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September 22, 2008

by Jim Kirwan

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Today Bush literally said: “Yeah, this is a big price tag, cause it’s a big problem. I told my people that I don’t want to be timid in the face of a significant problem that’ll affect the average citizen.”

In that same spirit, the public needs to respond to the fact that the United States has become nothing more than one continuous “immediate crisis” constantly on alert for threats of all kinds, but which responds only to the needs of the private corporate elite: while consigning the needs of ordinary working people to the trash-heap! Our failed leader has left out some key points in his most recent proposals that need to be considered:

POINT 1, is that this country is no longer a Republic we are a corporation that is still in bankruptcy, which is why we cannot now just declare bankruptcy! “The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CORPORATION went BANKRUPT in 1933. They MUST renew the bankruptcy every 70 years. It was renewed in 2003. So it's already been bankrupt for over 70 years which is why everything is such a mess. The U.S. Government became the US GOVERNMENT CORPORATION via the Act of 1871. The result is that even our elections have been a complete sham and scam. The American people believe the system goes something like this, because it is what we have been taught in school (and) essentially brainwashed to believe.” (1)

POINT 2, is that the government is also lying about the urgency of this crisis, it does not “have to be addressed this instant.” In fact ‘the problem has not happened yet.’ What is relevant is that Bush & Cheney have decided to create a pre-emptive financial attack upon the people of the USA, in order to crush dissent, before opposition to their plans can get organized.

“With truly extraordinary speed, opinion has swung behind the radical idea that the government should commit hundreds of billions in taxpayer money to purchasing dud loans from banks that aren't actually insolvent. As recently as a week ago, no public official had even mentioned this option. Now the Treasury, the Fed and congressional leaders are promising its enactment within days. The scheme has gone from invisibility to inevitability in the blink of an eye. This is extremely dangerous.

The plan is being marketed under false pretenses. Supporters have invoked the shining success of the Resolution Trust Corporation as justification and precedent. But the RTC, which was created in 1989 to clean up the wreckage of the savings-and-loan crisis, bears little resemblance to what is being contemplated now. The RTC collected and eventually sold off loans made by thrifts that had gone bust. The administration proposes to buy up bad loans before the lenders go bust. This difference raises several questions.

The first is whether the bailout is necessary. In 1989, there was no choice. The federal government insured the thrifts, so when they failed, the feds were left holding their loans; the RTC's job was simply to get rid of them. But in buying bad loans before banks fail, the Bush administration would be signing up for a financial war of choice. It would spend billions of dollars on the theory that preemption will avert the mass destruction of banks. There are cheaper ways to stabilize the system.” (2)

POINT 3, involves the actual status of the USA, or any other country, as a nation state today. There are literally hundreds national flags still flying in the world - but the only 'countries' that matter now are the privately owned corporate states that have taken over everything already. We must resist or we shall be sentencing ourselves to meaningless impoverished lives of torture, shame, and needless death at the hands of the same people that have caused this so called ‘crisis’ in the first place.

POINT 4, is that the same people that created this phony fiscal emergency still have their jobs. If this were real, then the first order of the day, for the nation and the world, would have been to fire the head of the Treasury and the SEC, at a minimum, but that was never contemplated because they are part of the pre-emptive strike and are needed to steal our money, reward the thieves and criminals and then leave us with the bills for all of it – without bothering to tell the public what exactly they will use the money for, or how much this will actually cost the public – never mind the fact that like the Iraq War, there could well be no end in sight for this hijacking of the entire financial system of the USA!

This goes all too well with the other surprises that were forced on Americans for political purposes: The lie of Pearl Harbor; the lie of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident; the lies about 911 and all that flowed from that; and of course the lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq – that’s quite a lot of history to be associated with: Especially when the last three mega-lies are directly associated with the same people who were also never fired, and who like Kissinger and Rumsfeld and Rove and dozens of others are still active in American policy today!

We need serious investigations beginning with 911 and moving on from there: but none of this will happen once Americans are permanently saddled with the kind of debt that is now being proposed for the backs of every American citizen, except of course for the elites who will become even more fabulously wealthy over this latest mega-lie!

On top of everything else, according to Citizens for Legitimate Government Bush is now asking for dictatorial control over all of this: “Bush administration seeks 'dictatorial power unreviewable by the third branch of government, the courts' 20 Sep 2008 The Bush administration asked Congress for unchecked power to buy $700 billion in bad mortgage investments from U.S. financial companies in what would be an unprecedented government intrusion into the markets.” Unreviewable decisions by a US president, amounts to making GWB into a King, not unlike the King George whom the American colonists rebelled against!

POINT 5: If this plan gets the green light; then what will happen to our retirement plans and to social security may end up looking a lot like what happen to the Australians who have already done this.

“Governments at every level, federal, state and local, are warning of severe cuts to spending on social programs, basic services and infrastructure. In New South Wales, the most populous state, it has been revealed that local councils have lost hundreds of millions of dollars by sinking funds into complicated, high-risk investment products, and are preparing to slash spending on essential projects, including roads. A recent report found that NSW councils had a combined exposure to collateralized debt obligations and capital-guaranteed products of $1 billion. Before Lehman Brothers collapsed, some 24 councils had been considering a class action against the corporation.

At the same time, millions of people are seeing their retirement funds decimated. Over the past two decades, ordinary working people have been compelled by the compulsory superannuation scheme introduced by the previous federal Labor government to take cuts in real wages and divert money into giant superannuation funds, all of which have been caught up in speculating on the financial markets.” (4)

And finally why not force the US ‘government’ to prove their case: demand that they show us that their “BAILOUT” will even work. And if their plan does not work, then what is their plan for that eventuality?

In times of a real crisis what is needed above all are calm and determined individuals, not the overly hyped-up babblings of a Paulson or a Bush. What is needed is a clean slate of players in the financial sphere of everything to do with our money? The FED bears major responsibility for every monetary crisis going back to 1913 and yet Bush wants to turn all this over to them, where no questions will ever be considered!

Above all, the public whom this grand charade is supposedly all about, will not only get nothing but more debt from the “BAILOUT,” but the people will be burdened to the point of slavery for at least the next fifty years. This entire fraud needs to be dissected, studied and verified by people other than those who got us into this in the first place! The USA is not what it used to be in any aspect, but if even a shadow of this country is to remain, then the people who this government is suppose to serve must be heard from!

Unemployment is at 27% and climbing, working people are in a Depression, and the candidates are dithering around mumbling about gestures: they need to face questions from the people that are reasoned, thought-out and audible before a national audience! Tough to do given that ‘the media’ is the formal mouthpiece for these same corrupt pretenders all the way down the line. But ‘creative people’ might find a way, if it really matters to them!

Bush says he “refuses to be timid in the face of (this) significant problem.” So if that’s good enough for the lame-duck in the Oval Office, it ought to be good enough for more Americans!

Jim Kirwan


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