brokerage itself. The individual commercial bank has become the conglomerate, corrupt merchant bank, and the (collective bank) losses are now having to be borne by the taxpayer thanks to the illegal actions of a traitorous government which pathetically cries out, "it's the only way to stave off global economic collapse!"

In short, it is nothing new. The only difference is in its SCALE. This is the essence of Corporate Communism: it heaps financial losses onto the masses whilst keeping any gains for itself. We the People are the ultimate 'lender of last resort' through our tax contributions, NOT the Fed. There really is virtually no difference between the two forms of this old CON beyond the sheer SCALE it is now being worked. And as any reasoning person will surely accept, unchallenged thieves will only grow more emboldened until they finally wind up hanging themselves through their own naked greed and the inability to know when they have pushed people that bit too far. Jews have abused the trust that gentiles unwisely granted them when they began dealing with these vermin in the mid 1600s.
The question is, when are these blatant thefts from his pocket going to hurt Joe Public sufficiently to sting him into action? How much more can the Jews feasibly get away with??

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