Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Underemployed

Watching a Fox News report on the U.S. unemployment numbers of 6% and underemployment running a little over 10% got me to wondering what the actual statistics might be. Just for the sake of speculation and not implying that the government and their messenger service would fudge a bit, but wouldn't you think it might be higher than that.

F News explained that the underemployment figures include those that have lost hope on finding a full time job and those working part time but wanting and needing more.

This may sound familiar to some of us. Especially those around the age of say 50 or better. Age discrimination is alive and well. These folks statistically, think tank insurance wise and profit management maximization wise are a risk.

And the younger ones, most of which have no skills and often barely a minimum of 'education' and drive are having a hard time getting started. But at least they have the military to fall back on if things get worse. Those jobs always seem to be available.

Even the young and eager and the older experienced, most often in the trades, find that there are many young and very eager people from south of the border to compete with. Reduced cost wins in those situations, at least without any legal oversight.

The college educated sometimes find that there are too many of them and the low end service industries call.

There are plenty of struggling parents spending their once hoped for future retirement subsidizing their kids.

A lot of people are drawing food stamps, some playing the system and some that just can't help it. Still they all are bowing before the government teat.

Any decent job opening has a multitude of applicants. In most cases it's an employer's market.

Just looking around and talking to people, I'd have to say that 10% underemployed rate is a little low.

F News tried to play it off as not that bad. They said that in the early 80's the unemployment was 10% and underemployment was over 20%.

Sounds like we're still doing real good now, doesn't it? The gatekeeper media would have us to think so, it's all relative in the long run.

Booms and bust, ups and downs, all part of the natural economic cycle; right?.

But we're coming back America. We just need a little change, hope and maybe a few more wars. That's all it will take.

Obama/Biden - McCain/Palin and the rest of the crew told me so.

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