Monday, September 22, 2008

Who Will Speak For Us?

9-21-8 art: Jim Kirwan

The short answer is "no one" because we have chosen to abstain from speaking for ourselves. As a result; the government no longer fears the people; so the people having chosen not to have a voice, are increasingly used and abused to further the takeover that has now become impossible to escape.

The government is saying among themselves, that this meltdown will encompass credit cards, student loans, all the pension funds, social security and virtually everything else including our non- existent jobs programs-not to mention the fact that we're looking at real job loses this year of over a million people. This is part of their defense for saddling the public with more than $11 TRILLION in debt, without any relief for the public that is expected to pay for this obscene crime.

When Ronald Reagan initiated the idea of "Morning in America" people had forgotten that he came to office from a failed governorship in California and from his stint on "Death Valley Days" both of which had more to do with his policies than anything like his vision of America as that "Shining City on the Hill." What Reagan instituted was "Greed is Good" and 'Americans ought to have whatever they want, no money down, and to hell with tomorrow,' (the core of that un-checked capitalism that created the housing-bubble).

One of the unspoken principle planks in the platform of Capitalism Inc. is that 'Yes there is a free-lunch, and that every citizen is entitled to it"! The second plank in un-regulated Capitalism is that congress and the laws are meaningless. And as the decades have passed what we see now where the congress used to be, is just a privileged compound apart from the public's real concerns, where a bunch of toothless mongrels prowl in luxury among themselves and bark incessantly at the shadows in the world, well beneath their lavish perks.

Now we come to a crisis the like of which the world has never seen before: Because this global event has dwarfed all other previous financial and political events, since those dark days when public records first began to be kept. The stand-in theorhetorically responsible for the Treasury who appeared this morning to be in the middle of a series of heart-attacks, keeps trying to tell the public that "We MUST do this quickly," despite the fact that he has no real numbers as to cost or duration! He has also assured the nation that there should be nothing in this for the taxpayers, those individuals who are expected to pay for these failures.

From Paulson we also learned that both parties plan to remain bi- partisan (no opposition from within the government), regarding this draconian step.

Paulson freely admits that there are many components to this massive failure brought on by several privately-held corporate and offshore interests that have FAILED, yet he sees his measure as the only way out of this global mess.

People might have forgotten that the entire premise for private- enterprise rests upon the risks that the so-called privatized- interests take, which include the right to fail, in order to remain free to profit hugely!

The right to FAIL is part of their sacred circle of rights that no one else can have-that is until they fail-bigtime-because then as now those same private companies then demand a bailout by none other than the public they so vastly screwed in the first place! To cap this all off, now the government is telling the public that we have no choice but to capitulate to these obscene demands-this is governance at the point of a gun, and this demands that we change the government according to the ideas laid out in the Declaration of Independence, which says in part:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. . ."

This so-called government in Washington no longer represents the people of this land, they only represent the corporations and the global interests of the ancient New World Order that seek to enslave Americans along with everyone else. In this case the idea is to create a fire-sale out of a once thriving economy in order to buy up what's left of this country at bargain prices, before they declare themselves the sole owners of the world. The second amendment was placed in the Constitution in order for the public to have the means to form militias that could take back the nation, if that ever became necessary. Apparently the time has come for the public to begin to give more than idle thought to this crisis that threatens to literally remake the entire structure of this nation and the world.

If the congress cannot put monetary and legal limits on this legislation, and if the congress and the White House are allowed to pass something that does not insure the survival of the general public which they shall have so freely and unconditionally taxed beyond all bounds of sanity: then we must have a revolution in the streets!

The government needs to come again, to fear the public, because they have proven beyond all doubt that they are unfit to lead anyone anywhere, ever again! Their list of on-the-record failures is staggering, and to any sentient being it is "unbelievable" even before they have added this final insult to the pending total collapse! "Capitalism must be checked, and leashed forever, so that these crimes can never-again be repeated in the public's name.

The laws on the books must be enforced, and everyone involved in creating this hijacking must have everything they own confiscated and go to jail at the very least: because to do less would be to encourage these new-old Robber-Barons to continue with business as usual.

Please remember: What is at stake is EVERYTHING monetary, all pensions, retirement funds, social security, credit cards, bank loans of any kind, not to mention the total lack of any funds for legitimate business costs or expansions-the jobs don't matter because they're gone already!

Offshore-anything must be heavily taxed or forbidden outright. No person with a hyphenated nationality ought to be allowed to hold any high office in this nation: at the very least our representative offices must be reserved for Americans only: and all foreign interest groups must be registered as such including AIPAC; that way whatever they do can be traced back to those who are directing their actions and their influence will at least be on-the- record.

The choice is simple, we must clean house because virtually everything that has been running everything, at the highest levels, is corrupt! If we can't do this, then we shall become the slaves that those on top, have now decided, that we should be! So either we find our long unused voices and our bodies to demand an end to all of this, or we shall set precedent, by caving in to tyranny at the point of those guns that we gave them with our long-held silence about everything they have done; both to us and to the rest of the planet!


Hard Pressed American Taxpayers forced to bailout Zionist Gangsters behind 911



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